The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 225

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Chapter 225: The Might Of The Broken Sword!

The sticky fluid shone with a faint green glow that was terrifying, slowly corroding everything.

"Can it be that I am really going to die this time?"

After facing so many dangerous situations with the threats of deaths, even stepping one foot into the gate of hell many times, Su Yi had never given up and could always turn the situation around.

This time, however, it gave Su Yi a feeling that he had no means to struggle. Would he be buried inside the stomach of the Iron Armor Demonic Rhinoceros?

"Little foul beast, you are looking for death!"

A crisped and loud cry traveled into Su Yi's ear while that voice was very familiar.


"Bang bang bang!"

Roars and explosion sounds of energies kept transmitting over.

"Su Tian Que!"

Su Yi was dumbfounded. That was Su Tian Que's voice. Su Tian Que had given chased.

The outside kept trembling as though the mountain had collapsed, and the ground cracked. Roars filled the sky as though they were in an intense battle.

Inside the sticky fluid, Su Yi was like a piece of floating wood inside the raging sea, getting dizzy from the ripples.

"You are courting death!"

The furious shout of the Iron Armor Demonic Rhinoceros deafened the ears, causing Su Yi, who was enveloped in the sticky fluid to feel a stinging pain in his eardrums.

"Su Tian Que seems to be suppressed, and at a disadvantage!"

Listening to the commotion on the outside, Su Yi could feel that Su Tian Que seemingly could not defeat it, unable to do anything to the Iron Armor Demonic Rhinoceros.

"No, I still do not want to die. I have to lend a helping hand to Su Tian Que!"

Within Su Yi's eyes, a light was gushing out as in his heart had never given up.

"Broken sword!"

At present, since his Yuan Weapon had already dropped, the only weapon that could be, used was the 500-kilograms broken sword.

Inside the sticky fluid, it was exceedingly difficult for Su Yi to raise his hand. He then finally clenched the broken sword tightly in his hand after much effort.

While right now, under the corrosion of the sticky fluid, Su Yi's Yuan Qi was already not enough while the robe on his body, had already corroded.


With much difficulty in raising his hand, Su Yi wanted to use the broken sword to pierce through the sticky fluid.

However, the sticky fluid was too strong. As though it could feel his movement, the sticky fluid kept winding around both of his arms and the 500-kilograms broken sword tightly, seemingly having an intelligence of its own.

No matter how much Su Yi struggled, hardly anything worked against it. The winding got tighter and tighter while corroding everything and swallowing his Yuan Qi at the same time.

"Risk it!"

Su Yi deeply roared in his heart. If he could not escape by today, then he would be in deep trouble. The Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique circulated to the extreme with all of his might as the last strand of Yuan Qi gushed out from his Yuan Qi Whirlpool within his Dantian while he waved the sword.


All of a sudden, at this moment, there was a brilliant light sparkling abruptly on the 500-kilogram broken sword for an unknown reason while a trace of monstrous sword force instantly gushed out.

Suddenly from within that broken sword, a surging power also spread into Su Yi's body, making the wilted Su Yi to instantly seemingly recovered to his peak. That type of surging power was something that he had never felt before.

Simultaneously, his eyes became a blur as he felt a trace of gruesome killing intent charging over along with the surging power as though he could see the scene with a river of blood and bone stacking up before his eyes.

The killing intent was too frightening, as if it wanted to destroy everything.

Presently with the toughness of Su Yi's body, the assault of the killing intent directly made his physical body trembled as though he was going to be crushed into powder by the engulfing killing intent.


Su Yi uncontrollably spewed out blood as he absolutely could not bear it.

But at this moment, the mysterious space that Su Yi previously could not summon out emanated a light inside his mind as a whiff of immense and mighty aura swept out and fluctuated, causing the killing intent to disperse.

"Hong hong!"

The killing intent disappeared while the sword light was still like the clang of the wind and thunder. The frightening aura was seemingly like a monstrous beast that was awakening.


