The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 226

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Chapter 226: A Scary Breakthrough!


Su Yi shrieked as the turbulent surging energy from the crushed demonic core was as though going to burst his body directly.

If, it wasn't for Su Yi's robust physique, his body would have directly exploded.

The energy within the liquid of the demonic core could even be called insane as it was much more terrifying than any elixirs and treasures that Su Yi had taken before.

This insane-like energy was too turbulent.

It made the meridians, muscles, and internal organs inside his body to feel as though it was going to be ripped apart, while that sort of tearing pain was excruciating to the extreme.

Listening to Su Tian Que's shout, Su Yi instantly sat cross-legged and circulated the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique to directly refine the insane energy of the demonic core within his body.


The insane surging energy inside his body assaulted as though a myriad of fierce beasts were galloping.


Following as the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique started to circulate, it began to absorb and refine that surging energy.

Under the circulation of the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique, the insane surging energy fortified and flowed in his meridians, where it then began to transform into pure Yuan Qi.

Although he had begun to refine the insane surging energy, the speed of the refining was far from counter-weighing against the assault that he was suffering.

Su Yi's entire body trembled, and his face had spasmed to the point of hideous while dense cold sweats on his forehead kept dripping non-stop.

An average person would have found it hard to endure the tearing pain from the frightening assault of the energy inside his body.

Fortunately, Su Yi was unlike the average as he forcibly contended against it while gritting his teeth.

The inside of his body kept twitching from the severe pain, causing him to suffer an untold misery as he did not expect the liquid from the crushed demonic core to be this terrifying.

However, right now, there were no other ways. Su Yi could only focus wholly on refining it, or else the surging energy would sooner or later burst his body.

"This is the energy of the demonic core, a precious treasure. Since I have absorbed it, then I shall refine it!"

Su Yi secretly gritted his teeth. Although the energy of the demonic core was terrifying, once he refined it, he would be able to gain immense benefits.

Even the Iron Armor Demonic Rhinoceros was killed by him, so how could he be unable to refine some demonic core!

Nevertheless, since he had taken the energy of the demonic core, Su Yi did not want to think about it anymore except to grind his teeth and persevere as there were also no other ways.

Thus, as he endured the intense pain from his physical body, Su Yi's mind was gradually becoming peaceful while he sat cross-legged, refining the energy of the demonic core.

Anyway, since there were no other choices, Su Yi might as well calmed his heart and gritted his teeth to endure the pain from the assaulting energy while in his mind, he began to gain enlightenment on cultivation.

Along the way, with all kinds of training, dangerous situations, fortifying, and experiences, currently, everything was replaying inside Su Yi's mind as he began to gain insights.

Gradually, Su Yi silently sank into a strange kind of enlightenment.

Presently, if a powerful cultivator was here and saw Su Yi in this sort of state, the person would be very shocked.

Typically, a cultivator that had not reached the Yuan True Realm would find it extremely hard to enter such enlightenment.

Even a cultivator with an identity of a Soul Tamer would also find it hard to enter such a state.

Enlightenment, gaining insights to cultivation. Su Yi with his cultivation of Yuan Xuan Realm, had nonetheless, entered such state, which was unimaginable!

In actual fact, this had a connection with Su Yi's talent.

At the same time, because Su Yi had come with the knowledge of his previous lives as well as adding on that his heart was always on cultivating, he was able to put everything down for cultivation and whole-heartedly desired to become a strong cultivator.

At a certain degree to say, towards cultivating, Su Yi was a very determined and strong-willed person.

Therefore, it caused Su Yi to be able to enter the state of enlightenment with only the cultivation of Yuan Xuan Realm.

To be able to enter into enlightenment, there would be immense benefits for cultivating!


At the top of a mountain, the youngsters from the Ancient Spirit Village stood together with an expression of grief.

They had already gone back to find the traces of that Iron Armor Demonic Rhinoceros for one day and one night, yet they still could not find it.

"Brother Yi Su clearly knew that he could not defeat it, yet he still wanted to block that Iron Armor Demonic Rhinoceros for us. Counting everything, we have owed him two lives!" The corner of Shangguan Yan's eyes were wet as he felt very griefful.

"All of us owe Yi Su two lives!"

Shangguan Yu and Shangguan Ye also felt very sad as they glanced afar while their eyes also started to become lifeless.

The rest of the youngsters did not say anything as all of them were very sad too.

"There will be many strong beasts the farther we go in. We should go back first and request the strong cultivators in our village to find that Iron Armor Demonic Rhinoceros!"

Shangguan Xi Wei's pearly white teeth gently bit on her slightly parted red lips. Her eyes were covered with tear stains while that fair face looked very haggard.

She knew distinctly in her heart that even if the strong cultivators from the village were to come, everything was, also already done for.

As he wanted to save everyone, he got buried inside the mouth of the Iron Armor Demonic Rhinoceros.

"If we were to go back like this, then what about the meat of the beast?"

Shangguan Xiu asked while she was also feeling very sorrowful. She had a pleasant opinion of Su Yi and had asked the most questions towards him. However, after all, every one of them had come here to hunt to bring back the meat of the beast required for the gathering.

"We will go back to the place from yesterday where the beasts have killed each other. There are many corpses left behind, and since the commotion from yesterday had shocked the entire area, most of the beasts with low cultivations will not dare to get close. Bringing those back will be more than enough!"

Shangguan Xi Wei's dark eyebrows secretly knitted together as she glanced afar while her eyes silently became blurred.

"Brother Yi Si, we have let you down that even your bones also cannot be found. Please forgive us. Once we return to the village, we will definitely request for the strong cultivators in our village to come, so that at least we can find your bones in order to give you a proper burial!"

Shangguan Yan looked at a distant place and spoke with both of his fists clenched tightly with a face full of guilt.


Su Yi closed his eyes tightly as his body was, enveloped inside a blinding glow with a faint obscured black brilliant light.

The glow was clearly black, yet it gave people a remarkably blinding and vivid feeling.

Following as the time passed by, the surging energy inside Su Yi's body that brought the intense pain gradually slowed down.

Only, that sort of slowing down did not bring much effect for him because the energy from the demonic core was too overly surging.

Inside his Yuan Qi Whirlpool within his Dantian, strands of pure Yuan Qi gushed in which was, refined from the energy of the demonic core.

Strands of pure Yuan Qi that was refined, converged together in his Yuan Qi Whirlpool within his Dantian, causing the aura on Su Yi's body to continuously escalate until the stage of fullness and inflated.


Following as the Yuan Qi in his Yuan Qi Whirlpool within his Dantian got more and more abundant, the Yuan Qi in his Dantian spun faster and faster as though forming a hurricane while giving out a deep and low 'rumble rumble' sound like the wind and thunder.

Yuan Qi kept flooding in while getting fuller and inflated. In the end, the Yuan Qi Whirlpool could no longer store it.


At a particular moment, the Dantian inside Su Yi let out a deep explosion sound while his Yuan Qi Whirlpool abruptly stagnated as though it had exploded. Then the Yuan Qi Whirlpool spun in another direction and spread, transforming into real air.

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