The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 241

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Chapter 241: I Will Defeat You Later!

"Okay, everybody. Let's set off!"

Seeing that Shangguan Chen Feng had come over, an elderly spoke with smiles on his face, yet his gaze was secretly a little nervous along with anticipation.


The Cold Jade Demonic Eagle cried and spread its wings, flying into the clouds first towards the outside of the village.


Inside the Ancient Spirit Village, many strong beastmounts had also appeared.

Some strong cultivators and elderly leaped onto the mounts, but most of the people were required to walk there.

Su Yi did not ride the Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard and accompanied Shangguan Ye and the rest to walk.

However, Su Tian Que was very discourteous as it flapped its short wings with some comical expression. It finally climbed onto the back of the Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard, and leisurely leaned, causing people to keep involuntarily glancing at it.

"Let's go……"

A group of vast and mighty people set off to the place where the competition held.

From the mouths of Shangguan Yan and the rest, Su Yi found out that the decennial competition was held in a vast square in the middle of the Ancient Spirit Village, Mighty Bear Tribe and Hunting Tiger Tribe.

After more than an hour, the group of vast and mighty people had almost reached the destination.

At the front in two directions, also emerged a group of vast and mighty people.

There were flying beastmounts flying at a low altitude, and beastmounts galloping on the ground with frightening auras.

The ones riding them were some mighty figures, while all of them were strong cultivators.

A big bear roared while a fearsome tiger deeply howled.

"The people from the Mighty Bear Tribe and the Hunting Tiger Tribe has also arrived."

Shangguan Yan glanced at the two massives teams in front. These were the people from the Hunting Tiger Tribe and the Mighty Bear Tribe.

Su Yi swept his gaze over the two teams. The number of people was seemingly comparable to the Ancient Spirit Village while he could feel many powerful auras from afar.

Within the Hunting Tiger Tribe and the Mighty Bear Tribe, many strong cultivators had also come.

Afterward, Su Yi's gaze landed onto the vast square not far away that encompassed a large area.

However, in front of the square was a big towering lofty mountain that rose into the clouds as the peak of the mountain was covered by the drifting fog.

All three teams had reached the square at almost the same time.

All of a sudden, the surroundings of the square were filled with bustling people as it began to be lively and noisy.

This time, the Ancient Spirit Village was in charge of the square while the people from the Ancient Spirit Village had long planned for all the arrangements and placed many big backrest chairs on one side of the high ground with many fresh fruits, fine wines, and aroma of meats assailing the nostrils.

"Eh, it is the Cold Jade Demonic Eagle."

Within the group of people from the Hunting Tiger Tribe, on top of a fearsome tiger with its entire body covered in scales sat a middle-aged man with two little girls around the age of 6-7 years old that were beautiful and adorable with big innocent eyes, curiously glancing at the Cold Jade Demonic Eagle that Shangguan Chen Feng sat on which was circling at a low altitude.

"The Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard. The Ancient Spirit Village has great luck."

Within the Mighty Bear Tribe, a middle-aged man landed down from a big bear's shoulder as he sized up the Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard before the people of the Ancient Spirit Village.


A beast roared like the thunder. Within the Mighty Bear Tribe, on the shoulder of an almost two-zhang tall big bear with crimson hair all over its body and a fearsome aura, stood a young man as muscular as a bear.

The young man had a broad back like the tiger and a waist as thick and robust as the bear. His entire body, was filled with bulging muscles while he wore an armor that revealed his shoulder, and on his chest, there was a golden breastplate that emitted a mysterious pattern with a sparkling glow as though he was the ancient young battle god from the legends. It was precisely Xiong Zhan and the Scarlet Searing Raging Bear that he had subdued.

Within the Hunting Tiger Tribe, Hu Chi was also currently at the front line, attracting the people's gaze.

Hu Chi wore a battle suit as usual, while on the face with defined edges, there was an unknowingly sharp and dignified temperament. He rode a several zhang big black tiger that had a fierce gaze as its body permeated a brilliant black glow. With a glance, it could make people's hearts tremble. It was precisely the Black Profound Demonic Tiger.

