The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 433

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Chapter 433: Mysterious Youth!

"Congratulations on everyone's breakthrough!"

Su Yi smiled and walked up to the crowd.

At this moment, the cultivation level of Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing and the other five people had all seen a substantial increase.

Liu Ji, Wang Fan and Qing Chao had all reached the peak of the ninth grade of the Yuan Soul Realm, and while they had not yet stepped into the Yuan Xuan Realm, it was only a matter of time.

Zhang Qing had already reached the first grade of the Yuan Xuan Realm, but what was truly remarkable was Xu Jiahui's cultivation at the second grade of the Yuan Xuan Realm, which was exceptional for someone of her age, even within the entire Divine Sword School.

The difference between breaking through to the Yuan Xuan Realm and not breaking through is like a world of difference, especially considering the fact that Xu Jiahui had already reached the second grade of the Yuan Xuan Realm.

"Brother Su Yi!"

Zhang Qing, Liu Ji, Wang Fan, Qing Chao, and Xu Jiahui all looked at Su Yi with fluctuating gazes.

"Brother Su Yi, wherever you go from now on, I'll follow. Zhang Qing will follow you too. Starting today, you are also the eldest boy of Zhang Qing." Suddenly, Zhang Qing spoke to Su Yi respectfully and with a serious expression.

"Me too! Starting today, I'll follow Su Yi!" Liu Ji spoke and saluted Zhang Qing.

"Boss Su Yi!"

Wang Fan and Qing Chao also saluted and had serious expressions.

At this moment, Zhang Qing, Liu Ji, Wang Fan, and Qing Chao were all very clear about what benefits they would receive.

Su Yi unconditionally gave them such precious treasure, how could they not be moved?

"You are all older than me, I can't be your leader!"

Su Yi smiled wryly, looked at everyone's great progress, and sincerely felt happy for everyone in his heart.

"In the Divine Sword School, seniority is not determined by age. In the path of martial arts, the strongest is the first. Everything depends on strength. In the Grand Swordsmanship Competition, our disciples of this batch are also ranked according to strength. Therefore, from now on, you are our leader. We will follow you."

Zhang Qing said, "In the Divine Sword School, seniority is not based on age. In this world, martial arts is respected, and strength speaks everywhere."

"Yes, you will be our leader from now on."

Xu Jiahui said softly, feeling all the changes in her body and couldn't help but feel excited and happy.

"You, little girl, stop causing trouble," Su Yi sighed helplessly.


Suddenly, there was a roar from outside the cave.


Immediately, the sound of beastly roars echoed through the mountains, shaking the peaks. The Black Demon Mastiff and Dark Golden Demon Falcon's gazes suddenly changed and focused on Su Yi.

"It's the Cracked Earth Tyrant Bear!"

Su Yi frowned, the commotion outside seemed like a big deal.



"Bang bang bang!"

The beastly roars thundered as the demon beasts growled and glared at their surroundings. Predatory birds hovered with sharp eyes and wings, encircling the area.


The Cracked Earth Tyrant Bear roared as it fiercely battled, its body emanating a light made of soil-based powers, fighting a circle of life energy. Stones shattered, the wind howled, and trees toppled as the battle raged on.

Upon closer inspection, the circle of life energy appeared to possess a strong earth attribute aura, and with every move, an immense power erupted.

In a confrontation against the Cracked Earth Tyrant Bear, the figure didn't fall behind the Cracked Earth Tyrant Bear, even suppressing it at times.


The Cracked Earth Tyrant Bear was suppressed and roared in anger, unleashing all its power. Its body stood up to two feet high, emitting a terrifying explosive power. Its momentum was ferocious as it slapped the figure with its paw.


A dark earth attribute light burst out from under the bear's paw, creating waves in space and shaking the surrounding mountains with a loud rumble.

There was no doubt that the Cracked Earth Tyrant Bear was enraged.

As the name suggests, the Cracked Earth Tyrant Bear's attack has always been known for its ferocity and brutality, enough to make human martial artists of the same level avoid it.

However, the figure was fearless, completely covered in dark earth attribute aura, without flinching. He landed his feet and, instead of retreating, advanced forward, leaping up with great momentum and striking with a powerful fist.

The immense bear paw collided with a somewhat awkward punch, producing a thunderous and staggering sound.

A dreadful energy surged like a violent hurricane, sweeping toward the surroundings. Flying sand and rocks scattered with dust filled the air. The ground cracked and fissured, spreading far and wide.

"Clopping, clopping..."

Despite the collision, the Cracked Earth Tyrant Bear stumbled and was forcefully pushed back. Its enormous paw caused the ground to crack and collide with a large rock, steadying its form.

Nevertheless, the boulder creviced immediately and was in danger of exploding.

Such a dominant figure suppressed the gasping Cracked Earth Tyrant Bear and left the surrounding demon beasts shaken and trembling.


The Cracked Earth Tyrant Bear stabilized and retreated, but was completely enraged. It roared and howled, emitting a luminous aura and a frighteningly majestic posture. Its pair of dark yellow and light black claws descended from above, carrying an aura that seemed to tear through mountains and rivers, causing the earth to tremble and split apart, viciously attacking the figure below.

"Cracked Earth Tyrant Bear, this is all you've got, let's end this then!"

The figure was enveloped in an earth-like aura, a crisp and young voice emerged from it. It stood firmly on the ground, hands formed into seals, and punched directly into the oncoming attack.


Such a punch, emitted the sound of wind and thunder, like a roar, and with a tremendous force hit the body of the Cracked Earth Tyrant Bear.


With a scream of anger and despair, the Cracked Earth Tyrant Bear spat out a mouthful of blood and its immense body flew backward, falling to the ground with pools of blood on its paw.

"Swoosh, swoosh..."

This scene happened just as Su Yi's figure arrived.

Seeing this scene before him, Su Yi was secretly shocked, the person who could defeat the Cracked Earth Tyrant Bear in such a direct and powerful way was not to be underestimated.


In the sky, the Dark Golden Demon Falcon screeched and appeared in a burst of golden light, with a terrifying glare in its eyes. It dove down from mid-air, claws outstretched like hooks, emitting a frightening aura as it attacked like a mini sun.

"Oh, there's even a Dark Golden Demon Falcon in the Demonic Spirit Realm!"

A youthful voice rang out, and while the figure seemed mildly surprised, there was no sense of worry or fear. Hand seals formed, and in an instant, Qi burst from the figure's feet, causing his body to quickly dodge out of harm's way.

The Dark Golden Demon Falcon's strike missed, but with its sharp claws, it shattered boulders with a tremendous force that caused a shockwave. It then took to the sky with lightning speed and dove directly toward the evading figure.


The claws left behind a trail of sharp and brilliant golden light that tore through the air, the wailing sound of breaking winds filled the ears.

"Not bad!"

The youthful voice resounded and the figure had already leapt onto the broken, towering tree.

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