Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 931

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Chapter 931: Prophecy

In the various camps of the major powers, talented individuals from all over the endless god's domains have gathered here.

From the news of the appearance of the White Lotus Secret Treasure to the long-awaited day when the trial of the White Lotus Secret Treasure finally opens, the small White Lotus Sword Domain has become a gathering place for excitement and anticipation.

It was their actions that turned the properties in the White Lotus Sword Domain into sky-high prices.

It was also their decision to bring in many hero-ranked as bodyguards to the White Lotus Sword Domain.

And now, the time has come to reap the rewards.

For these young talents from the major powers, when it comes to inheriting true teachings, all the expenses are worth it.

If it weren't for the protection of Lilibet the Azure Excalibur in the White Lotus Sword Domain, forbidding the entry of the legend rank powers, they might have even paid astronomical prices to invite a few true legend ranks to help them.

In one corner of the camp, the banner of the Starwings Knights flies high.

Yun Xi's imagination was different from reality. The Starwings Knights, led by Hua Yue, voluntarily joined the trial of the White Lotus Secret Treasure.

With Hua Yue and Little Grass at the core, all the members of the Starwings Knights went into battle.

"Is it really okay like this? Entering this trial can be dangerous," Robin looked at Hua Yue, who was polishing her platinum longsword, and reminded her once again.

The trial of the White Lotus Secret Treasure was not a pretend game, but a real battlefield.

Unlike other powerful forces in the Endless God's Domains, the newly formed Starwings Knights did not have the same influential background. They still appeared young and inexperienced.

"A knightly group, no matter how strong, is just a group of scattered sand without going through storms."

Everyone here has true talent, but they lack experience in battle. Now is the moment to test their willpower. As the leader of the Starwings Knights, Hua Yue knows both the strengths and weaknesses of her knight order.

"So, we're going to send them all to the battlefield?" Robin couldn't quite understand why Hua Yue was so confident.

Just recently, most of the members of the Starwings Knights were low-ranking swordsmen, and there are only a few who have reached the hero-ranked level.

Compared to the teams of other aristocratic families, the Starwings Knights only have talent to boast about. Their strength is far inferior to the teams prepared by those families for their own children.

No one knows in what form the trial of the White Lotus Secret Treasure will unfold, and the worst outcome is a death and killing mode without regard for life.

Even so, these aristocratic children who have come from far away will not give up on their pursuit of the White Lotus Secret Treasure.

After all, this is the legendary path that unlocks supreme wisdom, the story of Yun Hai the Sky Sword.

Many people firmly believe that it is thanks to the blessings of the White Lotus Secret Treasure that Yun Hai the Sky Sword embarked on an unprecedented journey.

The question of whether cats exist has driven countless gods and wise men crazy, becoming the most unsettled puzzle in the endless god's domains.

There are so many books about this question that they could fill a grand library, with supporters and opponents each holding their own opinions, and even sparking wars in the legend rank field.

The path to the legend rank is so rare that the hundreds and thousands of talented families who are here are eager to begin the White Lotus trial.

If the trial were to really unfold in a life-and-death battle, the Starwings Knights would truly face a mode of hell.

"Yes, if you want to have the power to protect Mei, then you must face battles." Hua Yue drew a holy cross emblem on her chest.

"Only with blood and fire can the true Starwings Knights be forged."

"Because we are too weak, Mei started to act alone, which is a great shame for the Starwings Knights."

"To catch up to Mei's footsteps, no matter how cruel the trials may be, we will continue forward bravely."

"Mei... Mei... Mei... You have all fallen into deep poison..." Robin shook her head, these symptoms were truly desperate.

"Isn't it the same for you? Otherwise, you wouldn't be here." Hua Yue smiled slightly, uncovering Robin's thoughts.

"Because, besides here, I have nowhere else to go." Robin also felt strange.

She, an assassin well-known on the Ten Leaf Alliance rankings, why did she impulsively join the Starwings Knights?

And gradually, she got used to the unique atmosphere of the Starwings Knights, and for the first time, she had friends to laugh with and peers she could trust.

For her, who carried the curse of the blood-drenched Robin, she could go anywhere but couldn't go anywhere at all.

No one would look at her, no one would notice her existence, as if in a world that was as vast as the endless god's domains, there was no place for her to stay.

Now, she finally understood that she could no longer leave from here.

Perhaps, she was also affected by a deadly toxin called "Mei" and immersed in this poisonous environment that only the Starwings Knights possessed.

"Then, please lend us your power." It was not surprising to Hua Yue that Robin made this choice.

Joining the Starwings Knights was already a special trial in itself.

Because the Starwings Knights are also known as "Mei's Knights," you know.

"Well, get ready to listen to my prophecy." Robin, the only diviner of the Starwings Knights, who can see into the mysterious River of Destiny, began to use their power of prophecy.

A blood-red bird fluttered around Robin's shoulder, speaking an ominous prophecy.

"The king has returned, and the child of the abyss is seeking ancient wisdom."

"The Great Serpent has coiled itself around the roots of the sacred tree, transforming into an evil black dragon that gnaws on the sweet roots."

"The giant that disappeared at dusk is awakening."

"The brilliance of the stars falls, and distant lovers await their reunion."

"The dragon roars, and the sky is ablaze."

"Prepare to wait for a bloody ending, you who cannot escape, for this is the burden you carry."

"The romance of the girls is an apple that one cannot escape."

Opening their eyes, Robin shrugged their shoulders, clearly, this was another unfortunate prophecy.

It looked like someone was in big trouble, and in the end, it seemed to be related to the Starwings Knights. It all had something to do with an "apple."

But this "apple" had very different meanings. It could symbolize luck and life as a golden apple, or it could be a poisonous apple that could send someone to hell.

"Tall giants, abyss, black dragons..." Hua Yue savored the prophecy from Robin, as if she could see a storm approaching that would sweep through the entire White Lotus Sword Domain.

This was exactly what the Starwings Knights desired, the ultimate test.

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