Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 795

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Chapter 795: The Scenery of the Sky

How tall!

How far away!

Yun Xi sat on the back of Red Dragon Zaka, looking at the earth under his feet, deeply felt the so-called high above everything.

It's really too high. It's tens of thousands of meters away from the ground!

From this point of view, the outline of the land can be clearly seen. The desert area alone accounts for about a third of the continent, while the snow covered ice sheet area seems to be larger?

These are harsh areas not suitable for human habitation, and there are not many traces of civilization. Only in the area with a large number of oases on the edge of the desert, Yun Xi vaguely saw some dome tents.

On the contrary, the east of the last human kingdom presents a delta terrain with dense rivers, while the South has many forests. The two parts together constitute the territory of the ancient kingdom of Assyria, the only prosperous civilization in the world.

And all this, in the eyes of the dragon flying in the sky, are insignificant.

The dragon race, a race born with the power of the world, is the ultimate creature at the top of the pyramid of all food chains.

They are born with huge magic power and impregnable body. A giant dragon alone has the power to conquer a continent.

If it wasn't for Yun Xi and his Starwings Knights, maybe Desert Dragon Zaka had completed the mission of "conquering the world".

Looking down on the earth from tens of thousands of meters above, human beings are not even larger than ants. It is no wonder that dragon people do not communicate with human beings, just as human beings do not specially observe the ecology, society and civilization of ants.

In essence, the dragon race is a super creature above human beings.

"Well, it's interesting."

"The world, for us, is too small." Red Dragon Zaka makes a loud noise.

It's the real sound of the dragon. Mortals will lose consciousness and faint when they even hear it at close range.

"Well... It's a little small indeed. " Yun Xi estimated that the area covered by the sacred crimson light created by them, and found half of the desert has been dyed red.

In the ocean of red crimson light, all living things are swallowed up, and then assimilated by Red Dragon Zaka's Dragon Roar Wave and become a part of her Dragon Roar Wave.

It was only when she absorbed such a huge amount of energy that she released her bondage and regained the power to restore the dragon's posture.

Of course, it's also because her relationship with Yun Xi is developing rapidly, but Yun Xi doesn't know it.

"Come on, fly with me!" Red Dragon Zaka, with Yun Xi in the sky, makes a vicious turn and starts a difficult aerial maneuver.

She did not forget how she was tossed by Yun Xi last night!

Now they are in the air, and she dominates the high altitude field. How can she not return the treatment ten times to him!

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

First of all, a series of rolling let Yun Xi have a good experience of what is a drum washing machine and what is an infinite 360 degree loop.

"Ha ha!"

She makes a sharp whistling sound and dives from a height of 10000 meters to only a few meters away from the ground. Yun Xi can smell the smell of sand.

And then she's up and up again, and that's what Red Dragon Zaka is good at.

Several sand worms, who had hardly reached the edge of the desert and stretched out their heads to breathe freely, were so frightened by Red Dragon Zaka that they had a cardiac spasm. Their bile vomited out and were half dead.

A large number of giant scorpions are foaming one by one at the mouth.

There's no way. The power of the dragon is really killing.

"Well... cough... Zaka, it's too fast." Yun Xi, who has never ridden a dragon in his life, thought that all the Dragon Knights had to have a full point of anti dizziness ability. He didn't realize that this was pure revenge of Red Dragon Zaka.

Yes, that's it. It's a revenge for you to do such a shameful thing to me last night!

The princess' revenge will never wait for tomorrow!

"No, it's not full speed yet!" Red Dragon Zaka felt for the first time that "flying" was so happy and comfortable.

Sure enough, abusing rookie is the happiest thing. Before this guy has adapted to the flying mode of the dragon, he must be well abused.

Well, that's the way of her love!

She can't beat Yun Xi, and at least she can make trouble with him, day or night.

Red Dragon Zaka, flying faster and higher!

As a result, the desert demons who managed to escape the sacred crimson light ushered in a nightmare like day.

"Hiss ha!" Together, these creatures with keen intuition and powerful strength hold their heads one by one, drill into the ground and shiver under the pressure of the dragon.

Yun Xi, riding on Red Dragon Zaka's body, turns from the "roller washing machine" over and over again, and then experiences what a real free fall is.

Several times, he saw that the ground was so close that he seemed to be able to reach out and grab a handful of sand.

As for those desert scorpions foaming at their mouths, he automatically ignored them.

"Ah ha ha ha ha ha!" Red Dragon Zaka grabs a sand worm that seems to be struggling with its own claws.

The sand worm, which is hundreds of meters long and has the power to move mountains, is no different from an earthworm in Red Dragon Zaka's claws, and instantly falls into a dead state.

After a flash, a yellow gem appeared in Red Dragon Zaka's claws, which was thrown behind her and fell into Yun Xi's palm.

"The magic color stone of the Millennium sand worm can be made into beautiful jewels. It's my sister Desert Dragon Zaka's favorite decoration."

"There are many of them in my nest."

"Unfortunately, my sister will not come back."

Flying in the sky, Red Dragon Zaka is a little bit sad, telling the story of her past.

"She, perhaps, will come back."

Yun Xi's expression is strange. Does Desert Dragon Zaka like gems?

Well, it seems that it's true. When she and Ice Dragon Zaka are free, they both like to go to the treasure house of the royal city to have a big sleep. Both of them don't wear clothes and so their skin close to all kinds of gems.

Desert dragon Zaka likes warm yellow gems, while Ice Dragon Zaka prefers cold blue gems.

If it's Red Dragon Zaka, there's no doubt that she likes bright red ruby.

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