The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 353

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Chapter 353: Mystery Beautiful Woman!

Su Yi gazed at the figure standing quietly, who seemingly had not noticed him. Su Yi's eyes flickered and after a moment, he took a deep breath.

"Elders must be respected and obeyed; the strong are in charge. I am not strong enough, so I can only accept reality!"

Su Yi spoke up and went forward. It was obvious that the other party had come for him, so why bother walking away? There was no chance of escape.

Listening to Su Yi's words, the woman slowly turned around. Her deep, dark eyes shone even brighter under the moonlit night. She looked towards Su Yi.

Su Yi finally saw the woman in front of him clearly.

"How beautiful…"

Su Yi marveled to himself. Such a beautiful woman, when she was young, must have been an incomparably beautiful person who could make everyone fall for her.

"Why should I kill you?"

The beautiful woman gazed at Su Yi with an expressionless face, which could make any ordinary people feel inexplicably fearful.

"I have hurt the inner disciples of the Divine Sword School. Senior, you must be coming out to speak for them."

Su Yi glanced around; he had only been at Divine Sword School for a few days and had only known very few people such as Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, and Teng Ming.

This beautiful woman must come for Teng Ming and Wang Qin. She should be the elder of Teng Ming and Wang Qin.

"Why should I stand out for them?"

The beautiful woman still had an expressionless face, gazing at Su Yi, her tone was calm.

Su Yi was somewhat surprised, his eyes dimly stirring, saying "You weren't here for them?"

The woman gazed at Su Yi and scrutinized him, asking "What is your name and whose disciple are you?"

"She isn't coming to stand out for them…"

Su Yi respectfully bowed to the woman and said solemnly, "My name is Yi Su, and I am the newly accepted disciple of Elder Su of Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak."

Upon hearing this, the beautiful woman's eyes slightly shifted and she looked at Su Yi and asked, "What are you doing here so late at night?"

"I want to find a quiet place to cultivate martial arts."

Su Yi said seriously, it is said that nobody dares to provoke Elder Su in Divine Sword School. If he said he was Elder Su's disciple, he might be able to pass.

The beautiful woman looked at Su Yi and said, "Isn't the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak secluded enough?"


Su Yi paused, his expression unchanged, and said, "I was afraid of disturbing the master's rest, so I came here."

"So Elder Su is back, that's perfect. Would you take me to your master? I have something to discuss with Elder Su." The beautiful woman said to Su Yi with a gaze.

Su Yi was dumbstruck, his gaze dimming as he stood rooted to the spot. This beautiful woman was a powerhouse from the Divine Sword School. If she was really looking for Elder Su, why would she need him to guide her?

"Senior, you know Elder Su is not in Divine Sword School, right? So why bother harassing me?"

Su Yi understood that the beautiful woman probably never even believed in his words.

"Kid, when have I ever harassed you? You're still so young, yet you can't even say a true word. Is your name Yi Su or Su Yi? How could Elder Su accept you as a disciple? I bet he's not your master!" The beautiful lady stared at Su Yi, her eyes cold and fierce.

The beautiful woman in front of him didn't show any signs of energy turmoil in her body, but Su Yi felt an invisible pressure on his body as if he was struggling to breathe.

This beautiful woman's cultivation is unfathomable, absolutely a formidable powerhouse. It seems she knows everything, otherwise, how could she know her own name is Su Yi?

"My name is indeed Su Yi. A few days ago, I suffered a severe injury while outside, and it was Elder Su who saved me and brought me to the Divine Sword School."

There is nothing else to hide, Su Yi spoke the truth. If it weren't for Teng Ming and the others, this beautiful woman shouldn't have embarrassed him.

"Which sect are you from?" the beautiful woman continued to ask.

"I haven't joined any sect or family. I went through a tough time and suffered serious injuries from unexpected encounters. I am deeply grateful for Elder Su's rescue."

Su Yi said, besides the Divine Demonic Sect, he was indeed free of any affiliations. As for the Divine Demonic Sect, he naturally wouldn't tell the woman about it.

Listening to Su Yi's words, the beautiful woman seemed to be a little bit shaken.

"Therefore, since you injured several inner disciples and were afraid of causing trouble, you planned to leave in the night." The beautiful woman looked at Su Yi, continuing to speak softly.

Su Yi looked around and said, "This is the Divine Sword School, and I'm just an outsider. Looking at those disciples being arrogant and bullying people, I don't dare to get into more trouble. So I decide to leave…"

The beautiful woman interrupted Su Yi's words, saying, "Don't dare to get into more trouble? Are you not happy with Divine Sword School?"

"No, that's not what I mean. Of course, you're not a trouble."

Su Yi smiled, the beautiful woman in front of him must have a certain position in Divine Sword School, perhaps even an elder.

Upon hearing this, the beautiful woman's face moved as if she wanted to smile but she stayed composed. The stern look on her face softened a bit as she looked at Su Yi and said, "This is a cruel world, and only the fittest will survive; this a law that has been unchanging since ancient times. If the disciples in the sect are too kind and gentle with each other, how can they become the strong ones? How can Divine Sword School stand firmly in Central State if it is like this?"

Su Yi sensed that what the beautiful woman said had some truth to it.

If there is harmony in the sect or school, competition will be lost. A sheep won't become a tiger, and a dragon will only appear in the vicious water.

"You have injured so many inner disciples, you must be prepared to face the consequences. If you leave now, it's likely that the outer disciples at the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak will suffer. Without you or Elder Su here, they will most likely be viewed as traitors of the Divine Sword School and be either expelled, or worse, executed!" The beautiful woman said to Su Yi with a stern look.

Upon hearing the words, Su Yi was taken aback. He hadn't thought of this point.

Su Yi can't manage to care about the other disciples, but Xu Jiahui has a lifesaving grace for himself.

When it comes down to it, Wang Qin and his crew came to cause trouble, but only because he forced the issue. He brought trouble to Xu Jiahui and others, and this thought made Su Yi feel uneasy.

"Thank you, senior!"

Su Yi bowed and returned the same way he had come, heading back to the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak.

The beautiful woman stared at Su Yi as he returned, a glimmer in her eyes disappearing in a flash. "Are you going back?"

Su Yi turned around and said, "Yes."

"You have hurt so many inner disciples, you're going to have big trouble," said the beautiful woman.

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