However, at the moment, Su Yi's gaze had landed onto the lofty mountain peak at the front of the square. At a closer glance, the mountain peak appeared even more magnificent, glorious, and boundless.

"A strange great presence……"

Even though it was, separated by a vast distance, Su Yi could feel a whiff of an extremely special aura from the lofty mountain peak.

That sort of feeling was very intriguing, but it was gone in an instant and immediately returned to normal, no longer anything wrong with it.

"Brother Su Yi, let's head over there." Shangguan Yan's voice traveled into Su Yi's ear.

Su Yi returned to his senses and lightly nodded his head as he followed behind Shangguan Yan.

Nevertheless, under the perception of his spiritual power, it was not hard for Su Yi to feel that there were many strong cultivators within the Hunting Tiger Tribe and the Mighty Bear Tribe.

"Hu Chi and Xiong Lie."

Su Yi saw Hu Chi and Xiong Zhan. Both of them were number one amongst the younger generation of the Hunting Tiger Tribe and the Mighty Bear Tribe, respectively. But, it was also not the first time that Su Yi had seen them.

Only sensing from afar, Su Yi found that the auras on both Hu Chi and Xiong Zhan were different from the last time.

From their complexion, both Hu Chi and Xiong Zhan were in their peak condition. It looked like, in these few days, these two people had also been preparing.

"It seems like all of them have become a little different……"

Su Yi secretly mumbled in his heart as the auras of Hu Chi's Black Profound Demonic Tiger and Xiong Zhan's Scarlet Searing Raging Bear were also seemingly different from the past.

But, Su Yi was not too surprised as the Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard had also seemingly improved a lot in just a few days under the resources and full help of the Ancient Spirit Village.

Presumably, the Hunting Tiger Tribe and the Mighty Bear Tribe had also likewise put down many painstaking efforts towards the Black Profound Demonic Tiger and the Scarlet Searing Raging Bear in these few days.

At the backrest seats, there were already some elderly and strong cultivators from the Hunting Tiger Tribe, Mighty Bear Tribe, and the Ancient Spirit Village sitting on it.

For example, amongst them were Elder Hu Ben and Elder Xiong San that Su Yi had previously seen before.

Some of the people with a high status would then stood behind these strong cultivators and elders.

Like Shangguan Yan, Shangguan Xi Wei, Su Yi, and the rest.

Even Hu Chi, Xiong Zhan, Shangguan Chen Feng, and the rest had all presently alighted from their beast mount and stood behind their respective strong cultivators.

"Eh, this beast meat does not seem to be simple. It is tiger meat, right?!"

"And the bear paws. Looks like the juniors of the Ancient Spirit Village had a rather good harvest this time."

These strong cultivators and elders sat down and saw the fresh fruits, fine wine, and roasted meat placed before them.

Their eyes were vicious and could recognize that these beasts meats were not that simple, unlike an ordinary beast.

"Shangguan Qing Ming, the juniors of your Ancient Spirit Village, will not fake it, right? Did they really bring these back from the Yao Luo Mountain?"

Xiong San curled his lips and questioned Shangguan Qing Ming. He somewhat did not believe that these were brought back by the juniors of the Ancient Village Spirit from the Yao Luo Mountain.

"Humph, the juniors of my Ancient Spirit Village will not fake it!"

Shangguan Qing Ming coldly humphed, while in his heart, he was laughing coldly as the bear paw was from their Mighty Bear Tribe.

"Xi Wei, if I win today, how about marrying me?"

Just at this moment, Xiong Zhan's gaze directly landed onto Shangguan Xi Wei. His motive was simple and direct as his gaze had undisguised intent of pursuing while his voice also spread wide.

"Haha, Xi Wei, that girl is indeed not bad. Why not just marry over to my Mighty Bear Tribe!"

Listening to Xiong Zhan's words, the elderly and strong cultivators of the Mighty Bear Tribe did not have any opinions and were instead exceedingly happy.

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