Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 100

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Chapter 100: Emptiness God

"Humph. Ye Li likes papa the best, but I can't stay with papa! It must be Hua Huo's fault! I can't eat papa's butter bread again! Wu wu wu!"

After leaving Yun Xi's sight, Ye Li also complained just like El'phyllis and Milei had done. At first, Ye Li and the other girls came to this remote sword domain to observe Hua Huo. They disguised themselves and appeared around Hua Huo with different identities and faces.

Everything was due to that legend about the Sky Flying Bloodline. As the current owner of Sky Flying Bloodline, Hua Huo was gifted with great talents and was the most likely person to fulfill the prophecy.

As the representative of the Ten Leaves Alliance, El'phyllis pretended to be a daughter of a gem store owner, watching Hua Huo from a distance.

As the representative of the Gold Family, Milei's dream avatar became the daughter of a flower shop owner, quietly watching Hua Huo.

Finally, Ye Li came. She came to this remote sword domain by using the most special method.

At first, Hua Huo was the only center of their world. She was the only reason for them to stay in this remote small town. However, when had it changed? El'phyllis, Milei, and her had all been attracted by the young boy who was always together with Hua Huo. He knew nothing and noticed nothing, but always had a warm smile on his face.

El'phyllis gave up her principle of never breaking into Hua Huo's life. She couldn't stop herself from getting close to that boy.

Milei was just dreaming. However, she also lost herself and made the quiet dream become a sweet dream.

"Why? My race has no soul. Why is my heart so painful? I don't even have blood in my body." Ye Li looked at her body, the container which contained her nature, showing a puzzled look on her face.

Ye Li wasn't a human. She wasn't even a living being. She was a monster named "Emptiness God". Everything she had was fake. Her body was fake, her smile was fake, and her soul was fake. This container named "Ye Li" was just a doll for her to move in whilst in town. Because it was just a doll, so she only put the most basic observation system in it.

Although it would grow up as time went by, however, that was just in regards to removing and adding some fillers in the body to cheat ordinary people's eyes. It shouldn't become so delicate and cute.

Emptiness God wasn't a race that had art and imagination. Even though they were one of the most terrible killers in the universe, they were naturally disabled in regards to creativity. This was an incurable flaw. It referred to the nature of the Emptiness God race. A long, long time ago,the Emptiness God race was created as a kind of weapon. The only goal of their existence was to kill and destroy. Even though the ancient times had ended and the Emptiness God race had obtained freedom now, they still couldn't correct this flaw.

Her true body wasn't beautiful at all. Anyone would be scared if they saw her true body. After she was reborn in this remote sword domain, she tried her best to design the new body, but only made it not too ugly and scary.

However, when had everything changed? Was it after she got close to Yun Xi, feeling his warmth and was hugged by him? Was it after Yun Xi let her wear the cute western dress, the white socks, and the red shoes? Was it after Yun Xi hugged her and gave her his blessing, teaching her to clean herself?

She didn't understand. She couldn't understand. However, when she stayed together with him and began to call him "papa", something in her heart had forever changed.

Her "core", which had become very horrible and fragmented after countless killings and battles, was cured. She became "Ye Li". She obtained a cute appearance that she had never imagined, that no emptiness god ever had. Her slim legs, soft arms, snow-white skin, and two golden pigtails, were all presented by "him". He made her what she was. Therefore, she called him "papa". It wasn't just because of the game "Playing House", but her true belief.

To Ye Li, Yun Xi was her true father. He gave her new life, and a beautiful appearance which the entire Emptiness God race had never had. He was her god who helped her become one of the most beautiful girls in the world. This was a great feat that even the creator of the Emptiness God race couldn't do.

At first, she didn't have a soul and was just like a monitor for watching Hua Huo. Now, she had her soul and was ignited by the light of her life.

"Papa, Ye Li loves you. I think this is the reason why my heart is so painful."

The Emptiness God race was only created to be a kind of killing machine. They were the terror of the void in the legend of the Western God's Domain. She was just a doll. Even though she gained self-awareness as time went by, she still didn't understand the meaning of her existence. However, Ye Li knew it now. At first, she had nothing and was just assembled by using some unknown fragments. But now, she had Yun Xi.

To Yun Xi, she was just one of his childhood sweethearts, but to Ye Li, Yun Xi was her everything. He was her miracle and treasure. She would never forget his warmth when he hugged her and gave her his kiss. That must be an enlightenment of her fate.

Ye Li was her papa's most perfect doll, the hope of the Emptiness God race. She knew it now. She shouldn't let her race's future rely on Hua Huo but should grasp it in her own hands!

"In the name of the thirteenth Emptiness God, I summon the twelve dragoons!" Ye Li raised her head, looking at the starry sky while holding the teddy bear in her arms, which was made by Yun Xi and presented to her personally.

Twelve shooting stars flew to her from the ends of the sky. They were Ye Li's personal mounts, covered in meteorite shells. Before the scorching meteorites hit the ground, they shattered. Twelve bluish white figures landed on the ground and immediately half knelt down, circling around Ye Li.

They had ferocious metallic triangular heads, sharp long tails, and towering delta wings. They belonged to the servitor race of the Emptiness God race and were Ye Li's war machines. They were not metal products, but also not living beings. They were a mixture of various chaos-type things, the representatives of killing and destruction, and the dominators of the borderlands in the Western God's Domain.

"Thank you, papa. Thanks everyone in the world. I, Ye Li, will come back!" Ye Li rode on the cold back of one of the dragoons, looking back at the small town, where she had spent her nine years of life.

For the future of the Emptiness God race and in order to defeat Hua Huo, she was going to leave. She would return to her birthplace to get back her true body.

"Let's fly, dragoons!"

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