The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 432

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Chapter 432: Sequential Breakthroughs!


Within the vast expanse of the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, the area was filled with beastly cries and the screams of fierce birds, causing one's heart to tremble with fear!

For some unknown reason, an unexpected occurrence seems to have taken place within the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords. A large number of demon beasts suddenly appeared, emerging in groups amidst the mountain forests.

"What's going on, why are there so many demon beasts!"

"Oh no, how can there be so many demon beasts!"


In many areas, groups of inner and outer disciples were dumbfounded.

From afar, the disciples of the Divine Sword School were dumbfounded and trembling at the sight of those demon beasts swarming like the mountains and forests.

These inner disciples had thought that with their group and the many outer disciples, they could easily capture those demon beasts.

As long as they didn't venture too far into the depths of the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, there shouldn't have been any problem.

However, these inner disciples were now stunned to hear of the appearance of a group of demon beasts in the depths of the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, like forming a Beast Tide, which they had never heard of before.



The beast's roar shook the heavens, and the vicious birds' cries pierced the clouds and split rocks, making people's souls tremble with fear.

"Run away!"

Groups of demon beasts appeared, causing the disciples of Divine Sword School to disperse and flee in order to avoid the beasts.

However, their cultivation was too weak. These beast groups were led by demon beast leaders, making it impossible for them to escape.


A massive black bull with limbs like pillars roared thunderously. The huge rocks beneath its feet were reduced to dust. Its entire body was emanating a black radiance and its aura was terrifying.

A giant snake, resembling a dragon or a python, with ferocious eyes and a fierce breath emanating from its large, gaping mouth. With a single sweep of its massive tail, over ten disciples from the Divine Sword School were sent flying, completely outmatched.

In a certain area, a pure white, scale-covered monster panther roared loudly. With one swipe of its paw, the sword-web formed by over ten inner disciples shattered, and over ten figures were sent flying from the impact.


No one was able to withstand the stampede of the beasts, but they didn't deliberately strike at anyone, and not even the outer disciples were targeted.

However, strangely enough, the herds only searched for the space bags on the inner disciples as they passed by.

It seems that these herds have targeted objectives, and they come for the space bags on inner disciples without deliberate killing.

As the herds went by, the inner disciples lay in disarray on the ground, with a sense of danger lingering, their pupils contracted, unable to recover for a long time, completely unaware of what happened.

The entire Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords shook, trembling with violent roars from the beasts.

"Trouble! Quick, hide!"

"What's going on with these demon beasts?"


The news scattered and the disciples of the Divine Sword School who had not encountered the Beast Tide were ordered to hide.

However, within the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, the demon beasts on this ground are even more familiar and few can escape.

"What is happening? Why does it seem like they are targeting us, the inner disciples?"

"Space bag, why do these demon beasts want to rob us of our space bags?"

In the disordered valley, hundreds of figures were bloody with some people injured, fortunately no fatalities occurred.

The inner and outer disciples of the Divine Sword School were just attacked by a beast horde and were utterly powerless, unable to put up a fight. They barely survived, with the inner disciples losing everything and left trembling in fear.

"Have you not noticed that the behavior of these beasts is very reminiscent of that of a human?"

An injured inner disciple, with a deathly pale complexion and tattered clothing stained with blood, spoke with a vacant expression.

"The behavior of these herds is somewhat like the style of a person..."

There was a young man standing with a sword, blood dripping from his tiger mouth. These beast herds only plundered the "space bag" and didn't deliberately kill, not letting go of a single "space bag." He resembled the rumored figure to some extent.

"It shouldn't matter. These demon beasts are in the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords and they have a leader. There must have been some change here or the school is using this method to hone us."

Upon hearing this, the young man shook his head in disbelief.

That guy from the rumor had the same style as these demon beasts.

However, these demon beasts are inside the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords. Does that guy have the ability to subdue so many demon beasts? This is absolutely impossible.


Inside the spacious cave, there were fluctuations in the aura, dazzling light, and elemental Qi rippling.

Su Yi withheld his aura, opened his eyes, radiating a brilliant light, before returning to his reserved state.

"Surprisingly, she has reached the second grade of the Yuan Xuan Realm!"

Su Yi's gaze fell towards the commotion coming from the direction of the peak, where Xu Jiahui's dazzling attribute aura shrouded her already beautifully curved figure, along with energy fluctuations that added a touch of flawless elegance.

At this moment, the cultivation aura of Xu Jiahui's Yuan Xuan Realm second grade was also quite astonishing, to the point that it left Su Yi greatly amazed.

Originally, Xu Jiahui's cultivation was only around the eighth grade of the Yuan Soul Realm, but having broken through the major limits of the Yuan Xuan Realm to the second grade, it was particularly impressive.

Xu Jiahui's progress these days is incredible and almost unbelievable for ordinary people.

If this got out, who knows how many people would be amazed!

Su Yi pondered that this might be related to Xu Jiahui's own talent.

Although Xu Jiahui originally only had a cultivation level of eight in the Yuan Soul Realm, among all the outer disciples of the Divine Sword School, her cultivation level is only average.

However, Xu Jiahui's age is several years younger than the average outer disciples.

The difference in these years is evident in Xu Jiahui's innate talent.

The Black Demon Mastiff and Dark Golden Demon Falcon also awakened from their breathing, standing beside Su Yi, their gazes falling upon Xu Jiahui, with a hint of surprise in their fierce eyes.

At this moment, from Xu Jiahui and others, they faintly sensed a breath that made them dread.

The Dark Gold Demon Falcon and Black Demon Mastiff vividly remember that just a few days ago, these people didn't have such aura emanating from their bodies.

"Hoo la la..."

Soon after, the aura inside the cave calmed down.

Xu Jiahui's body radiated with light and energy, her tightly closed eyes opened, and in her clear gaze, brilliance shimmered and a rather remarkable aura emanated, causing the cave to tremble.




At the same time, several waves of aura fluctuations followed, Zhang Qing, Liu Ji and others' radiance also converged. As they opened their tightly closed eyes, each one shone with dazzling and sharp brilliance.

"I broke through, I broke through so much!"

"I also broke through, it's amazing!"

Zhang Qing, Liu Ji, Wang Fan and others woke up, feeling everything happening inside their bodies. They were excited and dancing with joy, thrilled beyond words.

"I've reached the second grade of the Yuan Xuan Realm!"

Xu Jiahui stood up, and compared to a few days ago, the aura surrounding her had invisibly changed quite a bit. Her clear eyes were also shocked, as if she couldn't believe that she had advanced from the eighth grade of the Yuan Soul Realm to the second grade of the Yuan Xuan Realm in such a short time.

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