Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 99

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Chapter 99: I'm Looking for Your Growth

Who gave that book to Ye Li?

Yun Xi was going crazy.

Wasn’t that a banned book? Its name made Yun Xi have a bad impression. It must be a pornographic book that could never be purchased from proper channels.

Ye Li! Don't learn anything from that book! As an exceptional lady, you should know what books you can read and what books you should never touch.

"Papa, don't you love me now?" Ye Li found that Yun Xi looked angry. She gazed at him with a timid look, as if she were a little animal whose master was scolding it.

"No... This was not your fault," Yun Xi said and stroked Ye Li's golden hair, "This was the fault of the person who let you read this book."

Ye Li was still that little girl in his memory. Her face was still cute, her voice was still sweet, and her body was still soft. Ye Li’s appearance was incredibly cute now. She opened her eyes wide full of unrest and shivered in Yun Xi's arms.

Yun Xi felt that she was as perfect as an angel. Her warm, soft, slender body was now in his arms. Her long golden hair was hanging down in front of his chest. He could easily smell her milky scent. She was as cute as a flawless doll who was wearing a pair of white silk stockings and a lace dress.

"I like papa the best!" In return, Ye Li also hugged Yun Xi tightly. She hummed a song with a happy smile on her face.

They were so close. Yun Xi could even hear her heart beating.

That... her heart was beating fast.

"As long as Ye Li can stay with papa, Ye Li won't feel bored! I hope this moment will last forever!" Ye Li felt that the world was so wonderful right now. She was immersed in her little happiness. To her, she hoped that the time would stop at this moment. She wanted nothing more in the world other than to stay together with her papa. To Ye Li, Yun Xi was her only one, the light of her life, and the fire of her soul. He was her shining sun.

She hoped nothing would tear her apart from Yun Xi. She wanted to have his every second and every breath. Everyone had seen her love to her "papa". It wasn't a family love, but some deeper and finer emotion. Its name was "love".

"Papa, can you make me a promise?" She knew this feeling, and she was eager for Yun Xi, her most valuable treasure in the world. Ye Li didn't want to be a loser!

"What?" Yun Xi felt guilty to Ye Li. He had already surrendered in his heart. He would do everything he could do for her. This was the only thing he could do to offset his guilt.

"Promise Ye Li that you will be my papa forever! No matter where you go or what you do, never forget Ye Li!"

Yun Xi sighed. Was this her hope? El'phyllis, Milei, and Ye Li were all good girls. If he hadn't awakened his memory as Starchild, after Hua Huo left the town, no matter which girl he would he marry, he thought that they would achieve happiness at the end. However, he couldn't turn back the clock since he was just a human. He had to go on with his life.

"Eh. I promise that I will never forget Ye Li."

Therefore, accept my seed, Ye Li!

"Detecting target. Extremely perfect adaptability. Starting link."

Eh? This was the first time Yun Xi saw the evaluation "extremely perfect". It wasn't "normal", "excellent" or "wonderful". It was "extremely perfect". This meant that Ye Li had the best adaptability with his seed. Perhaps it also meant that she had the highest favorability to him.

Yun Xi could even see it through his naked eyes that his seed was growing rapidly in her body. However, there was also something strange in Ye Li's body, just like what he had seen in El'phyllis's body and Milei's body.

It was a chaotic field. Various strange things were mixed with each other in the field. A big eyeball which was floating in the void. A giant teddy bear which was burning. A stone figure which had many arms and legs. It seemed to be pieced together by countless fragments. And an "egg", which was locked in countless black chains.

Compared to El'phyllis and Milei, Ye Li's body was filled with countless messy things. It looked like an aggregation of countless nightmares.

Why were there so many weird things in Ye Li's body? Shouldn't she be the purest child?

"Papa, don't look inside me!" Ye Li seemed to have discovered Yun Xi's gaze. She blushed, then covered Yun Xi's mouth with her mouth again.

Her kiss contained all her enthusiasm. Her tongue easily opened Yun Xi's mouth, tangling with his tongue.

"Gu Zi! Gu Zi!" An ambiguous sound echoed around them.

Ye Li had put all her love in the kiss. A drop of transparent liquid slowly flowed down from their mouths and dripped on her snow-white skin.

How long had it been? Ten minutes? Or longer? After Yun Xi recovered himself, Ye Li had left his arms, showing a smile with a satisfied look at him.

"Ye Li won't give up! Hua Huo is strong, but Ye Li isn't inferior to her! However, I'm still no match for her now, but I can grow up very fast! At that time, I will beat her down and obtain papa's love again!"

Well, the children nowadays were really precocious. However, you wanted to beat Hua Huo down? That was impossible.

"I need nothing apart from papa! So... wait for me, papa!" Ye Li swayed her slender legs and jumped down from Yun Xi's arms, then waved her hand to Yun Xi.

"Ah, I will wait for you. I'm looking forwards to your growth," Yun Xi's heart also got warmed due to Ye Li's self-confidence.

She was just a child, but she was so straightforward. Maybe it was because she was still a child, so she could say her heartfelt wishes without worry. Children really worried about nothing. They were a kind of very special creatures. Maybe she really could do that.

Yun Xi suddenly had this strange idea in his heart as Ye Li held her little teddy bear in her arms, bouncing up and down on her way back.

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