The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 115

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Chapter 115: Grand Beast Canyon

The man who had been severely injured by Su Yi was still alive, but he was hanging on just barely. He did not even have the strength to move a muscle and could only watch as Su Yi placed a giant saber against his neck.

“Give me the locations of your Leader and your Vice-Leader now! If you do not want to reveal their locations, then die!” Su Yi threatened the man.

There weren’t many people left in the adventurer party, yet they were still so relentless in pursuing him. Since the grudge was already made, he might as well go after them.

In the entire adventurer party, the only ones Su Yi was afraid of were the Leader and the Vice-Leader.

“The Leader and the Vice-Leader are currently with the people from Black Fiend School, not far away from here.” The man was terrified. He revealed everything he knew while blood ran down his mouth.

“Black Fiend School!”

Hearing those three words, Su Yi’s face fell.

“How many are there from Black Fiend School? How many strong cultivators are there?” Su Yi asked with a grave voice. He could ignore the people from the adventurer party, but he could not treat the Black Fiend School as nothing.

Su Yi never thought Black Fiend School would manage to track him down all the way here and they had even joined up with the adventurer party.

“There are tens of people from Black Fiend School and at least 200 Hell Wolves. There is also a Dharma Protector called Heijiu leading the men along with many other strong cultivators.”

The man continued watching Su Yi, his heart palpitating. He gritted his teeth and said while shaking, “I have both old and young in my family, please spare my life, if not, you will also be unable to escape. Many strong cultivators from Black Fiend School have arrived, I’ve heard that you have killed the Young Master of their School, they will not spare you!”

“I wanted to spare you, but I have always hated being threatened by others. You may have both old and young in your family to take care of, but you decided to hunt me down. From that moment forth, you should have been prepared to be killed by me. This is the law of Heaven, I too have old people in my family!”

Su Yi finished his sentence and slid his giant saber across the man’s throat, ending his life.

His eyes were cold, and his expression was grim.

He had never expected Black Fiend School to appear. Black Fiend School was way too strong for him to take on. The difference between them and the adventurer party was like heaven and earth. To Su Yi, Black Fiend School was like a towering mountain that he could not overcome.

Bi Ling sheathed her sword and looked at Su Yi. Seeing his cold expression and his merciless actions, it was like he was another person. This made her curious. She wondered which was the real Su Yi.

He was not old, yet she felt like she was looking at a vast ocean, one so deep she could not see the bottom.

“Is something wrong?” Seeing Su Yi’s serious expression, Bi Ling hesitated and then asked Su Yi, “Black Fiend School seemed to be a considerable power within the Forest of Demons, have you offended them in the past?”

“We do have some small grudges.” Su Yi raised his eyes slightly. Obviously, he would not tell others that he had killed the Young Master of Black Fiend School. He then told Bi Ling, “Your injuries have already recovered fairly well, it is time to part ways. Take care!”

Bi Ling looked at Su Yi, paused for a moment, bit lightly on her lower lip and said softly, “Not far ahead should be the rendezvous point where I am supposed to meet with the strong cultivators from my sect. You can accompany me there. At that time, even if we meet the people from Black Fiend School, we would have nothing to worry about.”

“It’s okay.” Su Yi smiled. If he was together with the strong cultivators of Taihang Sect, indeed, he would have no need to worry about Black Fiend School.

But Su Yi did not have any good feelings towards those major organizations and they may even add to his troubles.

Furthermore, he had already offended Zhouda, Guoyan, and Qingfeng. If he stayed with Taihang Sect, he would have his fair share of troubles.

“You do not need to worry. There is a small misunderstanding between you and the Senior Brothers, if I were to speak to them, they will still listen to me. There will be no problem.” Bi Ling thought Su Yi was worried about her Senior Brothers. She tried to make Su Yi relieved and told him that she could get rid of the bad blood between them.

“Haha, I am still more used to going solo.”

Su Yi shook his head and smiled. What small misunderstanding? The thought of returning those interspatial bags, elixirs and martial art techniques had never crossed his mind and he will never return them.

Furthermore, when he was together with the people from Taihang Sect, his movements will be heavily restricted, and it may not be a good thing.

"On the account that I helped protect you while you recovered and treated to you to roast meat, can I ask of a final favor from you?" Su Yi became serious and asked Bi Ling.

“Okay, if it is something I can do, there should be no problem.” Bi Ling stared at Su Yi and after a few moments, she nodded his head. This guy did have a motive.

“I would like to know more about the Blood Spiritual Ginseng.” Su Yi asked. He had returned the interspatial bag to Bi Ling and had even protected her for a day, his motive would obviously be to obtain more information about the spiritual herb.

“The news about the Blood Spiritual Ginseng appearing within the Forest of Demons is a secret. Very few people know about it.” Bi Ling was a bit hesitant. Not many people knew about this matter and the Blood Spiritual Ginseng was something that the strong cultivators of her sect wanted.

She paused for a moment, before resuming, “From what I know, some other strong cultivators would have also gotten wind of the news and all of them would want to get their hands on the Blood Spiritual Ginseng. If you are also intending to get your hands on it, I advise you to get rid of that thought as soon as possible. It is not a matter which you can join in with your current ability.”

“I am just curious.” Su Yi gave a slight smile and said to Bi Ling, “If it inconveniences you, you need not say it.”

“The Blood Spiritual Ginseng would most likely appear in the Grand Beast Canyon. They say that the Blood Spiritual Ginseng already has its own intelligence and was discovered not too long ago. I only know this much.”

Bi Ling bit her lips lightly and told Su Yi. This was all she knew.

The place where she was going to meet up with the cultivators of her sect was at the Grand Beast Canyon. The strong cultivators of her sect had already gone ahead to the Grand Beast Canyon to search for the Blood Spiritual Ginseng.

"Grand Beast Canyon and that Blood Spiritual Ginseng even have intelligence…"

Su Yi knew perfectly well what the Grand Beast Canyon was.

Passing through the Grand Beast Canyon, you would arrive at the heart of the Forest of Demons.

The most important thing was that within the Grand Beast Canyon, many beasts converge there and among them were a fair number of extremely strong beasts. Normally, not many people dared to step within the Grand Beast Canyon.

“Take care, Miss Bi Ling and may we meet again.” Waving his hands, Su Yi turned and left. His lean figure seems so strong and straight against the light.

“What a strange guy.” Looking at that fading back, Bi Ling mumbled. Until that figure disappeared completely, there were thoughts behind her eyes, a flash of light streaked across her eyes and that beautiful figure turned and left as well.




After a moment, Su Yi saw the Flaming Beast Eagle and the Snow Jade Ape.

“You guys have to be more cautious. Focus on staying stealthy.”

Su Yi informed the two beasts that strong cultivators from Black Fiend School have arrived and they had to be on guard towards them.

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