The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 347

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Chapter 347: Showdown!

So far, Su Yi has yet to meet anyone at his level that could compete with him.

At this moment, Su Yi's fighting spirit rose and he advanced without retreating; he raised one hand and the energy surged, heading into battle.

Two figures suddenly fought together.


Vital energy surged, radiance enveloped the area, sand and stones flew around, the ground cracks, and huge rocks exploded.

Ninth Nether Demon Snake looked surprised and had already stepped back to the side.

Su Yi was more and more astonished as the fight progressed. Every move the girl made was filled with a special charm and her attacks were swift and fluid, like flowing clouds and water.

The girl's strength was formidable, absolutely the first of Su Yi's peers he had encountered so far!

At this moment, Su Yi didn't know that the young girl was even more shocked!

The girl felt immense pressure. The young man before her moved confidently and fearlessly, cunningly and strangely -- yet he had an imposing aura!

These were mutually contradictory, yet on this young man they were perfectly natural!

At the Divine Sword School, she had never encountered such an opponent before!


Su Yi was filled with a fighting spirit. If he could not even suppress this young girl, how could he ever go to Sacred Mountain, or become a strong warrior one day?

"Seven Injury Fist!"

"Crimson Fire Palm!"

"Fire Shadow Fist!"


Su Yi launched one martial arts attack after another and made a strong move to suppress the girl.

The girl was astonished. In Divine Sword School, there existed such a formidable opponent? Where did this young man come from to be so powerful?

"Shimmering Light and Shadow!"

The girl strikes back, surrounded by a mist of water, this is a kind of water-attributed energy attacking, turning into a vortex of mist.

The graceful figure of the young girl was reflected in the misty water, graceful and delicate, making people's hearts tremble and the momentum was extremely shocking.

"Very strong!"

Su Yi marveled, but he felt no pressure. Neither the bottom card in the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique nor the means of the Soul Tamer had been used, and he was confident that he could defeat the girl.

The girl originally had a fiery temper, but after the altercation, she became increasingly calm.

The girl was surrounded by a watery mist, coalescing into a fierce momentum that swept around Su Yi.

At Su Yi's feet was the Hundred Transformations Step; his body was sparkling and translucent, emitting a glow. Su Yi fought on, growing bolder with every battle!

But there was no restriction or seal around them, and the area couldn't withstand their duel.

"Bang Bang Bang…"

The massive stones were blasted away, dust flying, the earth shaking, the ground collapsing, and the ground cracks spreading like a spider web.

"Boom!" Su Yi unleashed a roar as his breath surged with savage power.

Su Yi shouted out "Scarlet Ancient Seal!" in a low voice. Suddenly, a violent surge of fire-attribute energy burst out from his heart, and the hot breath on his palms spun rapidly, accompanied by a roar like a wave. Finally, it gathered together and formed a small sea of flames.

The flames in his hand were scorching and terrifying, burning the air and bringing with it an ancient awe.

Scarlet Ancient Seal, this is a martial art in Mighty Desolate Verse, and is also one of the most formidable martial arts in Mighty Desolate Verse.

Su Yi raised his hand and a burst of intense heat surged forth, striking the young girl.

"Spirit Wave Boxing!"

The girl yelled, her body wrapped in a sea of mist, her slender white hands clenched in a fist with five fingers, bringing a fierce power.

The girl punched out, and suddenly a great oceanic mist moved up. It was as if a dragon were soaring through the sky, and suddenly Su Yi's fiery Scarlet Ancient Seal collided with it.


The two collided, forming a huge storm, like a hurricane whistling, flying sand and stones around, one huge ground crack after another bursting open.

"How much stronger is it getting?!"

The girl was shocked.

The master said there are people far stronger than her outside, and she always wanted to see it, but now she has seen it, unexpectedly here she met such a young man.

She stepped back slightly and looked at Su Yi; her beautiful eyes flashing with unusual light. Mixed with a fighting spirit, her fair hand stretched out, a treasured sword already grasped in her hand. Staring straight at Su Yi, she said, "Draw your sword!"

"Divine Sword School, should excel in swordsmanship!"

Su Yi muttered to himself, "This is Divine Sword School, so the disciples of Divine Sword School must be good with swords, right?"

"You're not enough for me to use a sword!"

Su Yi said to the young girl, "I destroyed another Spirit Weapon sword last time and don't have a suitable sword on me now, nor in my space bag."

Su Yi's words have no other meaning; the broken sword behind him cannot be used. It can only be used in crisis moments, but the last time it didn't respond in time and he almost died.

Su Yi scanned his surroundings, took a step forward, and picked up a tree branch the size of a baby's arm, about three feet long, shook it in his hand, and said, "Let this do."

"You are too arrogant!"

But when Su Yi's words fell on the young girl's ears, she felt that he was too arrogant. Especially seeing that Su Yi was actually holding a stick to deal with her, this was an absolute humiliation.

The girl's face was cold and stern, her body glowing with light, and a buzzing sound of wind and thunder came from the sword in her hand.

As the sword in the young girl's hands slashed continuously, her beauty was both graceful and awe-inspiring, merging loveliness with severity.


The sword light eventually converged into a sword style, and a series of sword rays swept out of the void. Finally, they converged together and a dazzling sword ray was revealed.

"Rage Sword Style!"

The girl yelled loudly, her sword slashing out and straight towards Su Yi.

The dazzling light burst forth, with the sound of swords clanging like thunder and never ceasing. It was so powerful that wherever it passed, the void surged and the ground trembled!

"Second sword of Three Sabres of the Raging Dragon, Tyrant Dragon Whirlwind Slash!"

The roar from the bottom of his heart echoed as the sword's edge swept in. Su Yi shook the branch in his hand, energy surged through his veins and gathered on the branch, turning it into a sword.


The energy was infused, the branches trembled, and Su Yi directly slashed out.

Upon the tree branch, there was a glimmer of light like an electric arc. Like a curved moon passed through the void, and the faint light and shadow created as if a dragon's silhouette had flashed by and then disappeared.

The oppressive pressure was fierce and violent, sand and stones flying around; just like a fierce dragon dancing.

The girl's expression changed. How can a branch be so fierce? Too incredible!


The two clashed, sending out a dazzling light. In that moment, Su Yi's tree branch broke into pieces, turning to ashes.

Su Yi's face turned pale and he stepped out by using Hundred Transformations Step, causing a strong shockwave that sent them backward.

After a few steps, Su Yi stopped, and a sword light that had been spreading to his feet suddenly stopped, a ground crack stretching down to his toes before it also came to an abrupt halt.

"Incredible swordplay!"

Su Yi silently took a deep breath. The girl was far more powerful than he had expected.

The young girl was even more surprised; she was not able to gain any advantage against the young boy's stick with her sword.

The girl was about to strike again, but suddenly, her expression changed and her gaze turned toward the void, as if something had happened.

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