The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Beauties Bring Calamities

“Sigh, our entire Su Family was originally so respected by the masses, but now, once someone brings up the Su Family, they will only remember that a perverted jinx came from this family.”

The man sighed. All these years that jinx has only caused the family’s position in the city to become lower and lower.

“The few of you, watch your words!!! No matter what happens, that person is still the Young Master of the Su Family, and he is also the most loved grandson of the Old Master. When the Young Master created that mess, the Old Master has punished him accordingly. Now that we are outside, do not disgrace the Su Family! From here onwards, if there’s anyone who talks without thinking, do not blame me for being ruthless!”

Su Bai Han turned around and stared at the men behind him, his face stern.

“Yes, Mr. Han, understood!”

At that moment, each man changed their attitude, and their expressions became serious.

Outside the main gate of the Su Family, Su Yi was watching from a distance and observing the figures lying in the shadows, his gaze sweeping over them casually.

Afterwards, he looked at that familiar main gate of the Su. The corner of his mouth swung upwards, three years of inhumane treatment had finally ended. He stretched his body and said, “Ha ha ha, I, the Young Master has returned! Once I tidy up and clean myself later, I will once again be a handsome young man!”

“Little girl, all I did was kiss and hug you once, and both were even my firsts. You have not suffered any losses, and even gained from it! You didn’t have to blow up the matter! In a few years, I’ll have you taken as my wife, and then I shall show you what I am truly made of!”

[T.N Note: To all readers that are thinking that the mc tried to rape the girl, it is not what you think. Please read the later chapters where the mc shall clarify what he exactly did. ? ]

Reminiscing the past three years of hell, Su Yi was enraged and fiercely spat on the ground beside his feet.

Swallowing his saliva, Su Yi thought to himself that if he knew the matter would blow out of proportions, he would have stuck his tongue into her mouth, that would be a real first kiss, what a pity.

“Just dismiss your thoughts about taking her as your wife. Just by being able to come back alive, your Su Family would already have to thank the gods.”

Unexpectedly, a crisp young voice came from behind Su Yi.

Su Yi’s face immediately changed, just now he was in a daze and actually allowed someone to come so close to him from behind his back, this was a big taboo.

In an instant, Su Yi’s body lunged forward and at the same time without any visible movements from his feet, he spun around, exuding a presence like a predator which has just awakened, swift and sharp. From his wide sleeves appeared the tip of a dagger.

But once he saw a chubby face as if the baby fats on the face had not been shed, Su Yi’s cautious face immediately changed into a smile, and simultaneously, the dagger also vanished into thin air.

The changes happened in a blink of an eye, which the fat youth did not seem to notice. Looking at Su Yi, those small eyes which looked like the same whether they were tightly closed or wide open, was completely squeezed into a thin line. One could see a bright smile on his face.

The youth punched Su Yi’s shoulder hard, ecstatic beyond measure, and said, “I knew that you wouldn’t die. Mo Bu Fan and those few jerks weren’t a match for you back then, they still wouldn’t be your match now. With just their skills, how could they prevent you from entering the city? Ouch, are you wearing a steel plate on your body? Why is it so painful when I slapped it?”

Without finishing his words, the fatty retracted his hand which has just landed on Su Yi’s shoulder like he got shocked by electricity. He swung his hand side to side, his fist was numb, pained as if he just punched steel.

“Hehe, Fatty Wang, how did you know I have returned?”

Su Yi was really happy. With a hand on the shoulder of the fatty in front of him, his oversized robe seemed to dance like a skirt. His actions filled with warmth.

The fatty’s name was Wang Shang Wu. He was Su Yi’s companion from when he was young, and also his buddy.

The Wang Family, even though was not as large as the 5 Big Families, but it was still considered as one of the larger powers in the city.

From the day Wang Shang Wu was born, his father hoped that Wang would become a strong martial arts practitioner when he grew up, hence his name Wang Shang Wu.

Unfortunately, Wang Shang Wu did not grow up to fit his name. He only had average talent from young, and the fact that he was bestie with Su Yi only caused the Wang Family to worry further.

“I knew that you wouldn’t die and would surely return alive!”

Fatty Wang was beaming, but when he looked carefully at Su Yi and saw his current appearance, it gave him quite a surprise. He said, “Looks like in the Forest of Demons, you also had a rather hard time.”

“But I finally managed to weather the storm.”

Su Yi smiled slightly, speaking no more. He carefully looked at the fatty, for a fleeting moment, surprise could be seen in his eyes, and said, “You have improved quite a bit over the past 3 years.”

“For these 3 years, I was in a situation no better than you. I have not stepped out of the house for 3 years. My father was personally overseeing my martial arts practice, but sadly I have not improved enough to reach the Foundation Establishment Stage,” Fatty Wang was depressed as he had lived no better than Su Yi for the past 3 years.

“That isn’t like you.”

Su Yi knew Fatty Wang very well. How could he have resisted the temptation to go out of the house for the past 3 years?

“Mo Bu Fan, He San and the rest of the bunch wanted me to swear that I would sever my ties with you from that moment forth. What a joke, how could I ever do that and follow the orders of those second-rates?”

