The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 133

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Chapter 133: Probing Out The Spirit!

“Like the drifting clouds and wild geese, where I come from is not important. For treasures like Blood Spiritual Ginseng, only those fated can obtain it while it cannot be imposed on. If Lady Lan has nothing else to say, I will depart first.” Su Yi softly replied. This Lan Chuolian, was not that old yet her status in the Ling Bao Pavilion was not simple. It was unlikely that she was a kind person, so if there was lesser communication between the both of them, the better.

After the words landed, Su Yi slightly nodded his head and turned to leave.

Seeing that Su Yi was leaving, Lan Chuolian’s eyes secretly moved under the white veil as she quickly shouted: “Mister Yi Su, please halt your steps.”

At the same time that she spoke, Lan Chuolian suddenly disappeared. That beautiful figure had directly reappeared in front of Su Yi.

Traces of delicate fragrance assaulted the nostril. At present, Su Yi’s eyes secretly trembled under the cloak. This Lan Chuolian was not simple.

“Whoosh……” In an instant, a formless aura surged through the cloak, into Su Yi’s mind.

This aura that had appeared soundlessly was very suspicious.

However, Su Yi could feel that at this moment, the light crimson spiritual power in his mind was abruptly surging.

In a blink of an eye, inside Su Yi’s mind, a gruesome and destructive aura was sipping out from within the depths of his soul and had directly bound itself onto that formless aura, wrapping around it.

The light crimson spiritual power fluctuated, and glow like it was on fire, burning the aura.


In an instant, that formless aura seemed like it was going to burn as it suddenly retreated away quickly.


Lan Chuolian unknowingly took a step back, her eyes under the white veil were secretly filled with shock.

“Spiritual power!”

Su Yi later realized that someone had used spiritual power to invade his mind.

“Lady Lan, what is the meaning of this!”

Su Yi glared at Lan Chuolian as anger was sipping out of his brooding eyes. It was Lan Chuolian who was in front of him that had invaded his mind. If his spiritual power had not automatically counterattacked, he could have suffered horrible consequences.

“Mister Yi Su, I have no bad intentions. I was only curious about you. Please forgive me.”

Lan Chuolian bowed as her expression changed. At present, even through the veil, she could feel the anger boiling within his eyes.

Lan Chuolian had indeed just used her spirit to probe him out. As expected, this youth in front of her, was unmistakably an Alchemist.

The most shocking thing was, this man in front of her, had a very mighty spiritual power that was strangely frightening.

The aura of the spiritual power was like an unprovoked force of an emperor, its might destructive, that in an instant made her feel as though a bolt of lightning had struck her. If she had not retreated promptly, her spirit would be damaged.

Following after, in Lan Chuolian’s hand was a delicately crafted triangular shaped card, that was black and shiny with many defined floral prints. She handed it over to Su Yi while saying in an apologetic tone: “This is my Ling Bao Pavilion’s black card. In the future, if Mister goes to any of our Ling Bao Pavilion’s branches, as long as you show this card, you will be able to enjoy the best services from our Ling Bao Pavilion. Consider this as my apology to Mister.”

“Fairy Maiden, this……”

When Deacon Wu saw Lan Chuolian taking out the black card, he could no longer contain his facial expression as his heart kept fluttering. That was the Ling Bao Pavilion’s black card ah!

In the Ling Bao Pavilion, there were four types of VIP cards, which respectively were the silver card, gold card, black card, and the supreme spirit card.

Generally, to become Ling Bao Pavilion's VIP was already very difficult.

Everyone knew that to become a VIP of the Ling Bao Pavilion, even if it was just a silver card membership, it could already, represent your strength and status.

Theoretically, for Ling Bao Pavilion’s silver card members, unless they had a huge supporter, even if they had the cultivation of the Yuan True Realm, without having a special relationship and backing, they could only dream about having it.

As for Ling Bao Pavilion’s gold card members, if a Yuan Emperor Realm could manage to become their gold member, it would be enough to flaunt their status.

As for the black card, this level of membership, in the entire Ling Bao Pavilion, only a few people had the qualifications to have it and Fairy Maiden, was one of them. Just based on this, it was enough to show how hard it was to become a black card member of the Ling Bao Pavilion.

Ling Bao Pavilion’s black card members, not only could they enjoy the best services provided by the Ling Bao Pavilion when they purchase or sell goods, but it could also make all of the strong cultivators come flocking over.

And now, Fairy Maiden had directly signed a black card to a youth whose face they had never seen, which could consider as to never met him, how could Deacon Wu not be surprised?

In the entire continent, the total number of people that had this Ling Bao Pavilion’s black card would not even amount to much.

“Fine, then I won’t be polite.” Su Yi took a step back, and without any hesitation, under the shocked gaze of Deacon Wu, he impolitely took away the black card and immediately left.

“Send Mister Yi Su away.”

Lan Chuolian said. Under the white veil, her eyes watched as Su Yi left, her gaze became slightly cloudy and even contained fright.

The youth from before who was from Ling Bao Pavilion came forward and

passionately sent Su Yi downstairs to leave.

“Fairy Maiden, that is my Ling Bao Pavilion’s black card ah, that Yi Su……”

Deacon Wu was depressed that the black card had been sent away so readily.

Most importantly, that was the Ling Bao Pavilion’s black card! If given to anyone else, they would be so ecstatic that they would move to tears.

However, that Yi Su had acted indifferent to it like, it was nothing and leave just like that.

But little did Deacon Wu knew that Su Yi had no idea about the background of the Ling Bao Pavilion.

What black or gold card. For Su Yi, he only thought that he would just be given a discount when he brought something.

There was a bargain to take so why waste it, additionally, that Lan Chuolian had angered him too. If the black card could give him some discount, that was only merely a repayment to him.

“This is called building a relationship, nothing more to say.”

Inside the hall, Lan Chuolian related to Deacon Wu.

Right now in Lan Chuolian’s heart, there was a lot of suspicions. That Yi Su had given her an unfathomable feeling.

She had already sized him up. No matter from which side, both of their ages should not be big unless he had hidden it on purpose?

If not, why did he have no emotion when he saw the black card of Ling Bao Pavilion.

This toleration, not even a Yuan Emperor Realm could have handled it.

“Fairy Maiden, have you find out anything?” The woman in simple clothing asked. From her reaction not long ago, something seemed to be amiss.

“If he has no intention to hide, then he might be the Alchemist. His spiritual power is very unusual and powerful. For someone that can nurture such a disciple, he must be extraordinary. They are worthy to bear the black card.” Lan Chuolian frowned and replied softly.

The woman in simple clothing did not say anything else as she knew her junior sister the best. From a young age, regardless of her mentality or talent, she had always been a phenomenon. After a few more years, when she faced the outside world, she would cause a tremendous uproar to the entire continent.

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