The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 448

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Chapter 448: The Peak of the Fifth Grade of the Demonic Spirit Realm!

"You are not qualified enough!"

Situ Muyang was not very old and had a slightly youthful and immature face, but he had a powerful and imposing aura.

With a condensed handprint, a violent wind howled and burst with dazzling light. A small tornado storm took shape in Situ Muyang's hand, with surging energy sweeping towards the surroundings, immediately engulfing the several Wolf-headed Demon Bats.

"Bang bang bang..."

Four Wolf-headed Demon Bats were swept away and thrown into the distance, spitting blood and falling down.

"Ah..." (a howling sound)

The last Wolf-headed Demon Bat was the largest, with nearly a length of three meters when spreading its wings. Its entire body was enveloped in a dull light that seemed like flowing blood, with a strong bloodthirsty aura. In a ferocious manner, it bared its fangs and claws, and its huge mouth dripped with blood, sweeping its wings towards Situ Muyang.

This Wolf-headed Demon Bat has entered the Demonic Spirit Realm and has cultivation at the first level of the Demonic Spirit Realm. It is very ferocious. Although its wings seem thin, they are as sharp as a sword, emitting a powerful bloodthirsty aura.

Situ Muyang could not linger in mid-air and had to land on the ground. He condensed his hand seal and prepared to deal with the last Wolf-headed Demon Bat.

"Evil beast!"

But at this moment, Su Yi's figure swept out, leaving behind a palm imprint that slapped directly forward. The red elemental energy in his hand was diffused, accompanied by the resounding sound of wind and thunder, and it surged forward in an impact.

For some unknown reason, the Wolf-headed Demon Bat trembled inexplicably, and its bloodthirsty and fierce eyes suddenly changed color.


However, soon after, Su Yi slapped the Wolf-headed Demon Bat and sent it directly downwards, heavily crashing to the ground. As it landed, the air current surged, sand and stones flew, and the ground trembled and shook.

Situ Muyang raised his eyebrows and couldn't help but secretly sigh at how strong this guy was.


Suddenly, at this moment, a wolf howling-like roar came from an unknown direction. The sound wave soared into the sky and swept across the half of the sky.


Almost at the same time, on the huge mountain peak in front, it seemed that there were many caves inside, and dark blood-red light bursts rose into the sky!

Immediately, from the front mountain, a crashing sound shook the void, and a dark blood-red light burst out, covering the sky like a huge bloody cloud that expanded and spread.


The continuous roar of beasts, like wolf howls, echoed in the ears and shook the void.

Soon, following Su Yi's and Situ Muyang's gaze, a dense dark blood-colored cloud descended, crushing and pressing forward, accompanied by a permeating and spreading bloodthirsty aura.

"Not good, it's a nest of Wolf-headed Demon Bats!"

Situ Muyang was greatly shocked. Feeling the aura, his heart was also somewhat hairy. It was a nest of Wolf-headed Demon Bats.

At first glance, there were densely packed Wolf-headed Demon Bats, numbering in the thousands, spreading their wings and hovering, covering the void.

Judging from the aura, at least seven or eight of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats had reached the level of the Demonic Spirit Realm, with one each at the third and fourth levels of the Demonic Spirit Realm.

And the one at the very front, a few meters in wingspan, was dazzling with radiance all over its body. The aura made Situ Muyang secretly marvel, and sent chills down his spine.

Su Yi raised his gaze and looked at the largest Wolf-headed Demon Bat, a huge creature that caused his expression to change slightly.

From a rough estimate, Su Yi believed that the largest Wolf-headed Demon Bat had a wingspan of more than 20 meters. Its wings were dripping with fresh blood, with claws like hooks and teeth with disorderly, jagged edges. A faint glow emanated from its gleaming fangs, and as it spread its wings, a bloody light spurted out, giving off a shocking aura.

Su Yi's eyes flickered as he secretly concentrated. This was the rumored, authentic Wolf-headed Demon Bat at the Peak of the Fifth Grade of the Demonic Spirit Realm.


"They are actually humans who came to steal my Dark Spirit Fruit! They're seeking death!..."

