The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 111

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Chapter 111: Saving someone

Su Yi’s gaze was currently focused on the ragged-looking girl. He was also surprised.

This girl was no one else other than the lady he had met some time ago, Bi Ling.

But now she was alone, he did not see Yiyun and the other 3 people around.

“It’s the people from that adventurer party!”

Behind the girl appeared several figures with fierce auras. Su Yi’s eyebrow raised slightly and instantly Yuan Qi exploded beneath his feet, making him gain momentum. His figure dashing towards the fatty at full speed.

“Save me!”

The fatty was already terror-stricken. He knew the kid's ability. He had heard from his group that even Yuan Xuan Realm Third Grade cultivators have been killed by this kid. How would he be able to fight back? He raced ahead, trying to join up with the people ahead of him.

The distance between the fatty and the others was not large. The fatty used all his strength as he ran desperately to survive, the distance ahead became shorter and shorter.


Suddenly, the expression of the fatty completely changed. He found that his body seemed to have been frozen for a short period of time. Then, behind him came a blazing hot aura striking him on his back with a slash.

Since the fatty was a Yuan Xuan Realm cultivator, he immediately put on a Yuan Qi Cloak.


But at the same time, suddenly an explosion rang out from his cloak. An enormous scorching hot aura came, and it erupted like a volcano.


The explosion rang out like thunder, and the violent winds ripped through the surroundings from the impact, like a hurricane.


The Cloak of Yuan Qi on the fatty’s back disintegrated, his body fell forward. His face turned white and blood spewed out from his mouth.


The fatty collapsed onto the ground, unknown whether he was dead or alive.

The faces of Bi Ling and the other enemies were filled with shock. They could all tell from the attack that Su Yi was only at Yuan Soul Realm Seventh Grade, but a Yuan Xuan Realm First Grade could not even withstand his blow, how could he be simple?

Especially Bi Ling, this scene hit her hard.

Her talent in her entire sect was definitely among the very best, but she knew that back when she was at Yuan Soul Realm Seventh Grade, it would almost be impossible for her to fight an average Yuan Xuan Realm First Grade.

“Their cultivation levels are not weak.”

Su Yi looked at the several hostile figures. There were seven of them. He had detected some time ago that there was at least a Yuan Xuan Realm Fifth Grade or Sixth Grade cultivator among them. It would be unlikely for him to be able to deal with the person.

“It’s that bastard! Get him!”

“Alive, catch him alive!”

“Don’t let that kid escape!”

They could only watch as the fatty dropped to the ground in front of them. They could not save him in time. They were stunned for a moment, but they recovered and each one of them was furious yet ecstatic. They finally found their priced target, this was a huge achievement.

“Swish! Swish!”

Instantly, the seven figures lunged towards Su Yi, completely forgetting about Bi Ling.



Then, there were cries of beasts. The forest was awoken and the ground trembled.

A huge Flaming Beast Eagle soared out of the trees, its aura swept through the place like a hurricane with a sizzling temperature.

The Snow Jade Ape bellowed as it crashed through the towering trees, charging towards the seven people.


The seven men who were lunging towards Su Yi instantly stopped in their tracks, their eyes filled with fear, stunned by the sudden appearance of these two beasts.

“Demonic Spirit Realm!”

Seeing the two beasts, Bi Ling’s face lost all color.



Everything happened too quickly. The Flaming Beast Eagle and the Snow Jade Ape appeared, and two men were instantly flattened into a meaty patty, their remains a bloody mess.

Compared to these two beasts, the people there were like ants.


The Flaming Beast Eagle flapped its wide wings, its talons like hooks, ripping another man to shreds.


The Snow Jade Ape roared, making people shiver with fear. Its giant palm reached out and slapped another person onto a boulder far away.


The boulder cracked, and the person also turned into a bloodied mess, his blood and flesh flying everywhere.

In the blink of an eye, four men had already lost their lives. Each of them battered and bloodied, nearly unrecognizable.

“You beast! Come at me!”

The leader of the group hollered out, drawing his long saber. His strong aura surged through the air, fierce and intimidating.

He had wanted to run away, but his escape was sealed by the Snow Jade Ape, so he had no choice but to fight the beast with all his might.


But unfortunately, the person was only at Yuan Xuan Realm Seventh Grade and was not a match for the Snow Jade Ape. Just one slap from the ape sent him flying and turning him into a gory pile of flesh, warm blood soaked through the ground.

“Are you still not going to run? Hurry!”

Su Yi's voice traveled into Bi Ling's ears, his figure already dashing into the trees.

Bi Ling snapped out of her daze, her eyes still filled with shock and she followed Su Yi closely as they left the scene.


After around two hours, Su Yi and Bi Ling reached a natural hidden cave.

“We are lucky that the Flaming Beast Eagle and the Snow Jade Ape did not chase after us. Or else, we will be dead!”

Bi Ling was panting heavily, trying to catch her breath. Her clothes stuck to her wonderful figure, further empathizing the slim curves of her body. Her hair was messy, but it only served to further charm others.

Bi Ling’s heart was still palpitating. There were actually two Demonic Spirit Realm beasts, fortunately, they had escaped in the nick of time. Or else, they would never be able to fight those beasts.

“Yeah, luckily we ran away fast.”

Su Yi's eyes could not help but shift to that curvy body again and again. Bi Ling's age was not big, and she still had not developed fully, but her figure was already giving a ferocious impact on the eyes. She was probably on par with Liu Ruoxi’s cousin, Liu Yanni.

But Bi Ling had a high-class and dignified air around her that Liu Yanni did not.

As for his relationship with the Snow Jade Ape and the Flaming Beast Eagle, naturally, Su Yi would not speak a word of it. Su Yi wanted to mercilessly kill off the entire bunch of adventurers.

But he suddenly saw Bi Ling being hunted, and he was not one that would sit at the side and watch someone die. After all, he did take an interspatial bag from the lady.

And she would surely have someone large backing her. Who knew whether or not the lady would fight him in the future, Su Yi did not wish to reveal the Snow Jade Ape and the Flaming Beast Eagle to the girl. Saving someone was just part of humanism.

“Is the Flaming Beast Eagle and the Snow Jade Ape related to you?”

Bi Ling stared at Su Yi, her eyes filled with suspicion. Those two beasts had suddenly come out of nowhere, yet they did not attack them nor come after them. This made her suspicious.

“If they were related to me, why would I still need to worry about those adventurers?” Su Yi smiled awkwardly, he was not planning to admit the fact.

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