Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 902

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Chapter 902: Interwoven Memories

For Yun Xi, Impermanent removing her Order God's Seal undoubtedly greatly reduced her resistance to the temptation of Heavenly Demons.

But on the other hand, it also symbolized that a certain desire within his heart began to intensify drastically.

What was originally only a fantasy was now being realized.

The sudden kiss was an expression of this fantastical impulse.

Since a moment ago, Yun Xi has been losing control of himself.

Even though Impermanent's stature appeared to be similar to White Moon's, Yun Xi couldn't suppress the constantly surging desires within her heart.

Compared to the desires for Enchantress, Saint Demon, and Asura, this desire is even stronger, even more scorching.

It's as if his body instinctively yearns for everything about the other person, and Yun Xi herself can't understand where this intense impulse is coming from.

Yun Xi fiercely sucked on the small fragrant tongue, and this time, Impermanent finally experienced the overwhelming, bone-melting sensation that Enchantress and Asura had felt before.

Something's not right. Why does this feeling of soul resonance feel so sweet?

His body, bit by bit, began to lose control, as if it was about to melt.

Memories surged forth, but it wasn't a one-sided retrieval; it was a fusion of both sides.

Impermanent saw a young boy named "Yun Xi" going about his ordinary life in a small town.

His memories, starting from the moment he opened his eyes, reflected countless trajectories of starlight.

Unknown to whom, he was abandoned beneath a blooming plum tree, and scarlet petals fell onto his body, seemingly shielding him from the cold of the night.

Soon, a couple passing by this secluded path discovered the child, their eyes filled with joy and seemingly not surprised by this. They knelt down and offered their prayers.

It seems they didn't just happen to pass by here, but came specifically for this child. The wife even brought a steaming bottle.

Soon, this child grew up. He curiously observed the world, studied hard, and followed an ordinary life path like most ordinary people.

Then, he encountered a slightly aloof and mysterious childhood sweetheart.

Slowly, more childhood sweethearts appeared, and the young man had worries, fearing whether his first love would stay in this ordinary small town.

From Impermanent's perspective, there were many mysterious aspects in this situation.

After that mysterious childhood sweetheart Hua Huo appeared, the originally ordinary small town gained many shops with unknown origins. These shops often sold various ingredients and gemstones from the endless god's domains at unbelievably low prices, all of which could be considered high-end luxury goods.

Only the young man himself didn't realize how rare the things sold in those shops were, and the prices were so cheap that they could only be described as blood-stained profits. Many of them were even considered extinct treasures.

Time passed, and the young man slowly grew up. Finally, his sixteenth birthday arrived.

He looked up at the stars, and it seemed like he had grown up overnight. He also had a beloved golden-haired puppy by his side.

That night, he awakened a talent within his bloodline, and his combat power began to skyrocket. He even killed a third-order Green-skin River Hippo in his first battle.

Next, the girl was dragged by her childhood sweetheart into their house, opening a forbidden door.

He put on a black maid uniform.

Boom! As soon as Impermanent saw that black maid uniform, her soul boiled with excitement.

She finally understood why she felt the young man's call from beyond the stars and returned from the extraterrestrial battlefield to her hometown, the endless god's domains.

Once-lost memories were reviving, resonating loudly.

Those were things she had once forgotten, her past before becoming the supreme Heavenly Demon.

Yun Xi saw the battlefield.

Black clouds covered everything, and the Demon Humans blocked the sun, preventing the earth from receiving its light.

The land in this area turned into a lifeless dark gray, where people couldn't grow crops or drink clean water. The most heavily polluted areas had no survivors left.

The Demon Human armies, under the control of the evil gods, constantly poured out from the opened abyss, greedily occupying everything in this land.

Life. Plants. Living beings. They were all food for the Demon Humans. The Black Demon Dog army wouldn't spare any human survivors.

Whether they were elderly and near death or infants who hadn't yet been weaned, any human discovered would become food for the Black Demon Dogs.

The appetite of the Black Demon Dogs would never be satisfied. They faithfully carried out the orders of their higher-ranking Demon Humans, completely exterminating all humans.

Demon Humans do not need human beings. Their strong ability to create living beings out of nothing enables them to create a complete system of demonized creatures.

What they need is resources, land, plants, and all living intelligent beings.

This land is the closest to the abyss, the realm with the highest level of contamination.

Their bodies are just skeletons, with countless demonized fungi wriggling on their pale bones. Dragon's Breath-breathing dragons circle in the sky, and Black Demon Dogs patrol the earth, including mutated elite breeds with two heads.

Underground, crawling Demon Bugs are digging holes and constructing the unique underworld warfare system of the Demon Human world. They cultivate various toxic mushrooms and greedily absorb the last trace of vitality from this land.

Polluting everything, plundering everything, the ultimate goal of the Demon Humans is to destroy everything in this world and establish a kingdom of evil gods on the ruins.

Blood splattered as the girl stepped onto the battlefield.

She had icy cold eyes, unparalleled beauty, wore a black maid outfit, and carried a blood-stained magic sword on her back.

This sword, tainted with the blood of countless Demon Humans, had already mutated into a twisted and lethal God Weapon, with over 300% damage against all demonized creatures.

Behind the girl were countless torn and severed bodies, including those of Black Demon Dogs, dragons, and even Demon Humans who seemed to have little difference from humans.

With each person she killed, a dark aura enveloped the girl's delicate body, polluting her mind and soul.

Nevertheless, the girl did not retreat.

She was the princess of slaughter, the sword of blood, the strongest greatsword maid.

In order to better and more swiftly kill Demon Humans, she made a pact with a certain entity in the depths of the unknown, exchanging for the terrifying power she possessed now.

This path was a one-way journey, and the girl knew it better than anyone else, but she did not regret her choice.

Bathed in blood, she was faster and stronger than anyone else.

Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!

Having come this far, there was no need to retreat. With the balance within her body collapsing, she could already feel her own death, an inevitable outcome.

In that case, she would kill even more. She did not want the people who followed her to witness her twisted and mad demise.

The beautiful princess recognized by the Church, the mythical figure on the battlefield.

She had once possessed everything, and yet lost it all.

Today was the day the legend would meet its end.

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