The strongest Wolf-headed Demon Bat roared in a beastly language, thinking that the humans wouldn't understand. It then spread its wings and its colossal body burst forth with a bloody light, resembling a crimson meteor as it charged towards Su Yi and Situ Muyang.

Although the Wolf-headed Demon Bat had not arrived yet, the aura and powerful wind that Xu had first charged down with had already caused Situ Muyang to be greatly shocked and alarmed. His body was almost immediately covered in the Wind Battle Armor, and a brilliant light immediately enveloped him, emanating an ancient and imposing pressure.

"You wicked beast, how dare you!"

But just at that moment, Su Yi shouted out loudly and his figure had already leapt out. Fire-attribute Qi poured out of his body like a roaring torrent of water.

At the same time, a blazing aura suddenly spun out from Su Yi's palm, accompanied by a roar resembling the crashing of waves. It was as if numerous flames had converged to form a small sea of fire.

A hand seal took shape in front of Su Yi's palm, exuding a terrifying and scorching aura that burned the air. It was accompanied by an ancient oppressive force that swept over everything.

This is the Scarlet Ancient Seal completed by Su Yi. The Scarlet Ancient Seal was once Xiong Zhan's trump card and a killer move in the "Mighty Desolate Verse".

The Scarlet Ancient Seal that Su Yi cultivated still comes from the complete "Mighty Desolate Verse" within the "Divine Demonic Ancient Verse".

The strongest Wolf-headed Demon Bat swept down in an attack, but Su Yi's cultivation of the fourth level of Yuan Spirit Realm was fully released to meet it with the Scarlet Ancient Seal. In an instant, they clashed together.


With the clash, a dazzling spiritual light erupted, accompanied by a violent gust of wind and a bloody aura that swept in all directions, making even the void tremble.

"Thud, thud!" The gust of wind swept out, and the bloody aura erupted, causing sand and rocks to fly around. The ground cracked, and Su Yi stumbled, his figure immediately retreating.

"Crack, crack..."

Retreating several steps in succession, with each step Su Yi landed on the ground, the earth beneath his feet cracked and the pebbles turned to dust.

However, the Wolf-headed Demon Bat's figure also retreated in midair, and the radiance on its body dimmed considerably.

"Fourth grade of the Yuan Spirit Realm!"

Situ Muyang stepped back a bit, but his gaze was fixed on Su Yi as if he had seen a ghost.

At this moment, Situ Muyang finally realized that Su Yi's true cultivation was at the fourth grade of the Yuan Spirit Realm. When he fought against Su Yi before, he didn't use his full strength, so he had been guessing all along.


The leading Wolf-headed Demon Bat roared, causing deafening soundwaves. It seemed like it had just suffered a setback and its eyes became gloomy and chilling; the bloodthirsty aura around its body boiled, causing strong winds and turbulent clouds around it. Its imposing aura was terrifying.

Su Yi looked up at the Wolf-headed Demon Bat in the sky, and his gaze darkened imperceptibly. There was no doubt that the strength of this Wolf-headed Demon Bat was extremely formidable. Su Yi had just fought with all his might, but he didn't resort to using the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique.

"Whooshing sound..."


A group of Wolf-headed Demon Bats flapped their wings and followed the constant roar. The bloody aura around them was like a wave stirring up a surge of fierce wind.

This kind of imposing aura is enough to make those whose strength is insufficient fall to the ground directly.

"You evil creature, the Dark Spirit Fruit Tree is mine. Quickly retreat, otherwise don't blame me for being impolite!"

Su Yi lifted his gaze and stared at the leading Wolf-headed Demon Bat with a rebuke.

"This guy..."

Situ Muyang was on the verge of collapsing. He had agreed to escape when things went bad, but now surrounded by a swarm of Wolf-headed Demon Bats, Su Yi seemed to have no intention of escaping at all. Instead, he seemed to be actively provoking them.

Situ Muyang stared at Su Yi. Did he really think that he could fight against the Wolf-headed Demon Bat at the Peak of the Fifth Grade of the Demonic Spirit Realm with his fourth-grade cultivation in the Yuan Spirit Realm? Especially since there was a swarm of Wolf-headed Demon Bats surrounding them now.

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