The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: I Don't Mind Crippling You

Behind Su Yi, a young man around 17 to 18 years old appeared. His stern and righteous face made him look very handsome, his head full of lush black hair, but underneath his head was a pair of long and narrow eyes, inside them existed something which did not allow others to look down on him. There was a disturbance in the air behind his back, obviously, he was the one who ambushed Su Yi.

“Su Wei, what the hell are you doing?”

Fatty Wang initially prepared to clench his teeth and fight with all his might, but when he saw the youth in front of him, his face changed.

Su Yi stood up, staring at the man in front of him as his face sank slightly. The cold gleam of his blade in his sleeves silently disappeared.

Naturally, Su Yi knew who this youth was, and was very, very familiar with him. The youth’s father was adopted by the Old Master and had changed his surname to Su since young.

So, in a way, Su Wei was still Su Yi’s cousin and had quite the talent since young.

From the aura that he gave off during the attack, Su Wei was already in the Yuan Soul Realm.

Talent like this was extremely rare in the entire city.

Looking at Su Yi, Su Wei smiled slightly. That little brat actually managed to dodge his attack just now.

In Su Wei’s imagination, if the brat died in his hand just now, he could just make an excuse saying that it was an unfortunate accident that happened when they were sparring. Even if he was punished heavily, it would still be all worth it.

After all, he was now the best among youngsters of the Su Family. He was Su Family’s future and hope.

But looking at this jinx in front of him who hadn’t died, and actually survived for three years in that sort of place, this was the last thing that Su Wei wanted to see.

As the Su Family’s eldest grandson, Su Wei had always thought that he should be the one who inherited the Su Family.

But just because his father was adopted, in the eyes of the old generation of the Su Family, even if his mother came from the Su Family and his talent far surpasses the jinx, his position was not equal to this jinx in front of him.

Especially in the heart of the Old Master. This jinx had made such a large mess, yet the Old Master still did not care about any consequences and protected him, this goes to show how much the Old Master cared about Su Yi.

Originally, he thought that the jinx would surely perish in the forest if he lived there for three years. He did not expect the jinx to be so lucky and managed to come back alive.

These three years were the best three years of Su Wei’s life. He was already the best in his generation, but this made him even more worried.

Because he was very clear, that once the jinx returned, his position and all he had right now in the Su Family, would slowly disappear, just like the reflection of the moon on the surface of a pond.

No matter how hard he worked in the future to help the Su Family gain something, it might eventually fall into the hands of this jinx.

How could all this not make him burn with jealousy? He could not even be compared to a piece of trash like this who only knew how to make trouble for the family.

In his thin eyes, cold burning rage emerged, but afterward, Su Wei slowly exhaled, a smile was put back on his face.

Facing Su Yi, Su Wei erased traces of his hate, and faked happiness instead, and said, “It has been three years since we last met. Little brother Su Yi has finally returned and seeing that you had managed to survive in that hell, you are bound to have good fortune in the future. Seeing you again had ignited my flames of passion to spar with you, and it seems that you have also improved quite a bit, please forgive me for my sudden actions!”

“Su Wei, how is that called sparring? It is so obvious that you are trying to kill him!” Fatty Wang shouted, overflowing with anger.

During this moment, Su Yi tidied up his robe, raised his eye slightly, and casually replied, “No problem.”

“Hehe, then all is good. It seems that Su Bai Han has just gone to the city gate in vain. I have heard that Su Bai Han and the rest are trying to hinder you at the city gate, but with your skills, you would obviously not meet them head on and enter the city way ahead of time. Even though it is a bit shameful, but it is still better than losing your life, furthermore-”

Su Wei looked at Su Yi, his face showing signs of sarcasm which he did not even try to hide.

Su Wei stopped talking for a moment, he was smiling and not at the same time, and continued speaking, “Furthermore cousin Su Yi did not only lose his face but also the dignity of the entire Su Family, that sounds more like it.”

Su Yi inhaled slightly, the visitor was not at all friendly, but if he could not even deal with this kind of small play, then he would have lived his past life in vain and should just reincarnate again.

Su Yi smiled, his face looking helpless, and nonchalantly said, “You wanted to kill me just now, but what a pity that the attempt failed. You want to become the next head of the family, that is understandable, but you can rely on your own ability to fight for it fairly. I would have to say that your actions now have not only made me pissed but also appears to be very childish. If you cannot even fight for it in the light, it is sad to say that you stand no chance of becoming the heir.”

Listening to Su Yi’s words, this direct and merciless speech with underlying sarcasm was basically challenging everything that Su Wei just said.

The smile on Su Wei’s face also gradually changed into an expression which was neither angry nor happy.

Su Wei expected that after Su Yi’s experience in the Forest of Demons for three years, even if he did not die, he would have been tortured to the extent where he would run back home with his tail between his legs pathetically. That would have been the best-case scenario.

He did not expect at all that the jinx would still be as arrogant as he was three years ago, and still looked down on him.

