The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 110

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Chapter 110: The Hunt

Once the news had spread numerous mercenary groups and adventurer parties began gathering at the outskirts of the Forest of Demons.

As soon as they saw any younger-looking youths, they immediately put their guard up, trying not to attract any trouble.

But some had hope. If the youth really was the person that Black Fiend School was looking for, they would be well compensated, even if they just provided them with information regarding the youth.

“Leader, many people have already died, and many brothers have also left. We cannot continue like this, let’s notify the Black Fiend School.”

At the peak of a mountain, a lean man could be seen, his eyes were gleaming dangerously and his aura fierce. He was talking to a man in grey clothes.

“He is taking the initiative to attack us now, this brat is trying to challenge us! I must catch that brat personally! I, Tao Tiancheng, want him to be reduced to a state where he can’t even beg for his life or death! Only then can the hatred and anger in my heart be extinguished!” The leader was extremely furious. A cold glint flashed through his eyes as a scarlet hue filled his eyes.

"But Leader, we do not have many men left! If we continue on like this, the entire party may fall apart!”

The face of the lean man was grim. Originally, the entire team was considered to be a respectable party with great power and held a certain position.

But now the party had lost more than half of the men they originally had, and many of their brothers had left.

There were not many people in the party anymore. They could not afford any more losses!

Hearing the man’s words, the leader’s face fell.

How could he, Tao Tiancheng, have known that a youth who came out of nowhere could deal such huge losses to the adventurer party that he had nurtured through his blood and sweat?

But it was because of this situation, that he could not tolerate being unable to take revenge.

Maybe the only way to recover all their losses was to hand that brat over to Black Fiend School alive.

“Notify the vice-leader. Have him come and meet up. Since that kid wants to come looking for trouble, then let us give it to him. We will attack him from every direction. Once he dares show his face, he will become a helpless fish caught in a net. I want to see whether that kid really has three heads and six arms to escape!” Tao Tiancheng said chillingly.

“From the information that we have received, the brat seems to have several helpers. The helpers don’t seem like the average lackeys, they come from a special background. Our men have fought with them before but they did not manage to gain the upper hand.” The lean man could not help but start to worry. Everything that had transpired had proven that the kid did not come from a simple background. If they provoked a major sect or power, they would have a big problem on their hands to deal with.

“So, what if he has a large backing? This is the Forest of Demons. Furthermore, that kid seems to be the one that Black Fiend School wants. Do not let anyone related to the brat escape! Search for them!” Tao Tiancheng commanded. This was the Forest of Demons, not the outside world. In here, only the Black Fiend School and the other two powers were the bosses.

“Leader! Leader!”

Suddenly, a person came dashing towards the mountain, panting heavily.

“What is the matter?”

The lean man asked first, slightly frowning. After going through so much he was afraid of receiving any news. Every time his men came to deliver any news, it would always be inevitably about another group of dead men.

"We have discovered the five other people who were together with the youth…… they had a huge fight, those five people have been seriously injured and would be unable to recover, it would be hard for them to retaliate against our men…… But they escaped very quickly, our men are currently chasing them.” The messenger said while panting.

Hearing the news, the lean man's face relaxed. After so many days, finally, he had received better news.

“Was the kid seen?” Tao Tiancheng asked.

"No, only the five people were seen." The messenger shook his head, confirming that there were only five people and not the main target.


Everything was quiet and peaceful.

But this was the Forest of Demons, no one would ever believe that it was truly peaceful. A savage beast may lunge out from the shadows suddenly and gobble someone up in the blink of an eye.

A fatty who looked around thirty years old was battered and bloodied, his face was pale. Blood was dripping from t the corner of his mouth as he dashed through the forest in panic.

The fatty turned around to check what was behind him from time to time. As soon as he saw a youth hot on his tail, his face filled with horror and fear.

To him, the youth was far scarier than any beast he had ever encountered.

“Someone, please! Help! Save me, save me!”

The bloodied fatty ran as he hollered out for help, hoping that there would be comrades nearby who could come and save him.

The youth continued following the fatty. He wore a tight and long-sleeved robe, his black hair fluttered in the wind, and his handsome face had a pair of deep and resolute eyes.

What was most striking about the youth was the sword and saber on his back, especially that broken sword which looked like it was going to disintegrate any moment.

The youth was Su Yi. When he opened the five interspatial bags that he had gotten from the five youths, he had found plenty of cultivation resources, even several martial art techniques and also some nice fitting clothes.

And just now, Su Yi had found several mercenaries who were alone, and their cultivation levels were not high either.

The strongest was only this fatty, a Yuan Xuan Realm First Grade cultivator.

Su Yi purposefully did not kill the entire bunch and let one escape. He wanted to make use of the survivor to find the rest of this mercenary group.

Anyways, Fire Bird and Snow Ape were in the shadows following after him. Even if he was to meet a large mercenary group, Su Yi had nothing to fear.

“Save me, save me!”

The bloodied fatty kept on shouting at the top of his lungs. He looked pathetic and, panicked. His face was filled with fear.

He had seen it with his own eyes. The youth may be smiling, but really, he was a god of slaughter, he was absolutely merciless. His movements were cleaner and faster compared to them who are used to killing daily.

Especially the aura from that kid, it caused their hearts to tremble and gave them a chill which ran down their spines.

He had never thought that with his Yuan Xuan Realm First Grade cultivation, he would be hunted down by a Yuan Soul Realm Seventh Grade cultivator and the youth clearly looked like he was enjoying playing a game.


Suddenly, a figure dashed out from the trees ahead.

The figure looked like it was also trying to run away from something. When it saw someone dashing in its direction, it was completely filled with terror, and quickly stopped.

It was a girl, around 16-17 years old. Her robe had already been stained with plenty of blood. Her oval face was now deathly white, only her eyes still looked alive. Her aura was weak, but it could not hide the unique charisma she held.

When the fatty suddenly saw a girl appear, he also became stunned and unconsciously stopped.

“Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Behind the girl, several figures ran out. Their fierce auras spread throughout the place, causing the air to be filled with a cold bloodlust, creating a nervous tension in the air.

“Brother Chu, save me! It’s this kid, I have found the kid!”

When the fatty saw a man, who looked around forty standing in front of the figures that appeared behind the girl, the face of the fatty which was filled with horror and fear just a moment ago instantly turned into one of, hope and happiness as if he had seen his savior.

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