Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 83

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Chapter 83: Hua Yue

The penultimate round of Sword Palace's entrance test started. There were over three hundred candidates taking the test. No one had expected that after several rounds of tests, three of the final four people would be female swordsmaidens.

The male civilian's camp had been completely annihilated. Over twenty female swordsmaidens entered the list of top thirty-six. In the quarter final, the girls had defeated almost all the male swordsmen, except Childe Yun He (In fact, there was another male...). Unprecedentedly, seven female swordsmaidens entered the list of the top eight.

As for the noble families' camp, only Childe Yun He was still active in the test. Almost all the noble families turned to support him, placing all their hopes and honor to the only surviving 3rd ranked Childe.

After several rounds of internal battles, two female swordsmaidens stood on the exam area. The first girl was Xiao Cao, a civilian. She had obtained Yun Xi's blessing and had a solid sword skill foundation. The second girl was Hua Yue, an aristocratic miss. She had also obtained Yun Xi's blessing and was good at a gorgeous Western God's Domain's sword skill named "Crossed Sword".

The two girls' sword skill styles were completely different. Xiao Cao was good at basic sword skills, which was even unexceptionable in Yun Xi's eyes. Hua Yue's Crossed Sword was also excellent. She was the strongest female swordsmaiden in this test.

One was a civilian, a poor girl who practiced her sword skill only for standing out amongst others. Another was an aristocratic miss, a gold-rose-like maiden who had received the best education since her childhood.

Xiao Cao's sword was a long steel sword. Its outward appearance was weathered and antiquated. However, it was the best weapon the villagers had purchased from a traveller, and in order to buy it, the villagers had spent all of their money.

Hua Yue's sword was a gorgeous holy crossed sword. Its sword handle was set with a white gold cross, and its sword blade was engraved with beautiful elf-style patterns. It was even more expensive than Childe Si Nian's two-handed heavy blue sword and was a spirit weapon that could be used up till the hero rank.

A civilian and an aristocratic miss. Xiao Cao was as ordinary as a stalk of little grass, Hua Yue was exalted like a rose. They should have been in two different camps. Their appearances had also highlighted their differences. Xiao Cao had light freckles on her face, plus her fallow-coloured ponytail and simple leather armour; everyone could determine her poverty. Although Xiao Cao's face was delicate, she didn’t pay too much attention in dressing herself up. She was just a normal village girl.

Hua Yue wore elaborate silver armor, and every part of the armor had been crafted. It was as perfect as her figure, far above any luxury goods. The silver lines on her armor highlighted her supple breasts. If comparing just one’s figure and appearance, Hua Yue was obviously the winner.

The size of Hua Yue's breasts had shown the desperate gap between them. If there was a way to change breasts into fighting capacity, Hua Yue was no doubt three times stronger than Xiao Cao. However, due to a single person, they were not confronting each other with hostility. They smiled, crossing each other's sword.

"Xiao Cao, if you don't want to lose, try to defeat me with your full strength!" Hua Yue said.

Since Hua Yue's childhood, she had been taught by a famous knight from Western God's Domain. Her Crossed Sword was a very powerful sword skill. Besides, she had the blessing of the fantastic black hair, she was only one step away from reaching the 2nd rank. If no accident happened, she would be one of the few female swordsmaidens who would enter Sword Palace by their own talents.

She had also obtained the miracle appearing in the other girls’ bodies. As a girl who had received the standard sword skill education, she knew the importance of that miracle.

Everything was because of the inexplicable relationship with that mysterious black-haired maid, "Mei".

Xiao Cao had yet to understand the changes, however, she could instinctively master the power of that miracle. Amongst the thirty-seven female swordsmen, she was the only girl who was a match for Hua Yue! Hua Yue wasn't wrong. Amongst the thirty-seven female swordsmen, Xiao Cao's and her talent were the best. Due to this, they had high affinity with Yun Xi's seeds and absorbed most of the seeds' power.

Xiao Cao had learned Hua Huo's basic breathing method. She steadily walked on the road leading to the strongest sword skill. Hua Yue had absorbed the most gorgeous and powerful part of Flying Swallow Sword, which meant that she had learned "The Swallow Returns".

"They... are going to reach the 2nd rank..." Due to the threads, Yun Xi could see Xiao Cao and Hua Yue's growth through his naked eyes. Maybe Hua Yue had more adequate nutrition. In Yun Xi's eyes, her growing speed was slightly faster than Xiao Cao. Perhaps she would be the first girl to reach the 2nd rank.

"I will never admit defeat!" Xiao Cao looked at Hua Yue's chest with envy, then looked at her own flat chest. For the first time in her life, she showed a depressed look on her face. If only sword skill was involved, she could catch up with Hua Yue through hard work. However, chests... the gap between them was hopelessly too wide!

How much milk had Hua Yue drunk that her breasts were so big?!

"Hehe, don't mind it, you're still at the puberty age. After we enter the Sword Palace, I will recommend you some cookbooks that can help you 'become big'!" Hua Yue knew that Xiao Cao would no doubt enter the Sword Palace, so she played up to Xiao Cao and showed a vague gloating in her eyes.

The Western God's Domain's speciality, highland milk, was incredibly expensive. Fortunately, she had inherited her mother's bloodline so that she could absorb the highland milk to get herself into so proud a shape. As an aristocratic miss, she had always tried her best to keep her knowledge, sword skill, and appearance perfect.

"I don't have money." Xiao Cao said and shook her head, then grasped her sword. She was poor. Even if she had money, she would use it to strengthen her equipment and not to enhance her breasts.

"Don't worry. After you join the Sword Palace, the door to a new world will open for you," Hua Yue said.

She wasn't lying. The Sword Palace only recruited talented swordsmen. Once Xiao Cao reached the hero rank, she would have a chance to enhance her breasts. At least, as far as Hua Yue knew, hundreds of God's Domains had posted an inconceivable reward for catching a multi-headed demon dragon. The multi-headed demon dragon's blood was a priceless treasure that could save the poor girl whose breasts were incurably flat. It was said that countless forces had joined up trying to catch that multi-headed demon dragon, but none of them had achieved success. The multi-headed demon dragon was still on the run...

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