The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 288

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Chapter 288: Divine Demonic Phenomenon!

After hearing this, Su Yi was a little disappointed. If Su Tian Que had recovered, there would be another source of protection for the people of the Divine Demonic Sect.

"You acknowledge being the sect leader of the Divine Demonic Sect?"

Su Tian Que looked at Su Yi while it blinked its small eyes with a glow secretly moving.

"This…..I'm only afraid of disappointing the Honourably Demon."

Su Yi bitterly laughed. He already had a bunch of troubles with him, while furthermore, any one of the great enemies of the Divine Demonic Sect was a strong cultivator. With the strength of his cultivation, he was afraid that he would let down the trust of the Honourably Demon.

"This Divine Demonic Sect seems to have some background, but after a long time, it has already waned to such an extent along with a big group of enemies."

Su Tian Que slowly spoke while looking at Su Yi, saying: "Or is it that you are afraid?"

"Those at the scene yesterday, if there is a day in the future, I will never let anyone of them off!"

Su Yi gradually clenched his fists. The death of granny Shangguan, Elder Shangguan Qing Ming, Shangguan Chen Feng, and the death of the honest villagers, if there was a chance in the future, he must take revenge.

"That's it. Although this Divine Demonic Sect is humongous trouble, for you, it might not be a bad thing."

Su Tian Que chuckled with a face of mystery and moved to Su Yi's ear saying: "According to what I know, many of the Hundred Fruits Wine of the Ancient Spirit Village have been, brought out. You are now the new sect leader of the Divine Demonic Sect. At then, you can give me some. The taste of the Hundred Fruits Wine is truly not bad."

Su Yi very hopelessly rolled his eyes at Su Tian Que. This fellow was still so gluttonous. At this time, it was still thinking of the Hundred Fruits Wine.

Afterward, Su Yi glanced at Su Tian Que and stated: "The Honourably Demon wants you to become the new Honourably Demon of the Divine Demonic Sect. What are your thoughts?"

Su Yi reckoned that even though this Su Tian Que had a mysterious background, at least he could confirm that his origin was extraordinary, but unlike what it always claimed to be a peacock. However, its background should also be remarkably enormous. If it could become the new Honourably Demon, in the future for the Divine Demonic Sect, there would be benefits and no harms. Furthermore, this was also the arrangement of the Honourably Demon before it dies.

"But, I never promise that I will become the Honourably Demon of the Divine Demonic Sect. That old tiger also agrees that it is up to me to decide if I want to accept to become the Honourably Demon of the Divine Demonic Sect."

Su Tian Que arched its eye and pursed its lips, saying: "I am a dignified peacock. How can I become an Honourably Demon of such a small Divine Demonic Sect? If this goes out, where should I put my face?"

"You……a peacock."

Su Yi rolled his eyes at Su Tian Que, almost wanting to kick it. He rudely exclaimed: "If you are a peacock, then yesterday night, we don't need to escape."

"It is because my strength has not yet recovered. Wait till my strength has recovered, I can easily step those enemies to death." Su Tian Que defiantly faintly responded.

"Say these words to someone else. To me, it is useless."

Su Yi spoke. Then, he came to one side and sat cross-legged, ignoring Su Tian Que. His own consumption and severe wounds were very grave. He had only endured the day, and now, he urgently needed to recover.

Initially, entering the mysterious space to recover was the fastest, but there were many people now, while also, it was not a safe place.

Though Su Yi also wished to enter the mysterious space too, to see how much it had extended.

It must be, known that Su Yi's improvement was shocking while he also hoped to know what stage the Golden Python, White Jade Swallow, Flaming Beast Eagle, and the rest inside the mysterious space were at currently.

But Su Yi had to endure. The mysterious space was especially important, so he needed to reach a definitely safe place to summon it out.

"I will also go meditate and recover."

Seeing that Su Yi no longer paid attention to it, Su Tian Que felt bored and started to sit at one side in a condensing cultivation state enveloped by the moonlight, taking in the power of the moonlight and absorbing the heaven and earth energy while meditating and recovering.

