Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 830

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Chapter 830: Dessert Time

"Ah, is that so, sisters…" in the girl's sweet and pathetic voice, the youngest Black Dragon Zaka finally understood what her sisters knew but she didn't know.

The aroma is provocative, the green fruit is tempting, the skin is greasy and soft, the feeling is itching, the body is uneasy, the pink and tender body is shaking suddenly, and the whole body becomes extremely soft.

The lovely voice, tempting salivation, and the gentle song echoed in the dark world.

"HMM… ah…" Black Dragon Zaka's delicate mouth was blocked by Yun Xi, deftly provoking the closed jaws, and slammed in again. The deft tongue soon caught her glittering, dodgy, greasy tongue in that delicate, greasy, warm mouth, sucked it out, greedily licked and entangled.

The invisible flame began to burn on Black Dragon Zaka's delicate body. The little Black Dragon Zaka's face was moist and her body wriggled uneasily.

"Oh… Ah…" Her nose's rapid breathing brought out bursts of hum. Occasionally, a gentle and sad, poor moan swayed into the bone marrow.

The excitement made Black Dragon Zaka's whole body numb and sour, and her eyelashes trembled slightly, but she was too shy to open her eyes.

Dodgy but misty eyes opened slightly, and what she saw was some too exciting scenery.

The body, as if it had been melted, was sour and soft without strength. Even if it was strong enough to crush the constitution of the world, it had no immunity at this moment.

The black ripples ripple away bit by bit.

The snow-white, pink and tender feet are also rippling in the arms of Yun Xi, playing the song of love.


Yun Xi tasted the taste of the last Black Dragon Zaka.

They are all charming desserts.

The taste of Desert Dragon Zaka is like a doughnut that will explode in the mouth, and there will always be a strong fragrance on the tip of the tongue.

Ice Dragon Zaka's taste is ice cream layer after layer, which is sweet and delicious with endless aftertaste.

The taste of Red Dragon Zaka is the wine heart chocolate that makes people warm all over, like a burning pleasure.

The taste of Black Dragon Zaka is crisp, sweet and soft cake, which melts in the mouth and makes him immersed in that simple sweetness.

Is it a moment or a permanent memory?

In the endless darkness, it seems that even the concept of time has become ambiguous.

Black Dragon Zaka, the world-devouring dragon, has such distorted and powerful rules.

In her dragon shadow, even time can be frozen. Yun Xi even saw the once disappeared King City of the guardian Kingdom at the end of the endless darkness.

Let Yun Xi teach herself what was not taught in the textbook, and finally understand what her sisters understand. Black Dragon Zaka's naked feet stepped on Yun Xi's hand.

"I… understand…"

"Come… Change…"

"If it's you… You can do it…"

The green blade teared the dark curtain of heaven and ran through the Dragon shadow of Black Dragon Zaka, announcing the end of this world.

The figure of Black Dragon Zaka turned into a part of darkness and became the power of Yun Xi.

Finally, Black Dragon Zaka's blessing is finally complete!

"Endless… Black Dragon Wave!" Yun Xi raised his left hand and aimed at the green giant sword that tore the world.

The strongest power of Zaka, the power of the world-devouring dragon, finally comes under the domination of Yun Xi.

The weakest link in the Dragon Roar Wave has been completed.

Yun Xi finally has the strongest weapon, which is enough to compete with the original dragon!

The silver spiral light spot responded to Yun Xi's call, and instantly appeared at his fingertips, flying and jumping.

Four spiral lines of different colors are finally connected behind the silver spiral light spot in a perfect posture.

At the moment, the Dragon Roar Wave is the real Dragon Roar Wave.

Black, white.

Red, yellow, blue.

Endless colors are intertwined, more vivid and energetic than ever. The originally slightly lifeless black is also alive.

"Ding!" For the first time, the green giant sword that tore heaven and earth encountered obstacles, and even large cracks began to appear in the body of the sword.

The power of the Dragon Roar Wave was finally released. This flying Dragon Roar Wave really has the hegemonic power to destroy everything.

The speed of its movement is so fast that Yun Xi can't even judge with the naked eye. It's an unbound divine light, and it's also a destructive light that divides all things.

"…" the original giant dragon with an emerald mask, whose eyes were originally chaotic, was a little more awake. At the same time, the index finger and middle finger that stood up as a sword began to move more frequently.

The reflection of the second emerald giant sword began to appear behind her, replacing the shadow of the first one, which was already riddled with holes.

This is really amazing power… Even Yun Xi, who has long known the power of the original dragon, can't help but be amazed when he sees the second emerald giant sword.

Compared with the first sword that had been destroyed by his Dragon Roar Wave, this sword was larger and the green light it released was more dazzling.

That sense of oppression, as if to tell Yun Xi - no matter how strong you become, I am still stronger than you.

This kind of strength is edgeless.

What is the best way to defeat such a primitive dragon?

The silver spiral light point returned to Yun Xi's fingertips, and the four spiral lines continued to accelerate and accumulate strength, just like responding to the anger of the original dragon, the four Zaka sisters never conceded.

Yun Xi can feel that he is not fighting alone, at the moment.

Mermaid girls active in the royal city of Assyria, greetings from the Queen of Assyria and White Moon.

The colorful Dragon Roar Wave flying at his fingertips, the love song of the Dragon incarnated by the four Zaka sisters.

Also, the balance rule of the original dragon has been vaguely suppressed, and the gaze of the twin witches.

It's time to liberate the taboo. The four Zaka sisters even gambled their lives to become his power, so he must also respond equally.

He will pay the price well.

Now, let him open it again, the door that shouldn't be opened.

"The Starwings…" Yun Xi raised his sword and resolutely summoned the unknowable mystery again.

For the first time, Yun Xi saw the sun. The blazing flames of the sun covered heaven and earth and burned everything.

The second time, Yun Xi saw the green girl holding the doll, with the brilliance of life that breeds everything.

This time, what will he see? The Starwings world is like a box full of countless unknowns. You never know what is in the box before opening it.

"Language and understanding."

"Behaviors and phenomena."

"Heart and body."


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