Fatty Wang opened his mouth, his face relaxed, and continued speaking, “Well, it is good that you are able to return alive. Mo Bu Fan, Song Wu Qiu and the rest have gone to the city gate to stop you, but I could even think with my feet and know that it would not be possible for those second-rates to stop you.”

Wang Shang Wu was brimming with self-confidence. He knew Su Yi way too well. With the skills of those Young Masters, there was no way they would be able to stop him.

“Why do Mo Bu Fan and the rest want to stop me from returning?”

Su Yi’s face turned black. He knew that those Young Masters did not treat Fatty Wang as an equal and would have surely stepped all over him. That must be the reason why Fatty Wang stayed at home for the past 3 years, and he was also curious how did the Young Masters get the courage to go to the city gate to stop him from entering.

“Isn’t this all your fault, because of Liu Ruoxi.”

Fatty Wang rolled his eyes. In the entire city, only the person in front of him would have the gall to do such a thing to her.

“What has this got to do with Liu Ruoxi?” Su Yi raised his eyebrows, slightly suspicious.

“After you were exiled, Liu Ruoxi announced on the second day, that after 3 years if you were able to return alive, she would marry the person who kills you. Hence the reason why all those Young Masters want to try and kill you.”

Fatty Wang glanced at Su Yi and said casually. Speaking honestly, he was really impressed with what Su Yi did 3 years ago. In the entire city, no one else other than the person in front of him would have the courage to do such a thing.

“Dammit, why is that girl so ruthless!”

Su Yi was dazed for a moment, afterward, his eyebrow raised slightly: “After I take her as my wife, then I shall show her who she has offended!”

“Stop daydreaming. Firstly, back then Old Master Su promised you that only if you have reached Foundation Establishment Stage, then the engagement would be valid. If you did not reach Foundation Building Stage after 3 years, you would not only be exiled out of the Su Family but also the City of Man as well.

Wang Shang Wu looked at Su Yi and said, “But really hats off to you, you still had the gall to return.”

On the other hand, Su Yi silently gulped. He did not expect that Liu Ruoxi, that little girl, was actually so ruthless, although everything that happened was because of her.

Fatty Wang continued saying, “Also, I am afraid that even if you are at Foundation Building Stage, it will still be impossible for you to take her as your wife.”


Su Yi asked. If it wasn’t for that girl, he would not have to suffer so much. If he does not take her as his wife and slowly show her what he is made off, then he would be letting down the fact that he had reincarnated as a human being.

Wang Shang Wu looked at Su Yi, took a deep breath, with his eyes slightly shaking, he said, “Not long after you were kicked out of the city, Liu Ruoxi went to the Sacred Mountain, I have heard that she has Emperor Grade talent.

“Emperor Grade talent!”

Hearing what Fatty Wang said, Su Yi was also stunned, his body shaking slightly.

This world has been ruled by the strong, and the path of martial arts flourished.

But not everyone has the ability to cultivate.

For those who cultivated, there was the difference in the level of talent. The greater your talent, the further you would walk down the path of cultivation.

“Liu Ruoxi has already become the personal disciple of the Master of the Sacred Mountain. It seems that it is because of her that the Sacred Mountain would come to this city and choose other disciples,” Fatty Wang continued saying, his eyes filled with yearning.

Sacred Mountain, that was a paradise for all martial arts practitioners and it was also the paradise for all cultivators.

Fatty Wang was very clear about his own talent. Unfortunately, he will have almost no hope of ever being able to enter the Sacred Mountain, he could only be envious of others and yearn for it.

“So, it is only Emperor Grade talent.”

Su Yi’s mouth curved upwards, he looked very relaxed.

Suddenly, Su Yi’s eyebrows raised, his forehead slightly wrinkled. He seemed to have detected something and his face immediately fell. He jumped swiftly to the side without any hesitation.

Following behind Su Yi, there was a palm which struck straightforward, bringing with it sounds of the air breaking.

“Yuan Soul Realm!”

Su Yi’s face immediately changed. After a cultivator has completed the Foundation Building Stage and stepped into the Soul Yuan Realm, only then that person would have such an aura.

As Su Yi leaped away, the person behind him slid forward and displayed his martial art techniques. His palms striking swiftly in an instant. As he clenched his fingers into a fist, layers of bright light came from the fist and struck with the momentum seemingly enough to shatter a mountain.

“Mountain Shattering Fist!”

With the sound of an explosion, followed by a slight yell, the fist shattered the air and flew towards Su Yi.

Once one had arrived at the Yuan Soul Realm, he was already considered as a real cultivator. Even if he used a flower or a stalk of grass as a blade, it was enough to pierce huge boulders.

Not to mention that the person right now was even using martial arts.

“Su Yi, watch out!”

Fatty Wang’s expression changed drastically. The person who ambushed Su Yi was far stronger than the rest who came. He did not even have a chance to intervene, and could only yell to remind Su Yi.

The fist arrived instantaneously. Its presence like a tempest, letting out a low sound and making the air around it tremble.

Su Yi’s feet left the ground, his body flew through the air, in an instant, he somersaulted to a place in front of him. Though his posture wasn’t really a work of art, it was effective and he had actually managed to dodge that attack.

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