Su Wei’s face sank, his eyes filled with glimmers of cold light, he said, “Su Yi, other than depending on the Old Master, what else do you have? Talking about talents, you are basically a piece of trash. Who in the entire City of Man does not know that you, Su Yi, is only a jinx who only knows how to depend on the Su Family’s protection? What right do you have to talk to me as an equal?!”

“Su Wei, don’t you go overboard!”

Fatty Wang hollered. He stared at Su Wei but there were obvious signs of fear.

Fatty Wang was clear about the fact that Su Wei was now the leader of the younger generations in the Su Family, and long before now there were already rumors about him completing the Foundation Building Stage and have already stepped into the Yuan Soul Realm. So, he simply would not be able to fight against Su Wei.

Hearing Fatty Wang’s words, Su Wei treated it as nothing. He did not bother with him. He only followed Su Yi closely with his eyes.

“Seems that it was quite tough to have kept your grievances in you. Three years ago, when you were in front of me, your attitude was polite and respectful. When I was not around for these three years, you have become far braver.” Su Yi softly said, his face emotionless, like he did not even care about what Su Wei had just said.

But Su Yi’s words had actually pierced into Su Wei’s heart like a needle.

Three years ago, when he was still in The Foundation Building stage, although the jinx in front of him was trash, with the Old Master’s backing, and with him being the rightful heir of the family, he did not dare to offend him.

But it was different now. This jinx was now despised by everyone. He had also succeeded in stepping into the Yuan Soul Realm, and being the first among his generation, he was looked upon favorably by quite a few elders of the family.

Bloodlust began seeping out of his eyes. The aura of his body started moving, and his fists were clenched tightly. Su Wei wanted to kill him.

“It is Young Master Su Yi? Young Master Su Yi has really returned!”

“Young Master Su Wei too!”

The commotion attracted the attention of the guards in front of the Su Family’s gate. Instantaneously, people rushed over to take a look.

Su Wei glanced at the side, his teeth clenched hard, the bloodlust in his lean eyes began to change into coldness.

Su Wei looked at Su Yi, his face cold and said: “Su Yi, a lot has changed in these three years. You may be still alive but you are just a useless piece of garbage. On the other hand, I am not who I was three years ago. The trouble you caused still exists. If you are lucky, you would receive the protection of the family and live like a dog in his kennel for the rest of your life, but if you are unlucky, then two days later, there would be a competition to choose a few among the younger generation of the Su Family to join the Sacred Mountain’s selection test. If you are around at that time, I do not mind crippling you on the spot. At that time, no one would be able to protect you. Of course, with your abilities, let’s not talk about having the right to enter the stage, you would not even have the courage to enter the stage!”

Finishing what he was saying, Su Wei turned and left. Today, he had already missed the chance to get rid of this trash, finding a chance in the future would not be too late.

“Young Master Su Wei.”

Receiving the bows of the Su Family’s guards, Su Wei’s face was gloomy and ignored them.

Following Su Wei’s back with his eyes, Su Yi had a grin on his face, and without a care for what Su Wei had just said, he opened his mouth, “Honestly speaking, with your current abilities after entering the Yuan Soul Realm for such a short period of time, I fear that you are still not qualified to cripple me. Two days later, I will give you a chance just as you have wished!”

Hearing the causal words behind him, while moving forward, Su Wei’s footsteps were stunned slightly and his face cramped.

He thought that his warning would be enough to force the trash to live with his tail in between his legs, but no, the trash still looked down on him as per usual.

“Two days later, no one can save you!”

Su Wei clenched his fist tightly, his eyes overflowing with cold light as he took strides into the Su Family’s gate.

“Young Master Su Yi, it really is you!”

Several guards from the Su Family’s gate came in front of Su Yi. They looked respectful and polite, but they did not bow, a big difference in their attitude towards Su Wei.

Examining the shabby Su Yi in front of them, the guards looked at Su Yi with contempt. The jinx left the house with nothing, although he came back alive, he looked so pathetic that he was no better than the beggars on the streets.

Regarding the gazes of the guards, Su Yi saw them all, but he only smiled and did not bother himself with them.

“Su Yi, are you really going to spar with Su Wei 2 days later? Have you also stepped into the Yuan Soul Realm?”

Fatty Wang walked in front of Su Yi, his face stern and there were hints of astonishment.

Fatty Wang knew that Su Yi’s talent was not even an equal to his. For these three years he could not count how many pills and herbs he had taken, and under the supervision of his father, he did not know how much he had suffered because of training, and yet he had not even reached the Foundation Building Stage. Has this person in front of him not only managed to survive in the Forest of Demons for three years but has also succeeded in reaching the Foundation Building Stage and even stepped into the Yuan Soul Realm?


Su Yi shook his head, slightly awkward and said, “No.”

Hearing that, Fatty Wang was not at all surprised. He had trained day and night for the past three years and he had not even reached the Foundation Building Stage. If this person has already stepped into the Yuan Soul Realm, then it would be too much of a blow for him to take.

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