The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 114

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Chapter 114: Exposed

“What are you doing?” Watching Su Yi, Bi Ling was slightly confused about what he was currently doing. Her thin eyebrows were slightly slanted. Her eyes were a black, beautiful and pure, like a clear stream of water.

“I was hungry and wanted to eat something, so I decided to roast some meat.” Su Yi snapped out his daze. This girl was quite young, yet her looks were already top of the line. After a few years, once she develops fully, how beautiful would she be? How many conflicts would she cause?

“Roasted meat?” Bi Ling was curious. She walked over to Su Yi and looked at the pile stones. Her shoulders were refined, her waist lean. Her neck was fair, and her skin seemed to glow. When she was beside Su Yi, a pleasant smell drifted into Su Yi’s nose.

“It should be ready.” Su Yi smiled and separated the pile of stones. After putting out the fire, he lifted out a pile of dried dirt.

He broke the dried dirt and inside was something wrapped with a ball of leaves. They seemed to some sort of aromatic leaves and exuded a fragrance.

Bi Ling quietly watched what Su Yi was doing. She was very curious.

When the aromatic leaves were opened, instantly, a wave of the sweet smell of fresh meat spread through the place . A golden-brown wild chicken was sizzling and hot chicken oil was slowly sliding down the fleshy meat of the chicken.

“It smells so good!” Bi Ling could not help but compliment. This fragrance from the meat seemed to make a person intoxicated. That aroma started to whet her appetite.

But after she said those words, a blush crept up to her face. She was one of the prodigious girls of Taihang Sect. How could she act in such an undignified manner in front of others?

“It smells good, doesn’t it? I had searched for a very long time for these ingredients. Come, sit down and have some.” Su Yi smiled. Even if you could stay alive without food at Yuan Soul Realm, there will be times when you get hungry. Furthermore, humans have cravings for good food.

Luckily, this was the Forest of Demons. It was not all that hard to find some ingredients used to roast meat, it was just tedious. This kind of salt, dirt was important and the aromatic leaves which were used to cover the meat was rare as well. If these ingredients were not used, this kind of roasted meat will be called "Beggar's Chicken" which would be bland and have no flavor.

Su Yi tore half of the Beggar’s Chicken which was wrapped in aromatic leaves and handed it to Bi Ling.

Bi Ling wanted to refuse, but she was hungry, and she had also never smelled that particular fragrance from meat before. She could not refuse the offer and received the meat. She could not care whether it would scald her tongue and took a small bite.

“Delicious…” Bi Ling was astonished. This meat was so good! She had never tasted roasted meat like this before.

“It’s delicious, isn’t it? It is my own secret recipe. If there are chances in the future, I can make more delicious food for you. In my hometown, there were many kinds of delicious food.” Su Yi grinned. He did not care for his image and started taking big bites of the meat.

Bi Ling continued eating the meat while glancing at Su Yi from time to time. She found something strange. This guy had robbed them of their interspatial bags. He was sly and despicable. Yet, for some reason, she did not hate him as much as she thought she would. He even made her have a strange feeling.

“Don’t you have an interspatial bag? Why are you still carrying that saber and sword on your back?” Bi Ling ate and asked. His appearance looked a bit unique.

“Don’t you find that this image looks cooler? If someone else saw me, they would definitely know that I am a skilled cultivator and would not dare to provoke me.” Su Yi smiled and replied.

Hearing his words, Bi Ling rolled her eyes. She did not want to continue this topic and continued asking, “My name is Bi Ling, you?” “I know you are called Bi Ling.” Su Yi casually smiled. He had heard her name from her friends before and replied, “My name is Su Yi. Su of Su Yi. Yi of Su Yi.” Hearing Su Yi’s reply, Bi Ling could only roll her eyes again.

“Careful, there’s movement!” Suddenly, Bi Ling’s expression changed.

“Whoosh! Whoosh!” Suddenly, there was movement in the trees and bushes ahead. Suddenly , two Hell Wolves dashed out.

“Howl! Howl!” The Hell Wolves howled. When they noticed Su Yi and Bi Ling, they immediately growled and lunged at them.

“Swish…” Su Yi dashed forth, leaving only afterimages behind. A vast and mighty aura burst off his body.

When the aura appeared, the two Hell Wolves which had just lunged out trembled.

“Shrak!” Su Yi reached the two Hell Wolves, drew the saber out of the sheath on his back and swung it. There was only an arc of light and the Hell Wolves were sliced apart, blood scattered through the air.

Everything happened really quickly like lightning. This also made Bi Ling surprised. Though the strength of these two Hell Wolves was not much, they were not weak. An average Yuan Xuan Realm First Grade cultivator would find it difficult to deal with them, but they were annihilated by this guy in an instant. This made her shocked.

"We have found the kid! Fire the signal flare!" An anxious voice traveled out of the forest. Then, three figures appeared. Seeing Su Yi, happiness could be seen in their eyes. Someone immediately wanted to fire off a flare.

“Attack them, or else we will be in deep trouble.” Su Yi's voice rang beside Bi Ling's ear. Yuan Qi spiraled under his feet, using the "Hundred Transformations Step", he charged towards the man who was going to fire off a flare.

“Watch out!” The person was not weak. He was surprised and unleashed his Yuan Qi. A cultivation level of Yuan Xuan Realm Second Grade was already not weak on the outskirts of the Forest of Demons, and he parried Su Yi’s blade.

“Swish!” There was a light from a sword, quick as lightning. A graceful figure dashed forth, Yuan Qi converged at the tip of the sword and like a lightning bolt, emitting a glaring light, it pierced the man’s chest. The signal flare was not fired, and the person collapsed lifeless onto the ground.

Su Yi was surprised. The one who had attacked was Bi Ling. Su Yi could feel that Bi Ling’s injuries have not completely recovered but being able to kill a Yuan Xuan Realm Second Grade cultivator with a single move, it seems that Bi Ling’s strength far exceeded his expectations.

“Run!” How would the remaining two people dare to stay? They had heard how terrifying this kid was. He had killed many of the strong cultivators within their adventurer party and their cultivation level even was lower than their comrade who had just died.

In an instant, they turned tails and ran without any hesitation. This was a fast lightning like response they had gotten from being trained in the Forest of Demons.

“You cannot escape!” A voice rang beside one of the surviving adventurers ear. It sounded like the person was just right beside him. The man was shocked and before he was able to shout or make a move, a figure dashed past him. A powerful aura accompanied by a thunderous roar came and slammed right onto his chest.

“Boom!” An explosion rang out from the man’s chest. He squinted his eyes. His chest had caved in. He could only feel a wave of continuous impacts within his body, severely injuring his internal organs.

“Huhuk…” He spat out a mouthful of blood and his body went flying backward and crashed heavily onto the ground, feeling as if all his internal organs had shifted their positions.

“Shiik…” The last person was trying to make a run for it when a sword ran straight through his back. He collapsed onto the ground lifeless, his eyes filled with horror. The person who had killed him was Bi Ling.

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