Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 82

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Chapter 82: Air Battle Sword Skill

Mortals had no idea about what an "air battle" was. Humans weren't birds. They didn't have wings. Even if a mortal rank person had strong muscles like Childe Si Nian, after gathering all their strength, that person would only be able to jump a few metres. The hang time was so short that the person could only do a few things within that period of time, for instance, launching a Leap Attack. Therefore, as long as a person was still a mortal, no matter what that person's career was, be it a swordsman, alchemist, taoist priest, mage or knight, that person wasn't likely to know a lot about air battles.

However, amongst all the mortal rank skills, the Flying Swallow Sword was one of the few skills that could let its user launch an attack from the air. Of course, one could do that only after they could use their Flying Swallow Sword perfectly and Quicksilver Motion skillfully.

Yun Xi had met both requirements, in which case, he could temporarily get rid of the weight and restrictions, turning into a swallow and fly to the sky. Therefore, when Childe San Quan was still secretly dropping his "little tricks" onto the exam area, he suddenly saw Yun Xi jumping up into the air and avoid all his traps.

His mind went blank. This wasn't what he had expected! In order to defeat this unknown black-haired maid, he had tried his best. After stepping onto the stage, he had begun to place traps around the exam area by using some sneaky methods. However, even though he had three careers - taoist priest, alchemist, and swordsman at the same time, he hadn’t expected that a mortal rank person could have such amazing bodily movement and a nimble flying aptitude.

The world seemed to have slowed down at that moment!

"No!" Childe San Quan could think three times faster than ordinary people. He tried his best to activate all his traps. One transparent thread after another bounced up from the ground. If Yun Xi had rushed into that area, he would have faced inevitable death. These threads extended from the Five Animals Fan Sword. They were pretty sharp, such that they could easily slice a green hippo to pieces. However, Yun Xi wasn't rushing to him from the ground, but flying to him from the sky. The only place the traps didn't cover... was where Childe San Quan stood!

"Shuffle!" That was the sound of wind, but also the sound of a sword.

"Si!" Faintly, Childe San Quan heard the splashing sound of his blood, then he fainted. All the people around the exam area fell silent.

"Pa! Pa! Pa!" These people suddenly heard an applause coming from the Sword Palace's platform.

How long had it been since the Flying Swallow Sword was invented by that peerless sword master? Since that time, only a few mortal people could use it.

Yun Xi became a swallow and flew through the air. When he did, killing his enemy was as easy as picking his own pocket.

Actually, that was just an illusion, as he never was a swallow. Due to his powerful leaping ability, body control, and his slender, nimble physique, others would only perceive him as such.

At the mortal rank, only a few sword skills could let the user fly in the air. Many people had practiced this sword skill, however, none of them had achieved success. Many people thought that this sword skill should not be listed in the mortal rank sword skills list. People should wait till they reached the hero rank to then begin to practice air battle sword skills.

However, Yun Xi's "The Swallow Returns" clearly told them that they didn't need to wait till they had achieved the hero rank. They didn't even need to reach the 3rd rank. Reaching the 2nd ranked was already enough, because the Flying Swallow Sword was a sword skill for mortals. Any person could learn it after they practiced their sword skills to the limit. When the sword master created this sword skill, he hadn't reached the hero rank yet.

Fly Swallow Sword was undoubtedly a mortal ranked sword skill. It was a key leading to a higher realm.

"I... I was defeated? What's wrong with that maid? Since she has mastered such a wonderful sword skill, she can directly apply for admission! Why did she come to participate in the entrance test?" Childe San Quan couldn't accept the truth that he had been defeated. Because his throat had been sliced by Yun Xi's sword, he covered his throat with his hands and frantically shouted.

Many people agreed with Childe San Quan's words. Even several Sword Palace sword skill teachers also nodded. They were sword skill teachers. They knew that in order to perform "The Swallow Returns" as a 2nd ranked person, the user must have an amazing body flexibility and great sword talent.

"He is right."

"The maid can use ‘The Swallow Returns’. Her talent is worthy of admission."

"Perhaps her talent is only slightly inferior to that specially enrolled girl, Hua Huo."

On the Sword Palace's platform, Red Lotus smiled, then wrote down the black-haired maid's name on the admission list. This meant that Yun Xi had passed through the entrance test. Red Lotus thought that Yun Xi had showed enough talent, so she didn't need to prove herself by participating in the next knockout round.

After hesitating for a while, Red Lotus added a new name on to the admission list - Xiao Cao's name. Her results were the best amongst all the girls who had obtained Yun Xi's seed.

"Strange... That's too fast," Hua Huo of course knew Yun Xi's exact details, but now, Yun Xi's achievements made her feel confused. A week ago, Yun Xi hadn't even mastered the Quicksilver Motion steps and had just learnt how to breathe in the right way. Why was he even able to use the perfect version of "The Swallow Returns"? What was the talent Yun Xi had awakened?

Besides, when Hua Huo looked at the girls around Yun Xi, her heart kept warning her that something was wrong. Her special ability as Yun Xi's childhood sweetheart launched: Jealousy Radar!

Shuffle! Shuffle! Shuffle! Shuffle! Shuffle! Numerous red points appeared in Hua Huo's mind, which really scared her. Was something wrong with her "Jealousy Radar"? Why did she think that every girl around Yun Xi was her love rival? In their eyes, Yun Xi should be a blacked-haired maid named "Mei"! Why was it that when they looked at Yun Xi, their sights were so fervent? Their faces blushed, their mouths were moist, and their expressions made them look like some shy little rabbits. Everything just showed that they were a group of girls in love.

Yun Xi, what did you do to them? Or on the contrary, did they do something to you? Who could tell her that what had happened between the girls and Yun Xi when she had gone to meet the twin witches?

"No! I can't lose! I'm the strongest!" After seeing Childe San Quan’s defeat, Childe Yun He finally made a decision.

You can fly? No, that can’t be real. The maid should be only able to temporarily stop in the air. What she used are still mortal ranked skills. However, I have the Crane Wing Twin Swords! They are hero ranked weapons that are beyond everyone's imagination.

How could ordinary people know the true power of Crane Wings Twin Swords! I, Childe Yun He, will be the last winner! When my Crane Wings Twin Swords fly to the sky, it will be the time of your death!

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