Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 831

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Chapter 831: Black Wings

It was an elegant and lovely cat, who came from the gap between the world and the world with her mind stirring footsteps.

Exists, but doesn't exist.

The ghost that let countless scholars scold the Yun Hai the Sky Sword, let the gods go crazy.

This time, Yun Xi observed her existence more clearly than in the past.

Then, a black smell leaked out of the open door.


Yun Xi for the first time saw the black wings, which were completely different from the first golden red wings of the sun and the second wings of life. They were strange and profound wings.




From the black wings, Yun Xi felt an absolutely bad breath.

That is more dangerous than the sun of burning mountains and boiling seas.

"She" is completely different from the previous wings.

Just the black feathers falling from the other side of the door gave Yun Xi a shivering feeling as if countless worlds were crying.

"Open… The door…" from the other side of the door, there was a strange sound, which seemed very unexpected, and looked forward to something.

This door can't be opened. Yun Xi suddenly had the impulse to close the door. The black wings gave him a very bad premonition.

If he opened this door, it would lead to unpredictable disasters, which might even be more dangerous than the original dragon.

Sure enough, the liberation of the Starwings is like opening a mysterious box that doesn't know what exists.

The wings that appeared in the box for the first time are more or less still in the familiar range of Yun Xi.

This time, the third appearance of wings, was a complete disaster. Just the falling black feathers made Yun Xi feel chilly.

From these black feathers, he smelled the destruction of countless worlds.

Compared with the owner of this black feather, Black Dragon Zaka is simply a harmless little animal!

"Don't you… Expect… To destroy?" The owner of the black wings smiled gently, as if she had already seen through Yun Xi's little mind.

"Then… Feel it… The sound of the end of the stars…"

Black feathers fell, covering the Starwings sword in Yun Xi's hand.

The Starwings absorbed these black feathers and became the same color as the feathers.

"Enjoy destroying… destroy everything in the world… Finally nothingness…" the girl's voice echoed in Yun Xi's ears, like a lover's whisper.

"Ah ah ah ah ah ah!" Yun Xi pressed his forehead, and the endless dark breath spread. It was not only the dark matter of Black Dragon Zaka, but also the breath from the other side of the galaxy.

This breath is far beyond the limit of the four Zaka sisters. It is only the part that leaks out from the door that slightly opens the gap, which makes Yun Xi see the endless end.

"……." the original dragon opposite Yun Xi waved the emerald sword again to confront Yun Xi's Dragon Roar Wave.

The Dragon Roar Wave, which can tear up the barrier of space and attack infinitely, blasted large holes on the second emerald giant sword, but this giant sword built by the original power of the dragon will soon repair itself.

Each attack will make this sword more powerful, and the posture will become more majestic and sharp.

The whole process is like the birth of an immortal sword. With the breaking power of the Dragon Roar Wave, a terrible God weapon is being forged.

This is the most terrifying place of the original dragon. She has the natural attribute of "Gestating God weapon". The four Zaka sisters' weapons were created by her, and each holds an attribute of the original dragon.

Now, the new and more powerful God weapon is being built by the original dragon. Once this process is completed, the four Zaka sisters, who incarnate the Dragon Roar Wave, will no longer pose a threat.

The horror of the original dragon is emerging in this way.

The twin witches looked at the original dragon who was casting God weapon and nodded to each other.

On the golden balance held by the two, the two ends of the once unbalanced balance once again returned to an incredible equilibrium.

This means that the chips invested by Yun Xi and the chips of the original dragon have achieved real parity for the first time.

The next battle will soon determine the fate of the world.

Once again, the Dragon Roar Wave danced at the fingertips of Yun Xi, and the scarred giant sword of the original dragon recovered at a speed visible to the naked eye, and finally became a big sword that Yun Xi was slightly familiar with.

It's just that Yun Xi can't see the sword at the moment.

His eyes fell into an indifferent nothingness, and all the forces of the Battle God's Seed in his body began to inspire. It was the last card of Casina the Battle God buried in Yun Xi's body, as well as all the mermaid marks released.

Otherwise, he simply could not bear the power contained in this sword, which came from the far side of the starry sky and came into this world from the door opened by the Starwings.

At this moment, in Yun Xi's eyes, the world has become countless chaotic lines, and the vast majority of lines show a disordered arrangement. Only the green dragon is so dazzling in this black-and-white world.

She doesn't belong to this world, she is above this world.

Similarly, at this moment, Yun Xi has also exceeded the limits of the world, surrounded by a large number of stars and dust.

In those dust, there are countless memories of destroyed stars, and what destroyed these stars was a pair of black wings.

Yun Xi cannot say the name of this pair of wings, but he can feel the attributes of this pair of wings.

The terminator of the stars.

The Starwings, which turned black, released the breath of turning everything into nothingness in Yun Xi's hands, which was the end of the stars in the continuous collapse and self-destruction.

"Stars fall…" Yun Xi unconsciously began to wave his sword, and the Starwings, which turned black, fell, and the broken breath of the void covered the original dragon.

The original dragon also waved her sword without hesitation, and the green light on the curled hair flashed, cutting off all things, and the overwhelmed sword Qi fell.

The colorful Dragon Roar Wave turned into endless brilliance and suddenly spread.

All the light in the world was eclipsed at this moment.

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