The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 134

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Chapter 134: Trailed!


Su Yi had left the Ling Bao Pavilion. This time, he had gained plenty of profits.

Meanwhile in the city, Su Yi wandered around for a moment before finally going into a bar.

Inside the bar, the voices of people were everywhere and it was very lively.

Many bulky men bared their upper bodies and were playing drinking games. Three to five of them had formed a group together, while eight to nine of them had formed a team.

These people were all from the adventurer teams or the mercenary groups.

When striving inside the Forest of Demons, some of them had to undergo many sleepless nights running about trying to make money. Therefore presently, they naturally have to relax for the moment.

Inside the bar, other than wine, there was also meats from low cultivation beasts that been butchered.

Drinking wine from a big bowl and chewing on meat with a huge bite, this lifestyle was more suitable for these mercenary groups and adventurer teams.

Su Yi found a secluded corner and ordered a jar of wine with a plate of meat.

“This time after I went back, I must find a little red peach to have fun with for three days and three nights. Thinking about those breasts, I already feel like drooling!”

“Hahaha, can you even last for three days and three nights? I believe you would be dead on top of that little red peach’s body."

Hubbubs of voices were everywhere. The words used by these bulky men from the mercenary groups and adventurer teams were very crude.

Su Yi had come to this bar to seek out information. In a place like this where people from all walks of life would gather and on top of wine and meat, this was where most pieces of information spread around.

“The kid, Black Fiend School is searching for has still yet to be found, so the bounty has increased once again. I even heard that as long as you can provide news about that kid, you can get fifty thousand Yuan Stones. And if you manage to capture that kid, you can get a Star Grade High-Level elixir."

“That kid is unquestionably a talent and must be hard to handle. Not only did he kill the young master of the Black Fiend School, he even made the Black Fiend School search for him for such a long time with absolutely nothing.”

“Not only that, I heard that not long ago, the Black Fiend School’s Dharma Protector Heijiu also couldn’t take down that kid.”

“That kid has such a big gut to dare to kill the School Master’s only son. The Black Fiend School will never let him off!”


Su Yi’s eyebrows secretly moved. Finally, he had heard some news about himself and strained his ears to listen more.

The news was what Su Yi had expected that the Black Fiend School had increased the bounty to find him. All the information talked about the same thing.

“I noticed that many strong cultivators from the Black Fiend School are here. That kid couldn't have fled here, right?”

“Impossible. The one that came seems to be the Black Fiend School’s High Elder.”

“Reputedly, the Blood Spiritual Ginseng has appeared in Grand Beast Canyon. Maybe they had come here for it.”

“No way, did the Blood Spiritual Ginseng truly appear?”

“Shhh, lower your volume. Not many people know about this. I have also inadvertently found out about it. It shouldn’t be a baseless rumor.”


However, it was some other news that had made Su Yi frowned. If the Black Fiend School’s High Elder was really around the area, then he should try to steer away from them or else the outcome would be fraught with grim possibilities.

Suddenly Su Yi, who was engrossed in listening felt a cold gaze, landed on him.

Su Yi followed the gaze and could see that not far away, the owner of the cold gaze and the several people sitting with him.

The owner of that gaze was no stranger as it was Third Brother Xiong from the Wild Bear Gang.

At the moment, all of the three Xiong Brothers were present along with some other bulky men.

Those people were passing on a message to each other ’s ears. One by one, all of them turned and sneered at him.

“Is this what they call enemies often cross each other’s path……”

Su Yi lightly laughed, what a small world to be able to meet these guys at the bar.

Since he had already heard what he needed to hear, and there might be strong cultivators from the Black Fiend School around, Su Yi stood up and directly left the place.

Seeing that Su Yi had gotten up, the people from the Wild Bear Gang sneered and got up without leaving any traces as they trailed after Su Yi.

All of this, Su Yi had naturally noticed it. He silently glanced sideways to look at the people behind him that were trying to hide while following him.

Making those Yuan Spirit Realm cultivators sneaked around and hid while following him, it was the first time that Su Yi had experienced such a thing.

Su Yi silently contemplated, there were a few Yuan Spirit Realm cultivators amongst them, and the Wild Bear Gang might also have others hiding elsewhere. Most likely, once he got out of Yi City, these people would immediately attack him.

His opponents were in the Yuan Spirit Realm hence in terms of speed, Su Yi did not think that he would have the advantage.

After getting out of Yi City, these people would most likely stop hiding and directly attacked him.

By then, the chances of him escaping would be slim.

It would not be a good idea for Golden Python and the rest to come out as there were too many people around since it was too near to Yi City.

To avoid any risks, Su Yi had also made the Golden Python stay away and wait for him.

“Boss, how much does this cost?” While walking, Su Yi had kept on making numerous stops while purposely turning his head back randomly, causing the people from the Wild Bear Gang to keep going into hiding.

“Customer, come up and play with us!” At a corner of the street, some ladies that were wearing revealing clothing and heavy makeup were trying to pull in customers.

“How much does it cost?” Inspiration struck, and Su Yi quickly glanced behind without leaving any indication. Then he looked at the gorgeous lady in front of him that exposed a deep cleavage and asked.

“Cheap and guaranteed to your satisfaction.” Seeing that Su Yi had answered her, the gorgeous lady immediately hugged Su Yi's arm passionately and enchantingly.

“Guaranteed to my satisfaction, then what are the things you know how to do? ” Su Yi jokingly asked while taking the chance to grab her waist.

“Customer, you are so naughty. Guaranteed you will be satisfied. Naturally, I know how to do a blowjob, make love, be touched and moan.” The gorgeous lady responded charmingly while taking the chance to stick tightly onto Su Yi's body.

“Blowjob, make love, be touched and moaning.……” Hearing this caused Su Yi’s heart to uncontrollably fluttered.

Half hugging that gorgeous lady, Su Yi went up to the second floor and into a room.

“Humph, that fellow sure knows how to enjoy life. If it isn’t because fighting is not allowed in Yi City, I would have already killed him. Who does he think he is for wasting my time waiting for him."

Not far away in a corner, Third Brother Xiong’s expression turned dark with rage.

Third Xiong had thought that the fellow would be heading out of town but who knew that he had suddenly come to a brothel.

Staring at the women who were presently wearing such little clothing, Third Xiong who had been out for several months, suddenly felt his throat grew dry as he uncontrollably kept swallowing his saliva.

“That fellow actually could go up to the second floor of the Ling Bao Pavilion, seems like there must be quite a lot of stuff on his body.” Among the three bulky men, Da Xiong’s face secretly turned dark as his eyes revealed a glint.

“He should be getting out of the city soon, just wait for a moment more.” Er Xiong spoke while his gaze was deep and dark. Among the three brothers, he had always been the wisest.

“Humph, when the time comes, I will make sure he regret provoking me!”

Third Xiong clenched his fist tightly and declared angrily.

Time slowly passed. After more than an hour, the people from Wild Bear Gang were gradually feeling fretful from the waiting.

Particularly the several ladies in heavy makeup in front of them had been flaunting themselves, making several of them to be even more uncomfortable.

“Is that fellow’s body that good? Why hasn’t he come out yet?” Third Xiong gnashed his teeth in anger as his hatred growing by the minute. Who did the fellow think he was?

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