Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 903

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Chapter 903: The Princess and the Demon Dog

Blood spread everywhere.

It was unbelievable, even though they were demonized creatures, the blood flowing through the bodies of Demon Humans was still red.

Even when they were beheaded, they would still let out sounds of pain.

When their bodies were torn apart, they would also show expressions of fear in their eyes.

It was as if they were living humans.

Yet, they were a group of man-eating monsters.

No matter how many, they would kill them all!

Stepping over mountains of corpses and oceans of blood, the princess of slaughter advanced without cease.

Demon Humans, for the most part, are beings that have transformed from former humans. The higher the aptitude they had as humans, the higher their rank as Demon Humans becomes.

The vast majority of humans are unable to complete the transformation into Demon Humans and ultimately become food for Black Demon Dogs, becoming a part of them and revealing their fangs to humans.

On the other hand, a successfully transformed Demon Human is a true servant of the evil gods, the vanguard of their invasion into the world, and even the weakest ones have the strength to command a squadron of Black Demon Dogs.

However, in front of the princess donning a black maid outfit, whether it be Black Demon Dogs, Demon Humans, or even the skeletal wyverns of the Sky Overlord, they all make no difference.

Kill them all!

Leave none alive!

In the most contaminated areas, kill everything.

Endless bloodshed, slaughter, yet the black maid outfit remains pristine, absorbing all traces of blood and becoming a part of the Killing Princess.

Walking on the battlefield of slaughter, she long ago forgot her naive appearance wearing princess dresses.

She can never return to the past, the carefree time when she was doted on by her parents and blessed by everyone.

The appearance of Demon Humans destroyed everything she had.

Father, mother, teachers, all loved ones, all friends, even the nation.

The land she stands on right now, this post-apocalyptic scenery filled with dust, this barren wasteland where not even a trace of vitality can be seen, is the very nation she once swore to protect.

She once firmly believed that she had such talent, such a mission.

However, the mission has long vanished.

The things she needed to protect no longer exist anywhere.

Looking up at the sky, there is no sunlight, nor is there any hope.

The ground beneath her feet has lost even its lament, having long turned into a hellish realm.

In such a world, it is impossible to save anything; everything she wanted to protect has turned to dust in history.

People will not remember that there was once a prosperous and happy nation on this land, with hardworking and ambitious people as well as trusted royalty.

The civilization and history of this country vanished on the day the abyss was opened.

People even curse and hate this once prosperous nation, believing that they brought about the terrifying disaster of the Demon Humans.

As the last survivor of this nation, the girl has cried and refuted, but no one believes her words. Her princess status is no longer recognized, and she has been expelled from the country that was once supposed to be her betrothed.

In this world, there is no one to trust.

The only thing she can trust is her own sword.

This is the truth that the girl finally realized after being expelled by the country that once protected her.

From then on, the world lost a princess loved by others, and gained a greatsword maid walking on the path of slaying monsters and demons.

Her sword is no longer the art that intoxicated people at royal balls; it has become a deathly blade that weaves a storm of blood and gore.

From that day on, the girl no longer wept.

All her tears have long dried up.

Only blood and slaughter can satisfy the girl's heart.

The sword dance belonging to the Killing Princess started resounding on the battlefield from that day.

"Roar!" The earth trembled, and the sky quivered!

In the endless mountains, colossal creatures ran continuously, bringing the scent of doomsday and molten lava.

The highest-ranked demon creature of the Demon Human Legion.

The king of the Black Demon Dog Legion.

The ultimate demon dog named after an ancient mythological creature — Cerberus!

The immortal three-headed demon dog, the guardian of the underworld, emerged before the Killing Princess, using the mountains as stepping stones.

Each of its heads presented a different posture.

The head on the left perpetually burned with unextinguishable flames.

The head on the right was wrapped in freezing frost.

The head in the middle roared with black lightning.

This was the pinnacle beyond all Black Demon Dogs, the ultimate three-headed demon dog, taking the name of the underworld's gatekeeper, a creature whose power could rival that of a deity.

The three-headed hellhound — Cerberus.

Its body was colossal enough to crush a mountain peak with one step. The flames emitted by its fire head alone melted the rocks beneath its feet, while the frost released by its ice head froze them in place.

The black, serpent-like tail slithered eerily behind it, occasionally transforming into a venomous snake, eagerly opening its gaping mouth.

It was this Demon Dog King that broke through the kingdom's final defense system, trampled upon the former capital, and submerged the kingdom's last hope beneath an endless abyss of monstrous creatures.

Returning alone to her homeland, the Killing Princess was met with nothing but the aftermath of the Demon Dog King's rampage, not even able to find the bodies of her loved ones.

Not even a trace of illusion remained, as the princess returned to her once-warm home, only to see countless claw marks and long-dried blood.

"Finally... I found you..." The difference in ranks between the two was immense, even more disparate than their physical sizes.

Having slaughtered countless demonized creatures, even targeting double-digit ranked Killing Princesses among the higher-level Demon Humans, it understood the strength of the enemy before it better than anyone else.

As the ultimate creature, Cerberus possessed power rivaling that of a true deity. If not for its slightly lacking intelligence, it might have already become a member of the dark gods.

It was precisely due to its birth that the Black Demon Dog Legion, initially created as a war tool by the Demon Humans and always used as cannon fodder, separated from the Demon Human army and grew increasingly powerful. Like mushrooms after the rain, new mutated breeds emerged in endless succession.

Why a Black Demon Dog, originally nothing more than expendable cannon fodder, would give birth to Cerberus with combat prowess rivaling that of a dark god, has always been a mystery.

As long as this monster exists, all the nations in this world will ultimately become food for the abyss.

Within the Holy Alliance, there is not a single hero capable of stopping this Cerberus.

All the greatsword maids combined are no match for this insane Demon Human King.

Its madness, its greed, its power of destruction, all embody the will of the Abyss itself.

Its appearance in this world is the Abyss's greatest malice towards this world, as if heralding the countdown to its destruction.

If this Cerberus cannot be defeated, then there is no hope or future for this world.

Lurking in the old capital, once it unleashes its attack, it will bring about the true doomsday.

the Killing Princess looked at the almost disappearing scar on the central dog head of Cerberus, which was the final desperate measure her country took, and also the reason why this ultimate Demon Human had not attacked temporarily.

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