Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 796

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Chapter 796: The Witch's Tower

"Forward!" Red Dragon Zaka makes a joyful sound, carrying Yun Xi to the south of this continent.

With Red Dragon Zaka as his mount, Yun Xi easily broke through countless mountains, rivers, and swamps, and soon went from the deserted desert to the forest area full of lush forests.

"This is the territory of those damned twin witches."

"Well, do you want me to blow them out and have a big fight?" Red Dragon Zaka is eager to try.

With the most powerful combination skill, the holy crimson light as the trump card, now Red Dragon Zaka is even daring to fight heaven.

"Oh wait, I want to get your heart back from the twin witches." Yun Xi shook his head.

Of course, there is more than one reason, but he is sure that the heart of Red Dragon Zaka is still in the hands of the twin witches, so it is not a lie.

"Well..." Under Yun Xi, Red Dragon Zaka's eyes flashed shyness.

He is worrying about me!

The giant dragon's huge body turns into a red flame, and falls rapidly from an altitude of 10000 meters to a mountain peak. Red dragon Zaka changes back to her human posture.

Her high-heeled shoes are stepping on the ice and snow on the top of the mountain. They look at the vast southern land together.

Different from the last country of mankind, the south is full of forests and swamps, showing a typical tropical climate.

The civilization level of human beings living here is far lower than that of the kingdom which still retains the state system. It is a loose alliance system dominated by tribes.

The only ones who can give orders to all the tribal chiefs are the witches who are said to have the blood of the ancient kingdom of Assyria, and this generation of witches is undoubtedly the strongest one in all generations.

They are even more powerful than Red Dragon Zaka.

"There... it should be the palace of the witches. " Red Dragon Zaka refers to a tower in the middle of the southern forest region.

It is the most conspicuous human building in the whole southern forest world, with an incredible height of 300 meters. Even in the heyday of the Assyria kingdom, it was a miracle-like huge building.

After the collapse of the Assyria Dynasty, the descendants of a royal family retreated to the tower which was originally just the border area of the dynasty. On this basis, the ancient civilization of Assyria was preserved, and a unique witch system was formed.

The witch's palace is the last pillar of the Southern Civilization and the holy land of those tribes.

The holy witches are the spiritual totems on this barren land, and they are known as the leaders of the children of God.

These are all the materials Yun Xi read from the library of the palace, but there are very few connections between witches and the last kingdom of mankind.

This is also a very natural thing. After the collapse of the Assyria Dynasty, there was a huge gap in civilization. There was no direct connection between the last state of human protection and the territory of the southern witches.

At a time when the number of human beings is greatly reduced, countless mountains, rivers, swamps and Demons inhabiting the land between the two human settlements have completely blocked the communication between the Kingdom and the tribal areas.

Except for a few hero ranked strong people, no team can pass through these areas. On the contrary, the tribes living in the desert have contacts with the guardian kingdom.

As for the northern ice sheet area, even in the heyday of the Assyria Dynasty, it was a rarely visited place, and there was no trace of human civilization.

Just like the Forgotten Ruins, human beings in this continent have long declined. Without witches and kings, it's probably the fire of civilization would have been extinguished.

"Do the twin witches live in that tower?" Yun Xi looked at the three hundred meter high spire, feeling an unusual smell from it.

It is a taste that seems to be out of place with the world, just like the only torch in the dark and ignorant world.

"Strange, is that tower getting higher again?" Red Dragon Zaka is staring at the witch's tower. When she attacked it three days ago, it was not that high.

"This tower..." Yun Xi has a similar feeling. The more he looks at the tower, the more familiar he feels.

It seems that it is not the first time he has seen such a high spire.

This kind of ethereal, sacred building with some ancient and vicissitudes is not the style of White Lotus Sword Domain at all, but more like the masterpiece of the god's domains in the West.

In particular, the sword shape tearing the sky and the sharp outline emerging in the dark give Yun Xi a very familiar flavor.

"The color is different too..." Red Dragon Zaka looked at the tower that had changed in three days.

When she came last time, the tower was white.

How now the sacred white tower has become black?

"The black tower... ah!" Yun Xi remembered that he had actually seen this shaped tower!

However, the tower in his memory was dilapidated, and even the top of the tower was torn by some force, so he didn't recognize it for the first time.

In the trial world, the Dark Tower of Fire!

The tower that lights the fire of hope and the last light of hope in the dark world!

White Lotus bound to the cross.

Red Lotus incarnated to be a flame giant to protect White Lotus!

It was the most tragic trial he had ever experienced, and it was also the trial with the most deaths.

Do they remember the thing happened there?

"I have a bad feeling." Red Dragon Zaka looked around and found that all the breath of life became weak after entering the range of the tower.

There is no taste of human. Three days ago, there were still many mortals, but now they all disappeared without a trace.

Only the tall tower, standing on the southern land, seems to be waiting for something.

There was no sound of birds.

There was no animal running.

Even the sound of fish swimming in the water disappeared.

Between heaven and earth, only silence remains.

"Me too..." From just now on, Yun Xi felt that the life line connecting with Red Dragon Zaka was constantly releasing some dangerous breath.


Far away in the middle of the continent, in the nest of the original dragon.

With a flash of green light, the last egg that had not hatched was forcibly cut by the green light blade on the head of the original dragon.


Endless black comes from the broken eggs.

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