The sword force was monstrous with a blinding sword light like the dazzling sun ascending in this sticky fluid. The frightening sword light exploded, crumbling the surrounding sticky fluid inches by inches like tofu.


In an instant, the Iron Armor Demonic Rhinoceros on the outside let out a violent shriek with exceedingly astonished eyes.

Su Yi was stunned. He had never expected that the 500-kilogram broken sword, which never had any movement to suddenly erupted out such a frightening commotion.

However, it was only an instant as he unhesitantly clenched the broken sword tightly and slashed as though storming through the enemy's den.


Everywhere the sword light had passed, the inside of the Iron Armor Demonic Rhinoceros would directly be sliced open into a bloody fog, opening a path in the mangled flesh and blood.

An obscure yet glowing, light ball about the size of a fist was whirling within the bloody fog in front.

"The demonic core of the Iron Armor Demonic Rhinoceros......"

Su Yi's eyes moved. That was the demonic core of the Iron Armor Demonic Rhinoceros.

"Not good......"

All of a sudden, Su Yi's complexion shockingly changed as the incomparably sharp sword glow had not completely scattered and directly crushed the demonic core.

At the same time, the body of the Iron Armor Demonic Rhinoceros directly broke into pieces from the inside to the outside.

"Bang bang bang......"

A sword glow charged out from the inside to the outside along with a monstrous bloody fog.

Under the night scene, the bloody radiance bloomed like the fireworks.


Such a despairing roar lastly resounded in the darkness before dawn.

A bunch of raging flames emitted like the round fiery sun while the flames screamed like a sea of fire, seemingly blotting out the sky and covering the earth, trying to engulf the entire land.

When Su Yi was slashing the Iron Armor Demonic Rhinoceros, the first thing he saw was that within that shocking fireball, currently, there was a tiny figure shrouded in a magma-like fire.

That figure was about the size of a rooster with a long neck and a pointed mouth. A crimson-gold meatball seemed to be on top of its head like a comb. It had a pair of short legs with five parted claws. On its set of short wings, there was a layer of feathers peeking with a crimson color. Presently, within that small eyes, it as though contained a scorching sea of fire. Who else could it be other than Su Tian Que?

"What a pity, what a pity. That is a demonic core, yet you actually crush it......"

When Su Tian Que saw Su Yi, on the contrary, it was not happy while its gaze did not even land on Su Yi but onto the crushed demonic core of the Iron Armor Demonic Rhinoceros.

The crushed fist-sized demonic core was now transforming into a group of black and obscured liquid, drifting and floating in the air.

The liquid coagulated and did not scatter while shining with an ascending energy fog.

The surrounding fire glow on Su Tian Que immediately disappeared as its figure directly rushed out and opened its mouth to swallow the crushed demonic core.

"Demonic core...precious treasure..."

Su Yi's eyes moved as his figure subconsciously ran out. He was initially closer than Su Tian Que. Seeing that it was opening its mouth to swallow that energy, he could not let the glutton kept it all to itself as he opened his mouth too and sucked, directly swallowing it.


The liquid from the crushed demonic core, was simultaneously swallowed into the two people's mouth in the battle between a human and a beast.

Su Yi only absorbed one-third of the crushed demonic core, whereas Su Tian Que had gained an advantage, swallowing most of it.

Only, when the liquid of the crushed demonic core went into his body, it had no response at first while the taste was a little bitter and stinky.

However, after a few seconds, the liquid of the demonic core transformed into surging energy inside Su Yi's body that directly assaulted out.

The surging energy was too overly intense, many times more powerful than the Spiritual Essence Su Yi drank back then in the mysterious space. His internal organs, bones, and muscles were as though going to be ripped apart under the assault, causing him to be in so much pain to the extent of wishing for death.

"Quickly refine the energy of the demonic core!"

Su Tian Que greatly shouted to Su Yi. That small figure had already emitted a scorching radiance as if its body was, covered by layers of naked flames that were ragingly burning while wrapping that small figure inside it.

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