Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 91

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Chapter 91: Hua Huo Goes Ballistic

On the hill three kilometres away, the elf girl was surrounded by flaming particles and the black gem on her forehead reflected the situation on the stage.

"Report. Found outside interference. Computational Error. The probability to complete the mission is reduced to 10%.”

“Warning. The twin witches' combat power is ten times beyond the theoretical rate. Suggestion: Release the male fiery dragon and enter air battle mode.”

"Ten times... combat power..." The elf girl became dazed for a moment after hearing this.

Apparently, the rival camp's combat power that she had observed was far beyond the information that the Ten Leaves Alliance had provided her. She realized that she had made a fatal error in judgement.

"In the name of Black Obsidian, release the seal of the male fiery dragon." The elf girl whispered, with a series of mysterious rune words flashing through her unemotional pupils. A moment later, crimson scales appeared behind her naked feet.

"Grrrrrooooooaaaaarrrrr!" The male fiery dragon had buried its body in the hill for several days and only released a bit of its fire elemental power to support the elf girl in launching the attack. Now, with a world-shaking howl, it broke through the soil. Its howl was so loud that it could even be heard by people ten kilometres away.

"Is it there?" Hua Huo raised her head and looked at the flying dragon.

"Male fiery dragon?" Yun Xi had always been puzzled about why such a hero ranked beast had appeared in his trial. Now, he understood the reason. The monster that was able to slaughter an army by itself was really here and was nearly right under his nose!

"Chi! Chi! Chi!"

The second round started. Sixteen spiral fire arrows were approaching Hua Huo. There were more than in the first round, both in number and accuracy.

"Crane Wings! Flying!" Yun Xi had already blocked the spiral arrows once. Now, his actions were more skilled.

The twin swords turned into two lights, flying through the sky and intercepting about half of the arrows. Instantly, they detonated the flame arrows and stopped them from burning the ground.

"Good job, Mei!" Hua Huo rushed towards the male fiery dragon without any hesitation.

"Be careful, Hua Huo!" As the examiners, Red Lotus and White Lotus couldn't leave the examination area, so they could only encourage Hua Huo as her backup force.

The Great Circulation!

"We are the stars shining in the starry sky. As long as our hearts are linked together, we will never apart from each other. Even if we couldn't hold each other's hand, we will still remember..." White Lotus sang a children's folk rhymes which even Red Lotus hadn't heard before, offering the star and moon ring's blessing to Hua Huo. After that, she pretended it to be unintentional, but also offered Yun Xi her blessing.

"I'm sorry, but Hua Huo needs me now," Yun Xi chased after Hua Huo after he handed over Hua Yue to Xiao Cao.

The Crane Wings Twin Swords dropped under Yun Xi's feet and carried him to make a short-range flight. It was fresh for Yun Xi to experience overcoming gravity. However, it was costly. Even though the sword spirits could control the twin swords to launch endless times, but Yun Xi couldn't control the sword spirits endless times.

After all, the Crane Wings Twin Swords were doomed to be a pair of artifacts. As a mortal, to control the twin swords had already drained Yun Xi of too much energy. If it was to control the twin swords to fly into the sky, it would drain Yun Xi of ten times more energy. Fortunately, the destination was only about three kilometers away, that wasn't beyond Yun Xi’s limit yet.

"Find the target. Entering sniping mode." A cold killing intent appeared in the elf girl's amber pupils. She raised her black long bow and locked onto Hua Huo. However, she ignored Yun Xi. Compared to Hua Huo, a 2nd ranked maid was really nothing.

"Grrrroar!" The male fiery dragon opened its wings and flew into the sky carrying the elf girl, then emitted three fireballs from its mouth. Each fireball was filled with terrifying lava. If any of these dropped onto the small town, one-third of the small town would be turned into a sea of fire.

"Hum. You want to run away?" Hua Huo dismissively gazed at the fireballs, which were so scorching hot that they could harm hero ranked creatures. She didn't draw her sword but stomped on the ground.


An earth-shaking shock wave emerged from the ground and made countless crushed stones fly up into the sky. The stones hit the three fireballs and instantly detonated them, making the hero ranked attack become a magnificent firework.

At that moment, Yun Xi was standing on the twin swords and gliding in the air. He couldn't believe what he was seeing with his naked eyes.

Hua Huo! It's already very incredible to master a hero ranked sword skill as a 3rd ranked female swordsman. How can you also have so much strength in addition to that?! Even if your strength was ten times stronger than the green hippo's, it is impossible for anybody to do this! Are you really a 3rd ranked female swordsmaiden?

"Update the data. Ignore redundant data and lock onto the target. Adjust to trace mode and launch the Phantom Flame Arrow!" The elf girl didn't show any fear on her face after seeing Hua Huo's earth-shaking stamp, but quietly revised Hua Huo's information.

After that, she unleashed the sixteen flame arrows attack again. The sixteen spiral flame arrows fired at Hua Huo from sixteen different angles. This time, the spiral flame arrows had a remarkable change. The arrows’ bodies had become slenderer, but the flames inside the arrows were unabated.

The flames were compressed. She had become stronger!

Yun Xi recognized the archer in red. Although her body was slenderer than her figure in the trial, but her skillful killing technology hadn't changed a bit. She always presented her enemies the most terrible continuous attack. Besides, she had updated her equipment and personal mount.

She hadn't shown her real power in the stars trial. Only when the male fiery dragon and she teamed up could they form the complete combination "Phantom Archer". This wasn't as simple as "one plus one". After having the male fiery dragon's support, her combat power would be strengthened to an incredible level.

If she had appeared in the trial with her current power, Yun Xi would have never crossed the bridge even if he had died ten thousand times.

However, she wasn't fighting against Yun Xi but Hua Huo at this time.

"Dong!" Hua Huo stamped the ground and leapt into the air.

The next second, Yun Xi saw the true Sky Flying Sword!

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