Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 92

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Chapter 92: Sky Flying Sword

"How dare you harm my Little Xi! You will pay the price for your recklessness!" Hua Huo didn't hide her anger and killing intention. Her blood was flowing at a high speed. She didn't know the reason, but after she saw that Yun Xi was involved, she couldn't stop herself from flying into a rage.

"Burst!" She activated her non-human bloodline ability, which was so terrible that even the Red Lotus Holy Virgin couldn't stop it.

Yun Xi could even see terrible bloody airflow surrounding Hua Huo with his naked eyes.

"Let me show you the true Sky Flying Sword!"

In the face of the sixteen flame spiral arrows, Hua Huo showed no fear. Her blood dropped down from between her fingers, dyeing her sword blade red. At first, the long sword was just a common sword from Sword Palace. After being stained with Hua Huo's blood, it burst out a gust of a fierce and terrible breath which obviously no mortal weapons would have. Then, a ring of light spread out from under Hua Huo's feet.


For the first time ever, Yun Xi saw his childhood sweetheart flying in the air. The Sky Flying Sword could actually let the user fly to the sky! Once you mastered this sword skill, you would be able to overcome gravity, flying and fighting in the sky.

Stepping on the suddenly appeared light ring, Hua Huo's speed increased again. She broke through the blockade line of the sixteen arrows, rushing towards the flying male fiery dragon.

"Update the data again. The target's combat power has far surpassed the expectations. Adjust the attack mode. Entering air battle mode." The archer in red stood on the male fiery dragon’s back. She controlled the dragon to hover around and dive, and at the same time, she aimed her arrows at Hua Huo with continuous shots.

Spiral flame arrows, multiple spiral flame arrows, and shocking arrows continuously appeared in the air. Yun Xi's nightmares seemed to have reappeared in the reality, and this time, they were enchanted with hero ranked flames.

"That's futile. You will not escape! How dare you attack my Little Xi? I will never let you go, even if you escape to the ends of the world!" Hua Huo didn't know why she was so angry, but when she looked at the archer in red, she couldn't restrain her killing intent.

The killing intent was very inexplicable but also very real. She felt as if she had returned to the moment when she had met the twin witches. Her killing intent was completely baseless, but also profound and unforgettable.

When she met the twin witches she thought that she was oversensitive, but now, her killing intent was undoubtedly aiming at the right target!


The killing intent was also a pretty new emotion for Hua Huo. Another ring of transparent light appeared under Hua Huo's feet, turning into waves and spreading in the air.

Walking in the air was the Sky Flying Sword’s feature. By stepping on one light wave after another, people who were performing Sky Flying Sword were able to increase their speed infinitely. They could even break into the atmosphere and fly amongst the stars using this method.

The Sky Flying Sword could break all rules and limits. It was a god-like sword skill that could let the user break the law of gravity to fly into the sky. Even creatures with wings such as birds or dragons couldn't overcome gravity. After all, they were still living beings under the atmosphere.

The Sky Flying Sword was faster than birds and stronger than dragons, standing in the sky and hovering over the world.

"All the information... has been overturned… Failure Probability: 100%. Carry out the backup plan." Seeing Hua Huo chasing after her with a speed that was beyond the human limit, the elf girl didn't show any signs of wavering in her eyes but immediately made a decision.

"Grrroar!" The male fiery dragon stopped flying. It opened its crimson wings with feather-like scarlet particles covering both its wings.

The elf girl wasn’t stopping because she didn't want to fly to the higher sky, but because she and the male fiery dragon had had no way to flee. This was the highest the male fiery dragon could reach. The male fiery dragon's weight and strength restricted it to from flying into the higher clouds. Besides, even if they could fly into the clouds, it was meaningless in the face of that "monster", the girl who could sprint in the air infinitely.

The information about Hua Huo and the twin witches that the Ten Leaves Alliance provided her was totally wrong. The team of a male fiery dragon and a phantom archer was far from sufficient to assassinate Hua Huo.

"Grroar!" The male fiery dragon also realized that something was very wrong. It started to prepare its last struggle. The flame particles on its wings started to spread to its whole body. Countless dark red veins appeared on its huge body, and its every breath caused terrible tidal waves of flames around its body.

This was its ultimate skill: Full Force Fire Breath.

"Die!" Hua Huo increased her speed again. She flew to the higher airspace, then inverted her body midair.

Hua Huo's head was under her feet, looking pretty like an inverted cross. She firmly locked onto the roaring male fiery dragon and the archer in red. She really didn't restrain her killing intent because her Little Xi's enemy was her own enemy!

"Sky Flying Sword: V For Cleaving!"

No words could be used to describe her splendid sword skill. It was bright like fireworks. Yun Xi could only watch it from the ground. This was the first time he had seen Hua Huo slaying a dragon in the real world.

Under Hua Huo's slash, the male fiery dragon's great body was cleaved into two.

"Boom!" Before the male fiery dragon breathed out flames from its mouth, it had exploded in the sky, becoming countless pieces of minced meat. Several sword lights flashed through the sky. Hua Huo was still chasing after something.

"Ding!" Something was broken within the dragon's pieces of minced meat. Hua Huo finally stopped. The battle was over. Hua Huo showed her true power in front of Yun Xi and other people. Her magnificent feat of slaying the dragon with one slash made everyone fall into a silence.

Her battle had been beyond their understanding. No matter whether it was the flying male fiery dragon, or Hua Huo who killed the dragon, they were both monsters! In their eyes, Hua Huo was even more a monster than the male fiery dragon!

For the first time ever, Yun Xi saw a real god-like sword skill with his own eyes. Any sword skills that were called "God-like" were recognized by all the God's Domains. The Sky Flying Sword could let the user fly in the sky and slay a dragon at the mortal rank. Yun Hai's Quadrant Sword could let the user cut up the world casually. They both were beyond a mortal’s imagination.

"Hua Huo, you're flying too high," Yun Xi raised his head, gazing at Hua Huo with his sharp eyes. He saw a beautiful blue and white color.

Oh, Hua Huo was wearing blue and white underwear today?

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