As a beast, its cultivation method and the humans were a little different, but all things that had noumenal or phenomenal existence could not go off without heaven and earth energy.

After taking a healing and recovery elixirs, Su Yi's robe shook while circulating the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique and started to meditate.

A faint crimson glow speedily covered his whole body while emitting a mighty aura. His entire person twinkled with a blinding radiance in the moon night. Luckily, this place was hidden and could not be easily, discovered.

At this instant, as Su Yi circulated the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique and meditating, in his mind, he was looking through the 《Divine Demonic Ancient Verse》that he had gotten.

There was no doubt that the Divine Demonic Sect was not simple as it could attract so many great enemies that even the people of the Sacred Mountain was also amongst them. Also, with such a powerful existence like the Honourably Demon, it was enough to explain everything.

After getting the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse that the previous sect leader had painstakingly left behind, Su Yi was naturally filled with curiosity in his heart as earlier, when he had gotten it, he did not have the time to read and understand it. Just perfect that he could now study and learn about it.

"Divine Demonic Phenomenon, Myriad Beast Phenomenon, and images of a myriad of beasts, Creation Phenomenon, and an image of creation, heaven and earth people with dense air of heaven and earth. All things become pure with image acquisition and direct reading function, while the easiest is mysterious. The five elements all transform into a myriad phenomenon while heaven and earth people combine into one as star turn and change into battle to determine the course of events. The Yin Pan Qi Men has no mutually counteract. Innate aura, formless and imageless, seen but not truly seeing, listen but heard nothing and seize but grab nothing. The incomer from the void, the myriad beasts are formed real and formless, at there yet shapeless, real with existence, true yin, and true yang, void yet nothing along with two-eighth initial Xuan aura……"

"If there is a color with no form, then it is not the real final part of the five elements of heaven and earth people. Even if there are five elements of heaven and earth people, they must be in a harmonious proportion. Not too many, not too little, without bias and without favor, not rush and not slow, neither something nor nothing, neither too familiar nor too distant, not impetuosity or not a coward. Like wood feed fire, fire creates the earth, earth bears gold, gold carries water, water nourishes the wood, or fire feels the earth or the earth uses gold, or gold becomes water. The outside and the inside unite while heaven and earth combine with the people. A beast image form from the empty void with a Divine Demonic Phenomenon shocking the heaven and earth while making the ghosts and god cry……"

When he checked and read the 《Divine Demonic Ancient Verse》in his mind, the aura on Su Yi's body started to fluctuate, while the astonishment in his mind could not even be put into words as it was inexplicably shocking.

A night quickly passed. When the darkness before the dawn passed, the horizon on the eastern was a little glimmering. In the brooding and slightly white sky, there were, still shattered stars.

The valley was, pitched dark while the surrounding was, enveloped in a mysterious thin light. Far away at a spacious firmament, reflected blue and copper color. Within the valley, there were many figures with Yuan Qi fluctuating on their entire body, emitting all sorts of brilliant and colorful glows.


At a particular moment, Su Yi suddenly opened his eyes. The Yuan Qi radiance on his body resided, yet the glow in his eyes did not dissipate after a long time while his face was, filled with astonishment that he seemingly could not return to his senses after a long time as he was entirely shocked by it.

"《Divine Demonic Ancient Verse》!"

Su Yi softly mumbled as he was truly deeply shocked by it.

From the reading of the 《Divine Demonic Ancient Verse》, Su Yi then found out that within the《Divine Demonic Ancient Verse》, it contained an all-inclusive and frightening might. No wonder it was left behind by the previous sect leader of the Divine Demonic Sect.

Su Yi had already seen before the《Mighty Desolate Verse》and 《Heavenly Tiger Art》. Both of them were the strongest cultivation technique of the Mighty Bear Tribe and the Hunting Tiger Tribe, which was incomparably powerful!

But from within the《Divine Demonic Ancient Verse》, Su Yi then found out that both the Mighty Desolate Verse and the Heavenly Tiger Art initially came from the 《Divine Demonic Ancient Verse》.

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