The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 287

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Chapter 287: The Token Of The Sect Leader

The two of them did not speak while the night breeze gently stirred.

After a long time, Shangguan Xi Wei lowered her eyes and glanced at Su Yi while something was spinning in her eyes.

Looking at Shangguan Xi Wei, Su Yi's heart abruptly became heavy with grief as this type of feeling, nobody could understand it, yet Su Yi could somewhat feel what she was feeling.

"From now on, I have nobody at my side anymore. All of them have left, leaving me behind. Only I alone is left." Shangguan Xi Wei finally could not endure it while her voice trembled. When her words landed, she pounced into Su Yi's arms.

Su Yi opened his arms and hugged Shangguan Xi Wei. Feeling that trembling and sobbing tender body, he tightly hugged that warm jade to his shoulders.

Without saying anything, Su Yi only tightly hugged that sobbing tender figure, feeling that the tears on his chests were boiling hot temperatures.

Su Yi knew that she needed to let it all out. The extent of the sudden change in the situation for a village lady that was peaceful with the world since young was too big.

Time slowly passed by while Shangguan Xi Wei cried unbridled. After a long time, she then gradually calmed down.

Su Yi accompanied her second by second until she quietened down with only the sound of the surrounding night breeze stirring the leaves traveled over.

At this moment, Su Yi then softly spoke: "There are the remaining people of the Ancient Spirit Village. Shangguan Yan, Shangguan Ye, Shangguan Xiu, Shangguan Yu, and the rest are all here. There is still me. I am here. Before granny left, she mentioned to let me take care of you."

"What grandma clearly said was for me to take care of you. Don't forget that you are much younger than me." Shangguan Xi Wei lifted her head and drilled out from Su Yi's arms. Her crying face was a mess with hair sticking to her face.

Looking at the girl before her, Su Yi slightly smiled. After crying out, perhaps it was much better for her. He gently smiled and said: "I am younger than you, but I am a man. Naturally, I must take care of you."

"Okay. But I remember that when grandma left, she wanted us to take care of each other."

Shangguan Xi Wei glanced at the young man before her while her face unknowingly became a little red as she inquired: "Is my crying very ugly?"

"Not ugly. Not a tiny bit ugly. The crying appearance of the ladies in the entire world cannot even be, compared to you." Su Yi laughed.

"To think that you know how to say fancy and sweet words. In the outside world, most likely many girls have been fooled by you, right?"

Shangguan Xi Wei rolled her eyes at Su Yi, but in her eyes, there was a rare trace of smiling intent. Looking at Su Yi, she continued: "In the future, we, sister and brother, must take care of one another. But I am afraid that as an elder sister, I don't really know how to take care of people while I also do not know if you will acknowledge me as your sister."

"Such a pretty sister, how can I bear not to acknowledge? If, elder sister doesn't know how to take care of people, then in the future, I will take care of Sister Xi Wei." Su Yi pursed his lips and laughed while the agony in his heart had added strands of warmth.

"Still saying such coaxing words. Quickly go and meditate. These few days, you will need to work hard to take care of everyone." Shangguan Xi Wei nodded her head and smiled. Afterward, she turned around, and her graceful and tender figure left.

Glancing at that back, Su Yi slightly smiled. Then, he stood on a huge rock and lifted his head to look at the profound night sky. His expression gradually became dark, and sharp with chilling light emitting from his eyes.

"What are your plans?"

A crisped voice suddenly transmitted over as Su Tian Que's body swayingly appeared while tucking its tail. Its small eyes were particularly bright and brooding in this night.

"Have your might recovered?"

Su Yi glanced at Su Tian Que with a light surging in his eyes as his heart was, filled with expectation.

The gruesome sea of fire from yesterday night, that vast scorching aura, and the massive virtual figure, it was not hard for Su Yi to know that it must have a connection to Su Tian Que as that was the aura on Su Tian Que's body.

To be able to bring so many people, and escaped, moreover right under the eyes of so many super-strong cultivators, how much strength does this require?

It was not hard for Su Yi to guess that the only possibility was that what Su Tian Que had previously said was real. This fellow might really be a peacock and had already recovered its might.

"It is still too early to recover entirely!"

Su Tian Que shook its head while that tiny body stood on the large rock below Su Yi's feet. It also lifted its head and glanced at the night sky, saying: "It is that Honourably Demon. It has helped me, lending me a hand and allowing me to recover a lot, even finding some memories back."

"What exactly is going on?"

Su Yi felt strange and a little dubious, not knowing when Su Tian Que and the Honourably Demon had been in contact.

"The first day we came here, that old tiger already knew. It could feel that you are exceptional and seen through some signs of my background. After you entered the Tian Yao Cave, that old tiger came to find me."

Su Tian Que said, roughly telling Su Yi about the situation.

It turned out when Su Yi and Su Tian Que entered the Ancient Spirit Village, the Honourably Demon had known about it distinctively and had been secretly observing them.

The Honourably Demon had also long foretold Su Tian Que's exceptional and had always been worried about the descending of the great enemies, so it left itself a loophole and found Su Tian Que. After understanding the situation, it promised to lend a helping hand to Su Tian Que, helping it to recover.

However, the Honourably Demon had a request. It required Su Tian Que's promise to join the Divine Demonic Sect.

In the beginning, Su Tian Que did not accept it, but the Honourably Demon mentioned that as long as it is alive, Su Tian Que did not need to become the Honourably Demon of the Divine Demonic Sect and was also free.

Even if the Honourably Demon had died, at then, Su Tian Que could also consider.

Hence, Su Tian Que momentarily promised it.

Without long, the Honourably Demon once again found Su Tian Que and said that the great enemies had already come while Su Yi had become the sect leader of the Divine Demonic Sect. It required Su Tian Que's help to do one thing for the last strand of survival of the Divine Demonic Sect.

"That tiger knew that its days are not many and wholeheartedly wish for death. It wants me to hand a thing over to you."

From Su Tian Que's mouth, it spatted out a palm-sized jade token with some dark red color while on it, was many carving of ancient runes.

Su Yi caught the jade token in his hand. He clearly could not feel any aura, yet he could sense a sort of demonic aura emitting out while on it were three big cravings of the 'Divine Demonic Sect' lively and vigorously flourished in calligraphy.

"That old tiger said that this thing is the token of the sect leader of the Divine Demonic Sect, which has some connections to the future of the Divine Demonic Sect. You must keep it safe as there will be a great use for it in the future."

After Su Yi heard this, he thoroughly sized up the token of the sect leader in his hand, yet he also could not discover anything except that the material was a little special. He then asked Su Tian Que: "Did the Honourably Demon say what was, the use of this token of the sect leader? Is it a treasure?"

"That I do not know. You also have no ways to ask it." Su Tian Que arched its eye. When mentioning about the Honourably Demon, there was some glow fluctuating in its small eyes.

"Then how much have you recovered?"

Su Yi kept the token of the sect leader with him while asking Su Tian Que. The Honourable Demon had helped it to recover, so that fellow must have recovered considerably.

"I did not recover much. Rather, I have remembered about some matter. The effect is not too huge and can regard as being tricked by that old tiger.

Su Tian Que's gaze slightly frowned. It did not recover much while yesterday night, it could help everyone to leave was also because of the arrangements set by the Honourably Demon.

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