The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 346

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Chapter 346: A Pride Girl!

Seeing this, Ninth Nether Demon Sneak refused to give up; This snake lunged out and dived downward, his half-body twisted and blocking Su Yi from in front.

Ninth Nether Demon Snake's black wings fluttered slightly, an intimidating presence filling the air and locking onto Su Yi.

The intimidating atmosphere carries a warning, and the gaze makes Su Yi's heart race.

A pungent smell hit the face, making people shiver.

"Get out of the way!"

Su Yi's eyes darkened, and the aura of Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique suddenly released from his body.


When an aura of overwhelming power emanated from Su Yi, the normally imposing Ninth Nether Demon Sneak's eyes were suddenly replaced with a look of fear and shock.


Ninth Nether Demon Snake suddenly backed away, his mouth emitting a "hissing" sound and he was trembling in fear.

"Be daring, don't mess with my Little Ink!"

A gentle shout came from the front and a graceful figure suddenly swept out and appeared in front of the Ninth Nether Demon Snake.

This is a slender and graceful young girl, having a look of about sixteen or seventeen years old.

The girl was about the same age as Su Yi, her black hair tied at the back of her head, her orange clothes fluttering gracefully with a unique air of superiority and untaintedness, like a fairy; several locks of long hair hanging down one side of her forehead, adding a hint of a wild temperament. The girl's lips were red and tender, and her pair of bright eyes were as clear as water; although there was no smile on her face at the moment, it still gave people a moving beauty.


Seeing the young girl coming, Ninth Nether Demon Snake who was shocked stepped back to behind her, obviously frightened, his eyes fixed on Su Yi, fear still oozing.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to offend, I'll be leaving now!"

Upon seeing the charming girl in front of him, Su Yi's eyes flickered and he felt an invisible powerful energy. This girl was definitely not ordinary.

"An outer disciple, actually dared to scare my Little Ink, which Sword Peak are you from?"

The girl looked at Su Yi and glanced at the clothes he was wearing, and then said in a gentle rebuke with an air of grandeur.

"Ninth Nether Demon Sneak is so big that it almost scared me. How could I scare it? There's no need to say anything more to you!"

Su Yi's temper has always been 'an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth'.

If you don't be polite to him, he won't be polite to you either.

The girl's arrogance made Su Yi feel displeased.

If it wasn't for this being Divine Sword School, Su Yi wouldn't have been so tolerant.

When Su Yi finished speaking, he ignored the girl and turned away to leave.

Listening to Su Yi's words, who dared to do this in the Divine Sword School? Watching Su Yi turn away without being courteous, the girl was stunned.

In an instant, the girl's complexion changed darkly, her feet burst with energy and she moved in a strange posture, her steps sweeping out.

The girl's mysterious figure suddenly appeared in front of Su Yi.

"As an outer disciple, you actually have some guts!"

The girl opened her mouth, and in her clear eyes, there was a brilliance, staring at Su Yi intently.

"Don't take advantage of me too much. I'm just a passerby, why bother intimidating me?!"

Su Yi was glowering, and his heart was filled with anger.

The temper of this girl in front of him is much worse than that of Wan'er and Shangguan XI Wei, even though their faces are all beautiful.

But Su Yi was still holding back his temper.

This is Divine Sword School, don't cause trouble. Wait until Elder Su comes back, he will apologize in person and then leave.

"Humph, don't you know who I am?"

The girl stared at Su Yi in shock; was this little boy a new disciple of Divine Sword School? How dare he speak to her like that?

"Who are you, is it important? It doesn't seem to have anything to do with me."

Su Yi replied, his face expressionless, but with a slight furrow in his brow, clearly showing displeasure.

Su Yi stepped away again without wanting to get entangled with the young girl.


The young girl gave a scolding and shook her arm. Her slender five fingers were like jade, radiating with light. Then she suddenly tapped Su Yi on the shoulder.

"Little girl, you went too far!"

Su Yi's complexion changed and a surge of energy suddenly emanated from her body, as a red energy like flames shot out. His calm face instantly changed to a dignified and imposing look.


Su Yi waved his arm, clenched his fist and punched out directly.

This is a martial art from the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse, originating from the Mighty Desolate Verse.

This punch carries a majestic aura, as if an animal's roar was heard, accompanied by a scorching and powerful breath.

The girl's expression changed drastically. When Su Yi made a move; she knew she had encountered a formidable foe. This outer disciple was not simple at all; immediately, the True Energy in her hand surged forth, accompanied by a green light blazingly intense, and collided with Su Yi in an instant.


A low rumbling sound spread out, with sand and pebbles flying around.

Su Yi took a slight step forward, but the girl stumbled and retreated a few steps backward.

Obviously, the girl underestimated her opponent.

The girl was really shocked.

The moment she made a move, she already had an inkling that the young man was only of the Yuan Spirit Realm, but to have such great power, it rippled through her heart.

"How come you're wearing the outer disciple's clothing? You are not an outer disciple. Say it!"

The girl gazed at Su Yi, her eyes carrying a hint of cold and stern authority. This guy definitely couldn't be an outer disciple.

"I said, it has nothing to do with you!"

Su Yi said. He was quite surprised at the moment. This girl was extraordinary, definitely the strongest among the peers he had met so far. Compared with Xiong Zhan and Hu Chi, she was obviously more powerful!

"Is this a champion of the younger generation of the Divine Sword School?"

Su Yi was muttering to himself; this seemingly same-aged young girl was too strong and gave him a feeling that he couldn't quite comprehend.

"No more talk? Let me see who you really are!"

At the same time as the young girl's voice spread, her slender hand swept again and in the green qi, a strong aura that was many times stronger than before appeared. In the light, several energy beams shot out, ensnaring Su Yi in a strange way.

"Very strong!"

Su Yi was shaken; this girl was indeed extraordinary.


In a moment, Su Yi's aura was even greater and he burst out with a powerful presence.

Su Yi's skin was crystal clear, like warm jade, this is the Indestructible Vajra Body, where qi was condensed externally and dissolved the several water attribute qi from the girl.

The girl's eyes turned, her hands moved, and a light emanated out and enveloped her body, making her temperament more like a fairy.

There was a convergence of light in the girl's hands, and a sword light flashed out in the void, emitting a 'woosh' sound of piercing winds in the air, formidable beyond compare.

Su Yi was surprised at the extraordinary measures taken by the young girl; it seemed that her level was comparable to his own, yet she could fight on par with him. How formidable!

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