Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 932

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Chapter 932: The White Crying Sword

"Baa! Baa!" One by one, the pure white and beautiful sheep fell in a pool of blood, their souls returning to heaven.

Childe Yun He looked at the remaining trembling white sheep with burning eyes, and with a wicked smile, he raised his slaughter knife.

These carefully nurtured white sheep had finally reached the point where they could be offered as sacrifices to the evil god.

During this time, Childe Yun He was almost becoming a shepherd, as he could only find these beautiful sheep to offer as sacrifices to please the evil god he made a contract with.

Fortunately, these days finally came to an end.

After sacrificing more than a hundred white sheep today, his dark powers were able to advance once again.

"Hiss!" Greedily absorbing the rising abyssal aura from the sacrificial altar, Childe Yun He's fair face turned an abnormal shade of red.

"This feeling, this power!"

"I will make everyone know that I will reclaim everything I have lost with my own hands!"

"No one, no one can stop my colossal rise!"

"What Mei, what Starwings Knights, they're all stepping stones for me!"

Every muscle in his body, every nerve, was ecstatic. This was the triumphant cheer that exceeded the limits of the human race; this was the horn that marked the entrance into the non-human [Field].

After sacrificing all the carefully nurtured white beauty sheep in one breath, Childe Yun He has undergone a transformation.

Now, he can clearly feel the gaze from the abyss, as if some evil god is right beside him.

"Well, well, well, you have great talent in sacrificing," said Childe Sanquan, looking satisfied as he watched Childe Yun He complete his first large-scale sacrifice.

"The magnificent Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli is watching you."

"Only those who offer the most sacrifices can receive the blessings of the gods."

"Congratulations, your sacrifice has pleased the great Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli."

Although they aren't true llamas, these white, chubby beauty sheep that were raised have some of the bloodline of the sacred creature llamas.

It's really surprising to see that Childe Yun He, who was originally just temporarily brought into the organization, has a talent for raising sheep.

Not just anyone can take such good care of these precious white sheep and keep them healthy.

By killing these white sheep that he raised himself, Yun He gained unimaginable power.

Now, he has reached a rank between the fourth and fifth rank of hero-ranked [Field]. Compared to his previous weakness before joining the organization, he has completely transformed himself.

As the host of the sacrifice, the young lord also received some of the rewards from the sacrifice, naturally entering hero-ranked.

His hero-ranked is not just an ordinary hero-ranked. He has been suppressing himself from advancing, waiting for the moment to offer sacrifices to the ancient evil god Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli.

Unlike Yun He's forced advancement at any cost, his advancement was planned long ago and everything fell into place.

Compared to the powerful races in the endless god's domains, humans are ultimately too weak in terms of their natural abilities.

To embark on the path of true legend, one must be ruthless to themselves and not hesitate to abandon their human identity.

From this perspective, Childe Yun He has truly joined the organization now, no longer a disposable pawn.

"Unfortunately, there's not enough time. Otherwise, I could have cultivated even more beautiful white sheep." Childe Yun He looked regretfully at the sacrificial altar strewn with corpses.

He never expected that he would have a special affinity for these snow-white sheep, finding it quite easy to raise them.

Perhaps, this is fate, a hidden talent he had never discovered.

"This trial of the White Lotus Secret Treasure is an opportunity for us."

"And it's time for a real action." Lord San Quan shook his feather fan, and the Five-Animal Fan Sword, made from various precious bird feathers, finally manifested into a true God Weapon.

In the land of Childe Yun He, there was a special weapon called the God Weapon. It had a very wicked power - a curse that favored poison. This God Weapon was not created in the usual way. It wasn't an ancient fantasy or a symbol of heroism. It lacked any historical significance or legends.

However, in terms of mystery, it was equal to any legendary God Weapon. That's because it was created using the power of an evil god. Only those favored by the evil god could use this cursed God Weapon.

Likewise, Childe Yun He also possessed his own cursed God Weapon. It was designed specifically to kill the beautiful white sheep and offer them as sacrifices to the evil god Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli. This sword was known as the White Crying Sword.

Childe Yun He was very satisfied with this sword. It had a 300% damage bonus against all sheep-like creatures. Whenever a white sheep fell under the blade of this sword, it would cry endlessly - a sorrowful wail that served as proof of its cursed nature and the path of destruction it brought.

"Has the big dog not arrived yet?" Childe Yun He couldn't wait to kill and slaughter, while wiping the fresh blood off his own cursed God Weapon.

"He's always chasing after his unattainable lover in his dreams, looks like there's no cure for him." Three Quan Gongzi didn't think highly of this Black Demon Dog, who inherited the bloodline of the mythical creature, Cerberus.

Lost in his own breeding desires, with nothing else on his mind except for the Golden Princess, Cerberus has lost all his glory.

Just a Golden Retriever, if he was really strong, he would have succeeded a long time ago. It seems like he has suffered a big loss from the Starwings Knights.

Such a foolish dog, if it weren't for him being a descendant of Cerberus, he would have been kicked out of the group a long time ago.

"If only I had that kind of heritage..." Childe Yun He couldn't help but feel envious. Why does that stupid dog have the ability of mythical creatures without doing anything? Even without sacrificing combat power, it continues to grow.

It's just so unfair!

"Don't worry, it will eventually fall for a female and die." Lord San Quan patted Childe Yun He's shoulder.

As followers of evil gods, they are divided into factions.

These intelligent creatures, who have transformed from humans, and those dim-witted creatures with only strength, have never been in the same faction.

For them, beings like the Black Demon Dog are just usable cannon fodder. Even the Black Demon Dog prince is nothing more than slightly larger cannon fodder.

In this trial of the White Lotus Secret Treasure, Quran is the best candidate to be a meat shield.

"Oh... Everyone is here, want some candy?"

Wearing black armor, the Black Demon Dog prince, who has been hanging around at the White Lotus Sword Palace recently, came back with a bag of candy and started handing them out to his friends.

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