The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 304

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Chapter 304: Seek!

"Hearing that the Divine Demonic Sect has some treasure, many strong figures were attracted." Chi Qin looked at Su Yi with interest and asked again, "Young friend, since you're the new leader of the Divine Demonic Sect, what is this thing that the Divine Demonic Sect keeps that enticing so many powerful people to search for it obsessively for thousands of years?"

Su Yi trembled secretly. This must be the purpose of the Demon Emperor Chi Qin, no wonder he was looking for the disciples from the Divine Demonic Sect.

"If the Divine Demonic Sect has something left, how could it have come to this point of hiding everywhere, and how could it be blood-washed by people? The Demon Emperor, are you looking for us just to get the so-called treasure? With our strengths, we are not worth mentioning in front of you. You can kill me now!"

Su Yi gazed at Chi Qin, eyes straight and a fainty light red glow in his eyes. He said, "As the new leader of the Divine Demonic Sect, I can't get justice for my predecessors, take revenge, or protect my followers. I feel ashamed that, despite being a man, I'm unable to get justice for myself, and after having vainly lived this life, I regret it!"

Su Yi's words were passionate and true; if he really dies today, then there is indeed regret in his heart.

Looking at Su Yi's expression, Chi Qin still had a very calm demeanor. His eyes were deep, making one feel unable to penetrate him.

"I am curious about the Divine Demonic Sect, but I won't kill the benefactor who saved my son. On the contrary, I must thank you again."

Soon afterwards, Chi Qin had a faint smile on his face as he looked at Su Yi and said, "It's quite lively around here with plenty of powerful demons looking for you. I believe you but I don't know if other demons would. The place you are staying at is admittedly not within my jurisdiction. I think it won't be long before other powerful demons find the area. In return for saving my son Chi Zu, you can stay in my city for a while. Once things settle down, I'll arrange for you to leave the Demon Woods!"

Su Yi shifted his gaze and exchanged a glance with Su Tian Que, "Stay in Cang Lan City!"

Su Yi was pondering if staying in Cang Lan City is indeed quite safe as suggested by the Demon Emperor.

Without talking about whether or not the Demon Emperor Chi Qin is reliable, there are powerful monsters searching for Divine Demonic Sect disciples everywhere right now. According to what he has seen and heard so far, it is safer to stay in Cang Lan City than to fall into the hands of other powerful monsters.

After some consideration, Su Yi also knew that the Demon Emperor Chi Qin had said something credible.

The place where the disciples of the Divine Demonic Sect are currently settling down is not a territory of Chi Qin, otherwise Chi Zu wouldn't have been ambushed and killed by the Golden Ancient Scorpion.

Even though the Divine Demonic Sect managed to avoid disaster today, they would be soon discovered by other powerful demonic beings. Where could a large group of rookies escape within the Demon Woods, even if they wanted to avoid being found?

Chi Qin seemed to have noticed Su Yis consideration and didn't insist. He waved his hand and said, "You are free to go. If you don't want to stay here, I won't make any more moves on you."

"Let's go!"

Upon hearing the words, Su Tian Que's tail wagged slightly, and his little eyes glowed dimly. He was about to take Su Yi away.

"The Demon Emperor!"

Su Yi was lost in thought and didn't leave with Su Tian Que, instead, he bowed to the Demon Emperor Chi Qin and asked, "Can I ask something?"

"Do you want medicine or treasure? You saved Chi Zu, you can say it with pride," Chi Qin said with a smile.

Su Yi raised his head and asked the Demon Emperor Chi Qin, "I don't want any medicine or treasure. I just ask for one thing - can the disciples of the Divine Demonic Sect stay in Cang Lan City for a short period of time until it's slightly safer and then we'll leave?"

Regarding Su Yi's words, Chi Qin's gaze was filled with surprise, and even Su Tian Que was surprised. Bringing the people from Divine Demonic Sect here? Wasn't this like taking the sheep into a tiger's den?

"Young man, aren't you afraid that I will kill all of you when the time comes? Not to mention this is Cang Lan City, and you people are humans, yet you dare to try to come in here to find refuge?" Chi Qin looked at Su Yi, his eyes filled with emotion and a ripple of energy.

"If you agree, there's nothing for me to be scared of."

Su Yi smiled. Everywhere in Cang Lan City was full of demon beasts, and humans and the demon clan have never been able to get along. But there was no difference between the Demon Woods, either. If Chi Qin offered his protection in Cang Lan City, things would be much better.

"Young man, you are special and bold, which surprises me. I have to say that you have such courage at a young age, which I appreciate very much."

The Demon Emperor Chi Qin looked at Su Yi with a stern expression and said, "Give me a reason that can protect all the humans of your Divine Demonic Sect, or alternatively, give me something I can't refuse; otherwise, why should I risk offending other demons for people I'm not related to?"

Su Yi looked upon the Demon Emperor Chi Zu, feeling oppressed by an invisible pressure. Although his seemingly thin physique was like a blade held tightly with immense power, there was a glimmering light flickering within his gaze as he said, "I can't give you any benefits that you can't refuse, or a reason for you to protect the Divine Demonic Sect. But, I can give you a promise - after twenty years, the Divine Demonic Sect will repay the kindness of your protection today."

"Twenty years is indeed not long."

Chi Qin smiled at Su Yi and shook his head, saying, "But this kind of empty promise is too much. Your so-called Divine Demonic Sect is facing so many enemies today, hiding here and there like a stray dog. How can I believe that after twenty years, the Divine Demonic Sect can do me any good? What can be done in twenty years?"

Su Yi fixed his gaze on Chi Qin and looked him in the eye without avoiding him. He said, "This is the only promise I can give you. If you don't believe me, I will go. Today, you can be frank with me and no longer bother the disciples of the Divine Demonic Sect, I am already grateful. There's nothing I can do to repay you. This object was obtained unintentionally, please don't reject it!"

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