The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 240

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Chapter 240: The Miserable Xiong Lie and Hu Du

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Deep inside the mountain forest, from time to time, a deep beast roar would sound out.

At the moment, on the bottom of the Yao Luo Mountain, there were more than thirty young men. Under the pouring of the moonlight, their entire bodies were naked and appeared shrouded with a layer of silver radiance.

All of the young men were completely naked.

Most importantly, all these young men were standing in a line around a sky-high tree and were tied up tightly with tree vines.

The young men all wanted to cry, yet there were no tears. With their disheveled hair, the scene was unbearable to look at.

Not far away, more than ten young women were also tied up tightly by tree vines onto a large rock.

However, these young women were in a much better situation. Although their hair was also disheveled, their clothes were tidy.

Glimpsing at the more than thirty naked young men that were tied up, all the young women did not even dare to lift their heads up.

A young woman accidentally saw the figures of those naked young men, and her face momentarily became entirely red.

Not far away, there were still a few beastmounts that were in even more miserable conditions.

A beast with scales had all its scales stripped off with blood still dripping on its body. The scene was too horrible to look.

A flying beast mount with feathers had all of its feathers plucked off like a big featherless bird.

These beasts mounts all laid on the ground with split skins and protruded flesh while their eyes were, filled with despair and shock.

For these beasts, even though they felt very aggrieved and innocent, they felt even more fearful.

That human was too brutal, causing their hearts to have a lingering fear from now on.

At the moment, all the young men wanted to cry, yet there were no tears. They were furious and ashamed, yet there was nothing they could do.

They were severely injured till the point where they had absolutely no energy to struggle. Additionally, everything on them was also swiped cleaned by that Su Yi .

They were tied up for almost two days while they still did not have the energy to struggle as the wounds on their bodies were very severe.

Fortunately, they were at the bottom of the Yao Luo Mountain. If not, the group of people would have long been the food of the beasts in the Yao Luo Mountain.

All of this, was naturally done by Su Yi as he also could not do much to this group of wimpy kids, yet at the same time, he did not want to let them off this easily.

Su Yi then thought about it and could only strip these fellows and tie them up here to discipline them and to teach them a lesson.

As he was afraid that these fellows, would be eaten by the beasts at the Yao Luo Mountain, Su Yi purposely let the Hunting Wind Demonic Vulture throw these wimpy kids down the Yao Luo Mountain.

"Ka ka!"

A tree vine, was tattered as Xiong Lie had recovered some of his Yuan Qi. Gritting his teeth and going all out, he finally burst through the tree vines.

The group of people then collapsed onto the floor with their entire bodies drooping as they powerlessly struggled to get up to find tree leaves or tree vines to cover their front.

"Su Yi , I will never let you off!"

A young man cried. How could they have known that Su Yi was actually this wicked; to strip them and tie them up together?

There were still so many girls at the scene. How would they be able to face the people in the future?


The darkness before the daybreak just passed while the shining stars silently disappeared from the sky.

Inside the room, the aura around Su Yi fluctuated along with a scorching heat while giving off a glow. That whiff of mighty aura also became particularly rich.

Under the faint crimson glow, Su Yi's eyes closed tightly while the entire exposed skins were crystal-cleared like a warm jade with no dust and dirt.

The rich aura fluctuated and lasted for a lengthy period.

The aura on Su Yi presently appeared more and more abundant with a crystal-cleared shine on his physical body as though changing to a sort of even more completed step.

That was the benefit that Su Yi had gained from the Hundred Fruits Wine and the meats of the beasts.

Inside Su Yi's body, there was still the remaining energy of the demonic core that was slowly refined by the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique.

When morning arrived, the aura on Su Yi's body started to reside as the glow dispersed.

A breath was exhaled out from his throat, and Su Yi opened his eyes. The light in his eyes was blinding with a sparkling crimson color that later became clear.

Sensing everything inside of his body, Su Yi was very content.

Because he had breakthrough too quickly last time, he had always been compressing and consolidating his cultivation.

At the moment, the aura on Su Yi's body had entirely stopped at the cultivation of Yuan Xuan Realm Sixth Grade.

"Su Yi , it is time for us to set off." Shangguan Xi Wei's voice traveled over.

Su Yi walked out of the room and met with Shangguan Xi Wei.

Shangguan Xi Wei had changed into tight clothing today that further outlined that graceful figure. This caused Su Yi to keep involuntarily glancing at her.

"Prepare to set off. Everyone has already gathered at the village entrance." Shangguan Xi Wei told Su Yi.

Moments later, at the entrance of the village, Su Yi met with Shangguan Yan, Shangguan Yu, and the rest that were preparing to set off.

There was a group of vast and mighty people in large numbers, which seemed as if half of the people in the village were going.

The ones leading were exactly Shangguan Qing Ming and the several elders that Su Yi had seen before.


A beast roared like thunder. A three zhang long with a height of no more than two zhang tall Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard saw Su Yi and momentarily roared. Its entire body, was covered in thick dark black sword-like scales. But, on its head that appeared like a lion and a leopard, it had a glistening golden marking.

"Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard!"

Su Yi lifted his head, and a massive being had already appeared before him with a frightening aura. Inside its mouth were sharp teeth glowing with radiance, yet the gaze that glanced at Su Yi was incomparably respectful.

"It's probably about to reach the Demonic Xuan Realm Sixth Grade!"

Feeling the aura on the Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard, Su Yi was also secretly surprised.

A few days ago, there were still severe wounds on the body of the Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard. However, not only had it now recovered, but was probably about to reach the Demonic Xuan Realm Sixth Grade. He reckoned that it was at the peak of Demonic Xuan Realm Fifth Grade.

"Brother Su Yi ."

Shangguan Yan, Shangguan Yu, and many people came forward, passionately greeting Su Yi.

"Brother Chen Feng has come!"

The crowd was in an uproar while it created many shouts.


A cry scratch through the lengthy sky as if it could deafen the eardrums.

A big eagle spread its wings and flew over. Its eyes were sharp with a pointed hook-like mouth while the feathers on its body looked similar to scales. Its entire body was snow-white like jade while emitting a frosty aura.

That was the Cold Jade Demonic Eagle as it immediately circled around the village entrance at a low altitude.

On the back of the Cold Jade Demonic Eagle, Shangguan Chen Feng wore a white robe while his figure was tall and straight with a handsome appearance about 18-19 years old. His temperament was like a sharp sword that, once it was out of its sheath, it would be razor-sharp. As he stood on the back of the circling Cold Jade Demonic Eagle, it gave people an un-neglectable impact.

"Brother Chen Feng."

Many young men and women greeted him.

Shangguan Chen Feng was number one among the young generation of the Ancient Spirit Village with an incomparable charisma amongst the youngsters. He was also the representative of this competition between the one village and two tribes that happened once every ten years.


As though it could feel that the Cold Jade Demonic Eagle was circling at a low altitude, the Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard raised its head and gave a deep roar, seemingly as though it was very pissed with the Cold Jade Demonic Eagle.

When the Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard stared at it, the Cold Jade Demonic Eagle instinctively was a little fearful as its body trembled at a low altitude, not daring to get too close.

Su Yi lifted his head and sized up Shangguan Chen Feng. He had an extraordinary temperament that was remarkably exception, far succeeding that Ji Chao from the Sacred Mountain.

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