The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 305

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Chapter 305: Gambling!

As soon as the voice fell, Su Yi reached into his pocket and took out a jade bottle, handing it to Chi Qin in front of him.

Chi Qin was astonished and hesitated for a brief moment. He raised his hand and a ray of red light shone out from his palm, an invisible force enveloped the jade bottle in Su Yi's hand and lifted it back into his own.

Chi Qin's gaze was focused on the jade bottle in his hand. There seemed to be something flowing in his eyes as he removed the bottle stopper.


Su Yi turned around and gestured for Su Tian Que to leave together. In his expression and gaze, he was secretly waiting, yet a hint of anxiousness flashed by without a trace.


Suddenly, Chi Qin's voice came through, and there was a distinct wave in the sound.

In this moment, Su Yi's waiting gaze moved subtly, turning around, and it was obvious that Chi Qin's expression was making a great effort to maintain calmness.

"Friend, where did this come from?"

Su Yi calmly replied, "I inadvertently gained it, and it is the most precious thing I have. Thank you, the Demon Emperor, for your honesty today. This is all I have."

At this moment, Su Yi's heart was anything but calm. The bottle contained not any other thing, but the mysterious Spiritual Essence from the mysterious space.

This time coming out of the mysterious space, Su Yi brought a lot of medicinal pills just in case, and also took the mysterious Spiritual Essence with him, in case there is any emergency.

The Demon Emperor was powerful, and Su Yi knew it well. However, the effect of the Spiritual Essence was even more apparent to Su Yi. Everything within the mysterious space seemed to have a great effect on the demon clan.

Su Yi knows the danger but at this moment, for the sake of the Divine Demonic Sect, he has to do this. If this bottle of Spiritual Essence can make the Demon Emperor move, maybe the disciples of the Divine Demonic Sect can get away with it this time.

This is a gambing game, where Su Yi bets against himself, gambling on the reliability of the Demon Emperor Chi Qin and his own luck.

Chi Qin held the jade bottle in his hands, looking at Su Yi. His gaze fluctuated and after a few seconds, a smile appeared on his face and she said, "May I know your name?"

"My name is Su Yi," said Su Yi.

"Su Yi."

Chi Qin smiled and put the jade bottle into his chest, saying, "Twenty years isn't long but it's not short either. I will protect the humans from Divine Demonic Sect for twenty years, but remember, if you haven't kept your promise after twenty years, I will not protect them anymore."

"So, you agreed?" Su Yi looked at Chi Qin with joy in his eyes.

"I will bring the remaining people from your Divine Demonic Sect here, and we will arrange things accordingly." Chi Qin nodded.

"Thank you, the Demon Emperor." Su Yi was moved and his happiness was evident on his face.

"No need to thank me, and no need to hide it from you. Although your Spiritual Essence is not a great treasure, I can feel that it would have a great use for the demon clan. I will of course have to pay the price in return for taking advantage of you."

Chi Qin was very candid, not hiding anything. He clearly felt the power of the Spiritual Essence in the jade bottle, which could be greatly beneficial to the demons, and a certain effect on himself. He then looked at Su Yi and continued, "But you should also remember what you promised me. Twenty years, I hope that the risk I take today is worthwhile."

Su Yi nodded. Twenty years was the bet with Chi Qin, as well as with himself. In this desperate situation, Cang Lan City indeed was the best place to hide for members of the Divine Demonic Sect -- sometimes, the more dangerous a place, the safer it was.

Chi Qin promised to protect Divine Demonic Sect disciples for twenty years, and Su Yi felt Chi Qin's straightforwardness and hoped he could make the right bet.

Chi Qin said, "You don't need to go back, I'll arrange it so that people from your Divine Demonic Sect are brought to Cang Lan City."

Su Yi giving a wry smile, told Chi Qin that he had to go back to inform them; otherwise, the three elders wouldn't believe it.

Upon learning this, Chi Qin silently allowed it, with a glimmer of light in his eyes that vanished without a trace.

Subsequently, at Chi Qin's arrangement, Su Yi, Su Tian Que, and the Black Flying Lizard returned.

On the way, the Black Flying Lizard was surprised and was very polite to Su Yi. The Demon Emperor gave orders to let it take those humans to Cang Lan City. Although it had many doubts in its heart, it didn't ask too much.

Actually, Su Tian Que was quite surprised along the way, as if wanting to ask Su Yi something but with the Black Flying Lizard around, he didn't ask much.

Cang Lan City, Grand Audience Hall.

As Su Yi and Su Tian Que left, Chi Qin once again clasped the jade bottle that Su Yi had taken out, with a radiant light in his eyes.

"Big brother, he is just a human kid, you don't really believe his words, do you? Will you really protect these humans?"

A tall and slim figure came quietly. It was an old man in his sixties wearing a yellow robe, with bright eyes. He looked older than Chi Qin, but he called Chi Qin "big brother".

"He is not an ordinary human; if what Chi Zu said was true, Su Yi is more mysterious than we thought."

Chi Qin smiled faintly and looked at the old man in yellow robes and said, "He is the new Sect Leader of the Divine Demonic Sect. I didn't expect that Divine Demonic Sect still exists. The Divine Demonic Sect back then was so powerful!"

"If that kid really is the new Sect Leader of Divine Demonic Sect, why wouldn't he have the thing left behind by the Divine Demonic Sect? Wouldn't it be better for us if we killed these humans directly and take advantage of them?" The old man in a yellow robe spoke up, puzzled.

"The boy said that there wasn't much benefit from the Divine Demonic Sect," Chi Qin smiled in response.

"Impossible, humans are always cunning. If Divine Demonic Sect has nothing left, how could so many powerful people look for it for thousands of years?" The yellow-robed old man disbelieved, convinced that the Divine Demonic Sect must have left something behind. Humans definitely cannot be trusted, that kid must be lying.

Chi Qin gazed at the jade bottle in his hand with a meaningful look and said, "If it had been so easy to obtain something left by the Divine Demonic Sect, it would have been taken by others long ago. Whether the Divine Demonic Sect left something or not doesn't matter. What surprises me is Su Yi."

The old man in the yellow robe asked, "Big brother, have you seen something?"

"His cultivation base is only in the Yuan Spirit Realm, but his breath is too weird, and his courage and demeanor are unparalleled among humans."

Chi Qin seemed to be thinking about something, and said to the old man in a yellow robe, "Also, even I can't figure out the origin of that chicken, it's strange, very strange…"

"Big Brother, if others know that we have someone from the Divine Demonic Sect, it could cause endless trouble later."

The yellow-robed elder said to Chi Qin, he was very worried; now there were many powerful demonic forces searching for any survivors of the Divine Demonic Sect. Someone had seen with their own eyes that survivors of the Divine Demonic Sect had escaped and were currently searching everywhere.

Chi Qin said, looking at the old man in a yellow robe, "I have this matter under control."

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