The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 354

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Chapter 354: Impersonating a Disciple!

"I just don't believe there are no righteous people at the Divine Sword School."

Su Yi said, "When the enemy attacks, we block their way with soldiers, and when water comes, we cover it with soil. There will always be a way."

"You are just an outsider, and the Divine Sword School is naturally partial towards its own disciples." The beautiful woman said calmly.

"This…" Su Yi paused briefly, feeling a bit at a loss for words.

"Here's the deal? You have exceptional talent. If you can become my disciple, I will protect you from harm and guide you in cultivation." The beautiful woman looked at Su Yi and spoke seriously.

"Be your disciple…"

Su Yi had a calm expression on his face as he asked the beautiful woman, "Could you protect those outer disciples on the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak?"

"They are just some outer disciples, what does it have to do with me? You have exceptional talent, be my disciple, and I will protect you. It's not difficult for you to become a prominent figure in Divine Sword School in the future and make great achievements." The beautiful woman said to Su Yi.

"Thank you, but I have to refuse you. Goodbye."

Although Su Yi was tempted to become a strong person, he had no interest in becoming this woman's disciple, especially with Xu Jiahui and others causing trouble. So he shook his head.

"Do you really need to go back for those outer disciples, even if it causes you big trouble?" The beautiful woman looked at Su Yi, her eyes shimmering with hidden emotions.

"The trouble I've caused, I must naturally go back, and if worse comes to worst, I'll fight!" Su Yi nodded and turned to leave.


Watching Su Yi's back, the beautiful woman's gaze flickered slightly. Suddenly, she spoke up and called out to Su Yi, saying, "I have a solution here, I just don't know if you dare to do it!"

"Please tell me, senior."

Upon hearing this, Su Yi immediately stopped and turned around, becoming interested.

"It's simple, you just need to admit that you are Elder Su's disciple. Even if someone wants to trouble you, they will hesitate and not dare to do anything to you." The beautiful woman looked at Su Yi and spoke.

"But I am not Elder Su's disciple," said Su Yi.

"Why did you just say in front of me that you're Elder Su's disciple?" the beautiful woman asked Su Yi.


Su Yi stumbled over his words.

"Anyway, Elder Su is currently not at the Divine Sword School, and it's true that you were brought back by him. If someone comes to trouble you in the future, you just need to firmly state that you are Elder Su's disciple and no one will dare to harm you."

The beautiful woman stared at Su Yi and seemed to be tempting him with every word and action. She said, "As long as you admit that you are Elder Su's disciple, there are not many people in the entire Divine Sword School who dare to do anything to you. This way, you can also protect those outer disciples. All you need to do is to wait until Elder Su returns to the school."

"If I pretend to be Elder Su's disciple, if Elder Su blames me…"

Su Yi frowned. Elder Su had saved him. If he continued to pretend to be Elder Su's disciple, it seemed a bit inappropriate.

"Elder Su has a bit of a bad temper, and once he finds out that you have been impersonating his disciple, he might even kill you directly."

The beautiful woman gazed at Su Yi intently and said, "But you just said that your life was saved by Elder Su. It's not a big deal to give your life back to him."

Su Yi moved his gaze as if pondering something.

"You can decide for yourself," the beautiful woman said, seeming to intend to leave.

"Please wait for a while."

Su Yi stopped the beautiful woman and looked at her. A shy smile emerged on his face and he smiled brightly, as if he had something to say.

"Do you have something to say?" the beautiful woman asked, her gaze slightly shifting.

Su Yi chuckled, and immediately spoke warmly, "Senior, you must have a remarkable position in the Divine Sword School. I am really grateful for your help. Seeing your upright and amiable appearance, and exceptional temperament, I feel like I'm looking at a goddess descended to the mortal world, a peerless beauty that overshadows others, truly outstanding…"

"Okay, let's get down to business."

The beautiful woman interrupted Su Yi, but on her calm face, there seemed to be some hidden emotions that couldn't help but stir.

"As the saying goes, one should help others to the very end. Is there any token or something that can play a role in times of crisis? If you can give me one, I would be very grateful!" Su Yi's eyes moved and shimmered with light.

Upon hearing this, the beautiful woman's gaze flickered for a moment as she stared at Su Yi's bright and radiant face, then she said, "As long as you insist that you are Elder Su's disciple, it is enough to protect you. Even the headmaster of Divine Sword School won't dare to do anything to you until they confirm your identity."

"Elder Su is so prestigious…"

Listening to the words of the beautiful woman, Su Yi couldn't help but feel surprised. If Elder Su had such a high status, then why were the outer disciples in the Thirty-Six Sword Peaks allowed to act recklessly? The ten-odd outer disciples in Thirty-Six Sword Peaks didn't seem to hold any position.

"You will know it when the time comes, but if you use a fake identity to act recklessly in the Divine Sword School, Elder Su may actually kill you."

As soon as the beautiful woman finished speaking, her figure disappeared like a ghost.


As soon as Su Yi spoke, before his words even had a chance to fall, the beautiful woman had already disappeared.

"Terrifyingly strong!"

Su Yi was shocked in his heart and couldn't help but compare this beautiful woman with the powerful ones he had seen before, such as the Lord of Cang Lan City and Xi Wuqing, not knowing who was stronger.

"Since it has already happened, let us accept it and be at ease."

Under the shining moon, Su Yi spaced out for a while before he returned to the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak.

In the distance, towering peaks rose up and clouds swirled around them.

The beautiful woman was surrounded by clouds of smoke, gazing at Su Yi's figure in the distance below the mountain. A slight smile appeared on her face as she murmured to herself, "What a strange kid, quite interesting. I just don't know if he's to that guy's taste or not."

The night was quiet and dark.

However, for certain places in the Divine Sword School, this night was not peaceful.

On the Fifteenth Sword Peak, the lights were brightly lit.

In the hall, there were several severely injured young men lying on stretchers, looking miserable and disheveled. Among them were Teng Ming, Wang Qin, and others. A few outer disciples stood nervously on the side.

However, at this moment, Wang Qin, Teng Ming, and the others lying on stretchers have all already regained consciousness.

At the head of the hall, there were quite a few older young men watching Teng Ming, Wang Qin, and others who had been heavily injured on the ground, with a look of shock and an unpleasant expression.

"Did this all work done by an outer disciple from The Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak? Are you sure he did it alone?"

A young man with a long robe and armor, with a slender figure and cold demeanor, spoke up.

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