Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 79

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Chapter 79: I've Got You in My Sight

In the noble families’ camp, Childe Yun He's defeat caused an uproar amongst all the people. No one had expected that as one of the three Childes and as a man whose bloodline was from the Western God's Domain and had superhuman strength, Childe Si Nian would be defeated in the first round of the Sword Palace's entrance test.

He was at the 3rd rank. He was a 3rd ranked swordsman! Even amongst all the 3rd ranked swordsmen, he was at the top level. If he said that his physical strength was the number two amongst all the candidates, then nobody would dare say that he or she was the number one.

The "Three Childes" wasn't just a false reputation. They won this honor through their actual battle record. However, what did they see? One sword. Yun Xi just brandished his sword once, and Childe Si Nian had been defeated.

It was so easy but incomprehensible. Many people hadn't even seen what had happened. Childe Si Nian had been teleported away by the twin witches. The three bloody wounds on his back claimed his failure. As two people who had clearly witnessed what happened, Childe Yun He and Childe San Quan were dumbfounded.

Everything had just happened in one second. If one divided that one second into ten parts, then in the first three parts, Childe Si Nian was gathering his strength, preparing to use his strongest "Leap Attack", the fourth and fifth part were the mysterious black-haired maid's turn. In the face of Childe Si Nian’s attack, she also jumped up. The next one tenth of a second was the most important part. Including Childe San Quan and Childe Yun He, no one understood how she could have done that. She didn't directly block Childe Si Nian's slash, but somersaulted in the air, then brandished her sword. She brandished her sword so nimbly and untraceably as if she had a pair of wings on her back. She just jumped up, somersaulted in the air, and brandished her sword, then she had won the battle.

It looked like her speed was suddenly accelerated by ten times. She seemed to not even be in the same spacetime as Childe Si Nian. From the seventh part to the tenth part, everything had become meaningless, because Childe Si Nian had been defeated.

"Strange! That was too strange!" Childe San Quan frowned.

She had such wonderful sword skill and such nimble body movement... How could she be a civilian! No civilians would have the chance to learn such a fantastic sword skill!

"Where is that maid from?" Childe Yun He was annoyed. As a local person, he had never heard about this maid who suddenly appeared.

This was bad! Should I use them? Childe Yun He glanced at his Crane Wing Twin Swords with an irresolute look.

The twin swords were his trump card. He had the confidence to use them to defeat any 3rd ranked swordsmen. However, if he used them, he was afraid that his score in the eyes of the twin witches would reduce. After all, the twin swords weren't his own strength.

"Yun He, it looks like we should get serious," Childe San Quan said as he waved his fan sword. His eyes were sharp like a viper that was staring at its prey. "It's time to show these civilians the true power of our noble families."

"Oh, Childe Si Nian was really unlucky. I know that his sword has some hidden abilities," Childe Yun He sighed.

They were noble families' children! They had more means than their own strength. Unfortunately, Childe Si Nian underestimated his opponent too much. Before he could use his hidden abilities, he had been defeated. When you needed them, you should decisively use them. Why were hidden abilities called "trump cards"? Because you could use them at the crucial moment to turn the tide of battle!

After walking off the stage, the girls greeted Yun Xi with cheers.

"Mei, good job!"

"You're the strongest! Your lucky charm is really effective!"

"Oh my god, he is Childe Si Nian! Although he is a little stupid, but his strength is really strong! Mei, you're so awesome!"

"A 2nd ranked female swordsman defeated a 3rd ranked swordsman! This was the first time I saw that!"

"Mei, you surely can join the Sword Palace. Thanks to your black hair, I feel that I suddenly have a deeper knowledge about sword skills!"

"Yes, me too!"

"And I!"

"I thought that I suddenly became strong, so that wasn't my illusion!"

The girls smiled and twittered like a flock of swallows. They almost started to dance around Yun Xi. However, Yun Xi looked a little confused.

Why was Childe Si Nian in the real world weaker than the Childe Si Nian in the star trial? He used that attack without any thoughts... Did he look down on me? Besides, shouldn't there be another strong person? Yun Xi remembered that terrible archer in red who had killed him dozens of times in the trial and almost made him doubt his own ability. Wasn't the archer in red a candidate of the Sword Palace's entrance test?

Yun Xi was lost in thought. He didn't notice that the relations amongst the girls and himself had become better, the threads amongst them also became more solid.

"Dammit! I haven't even used my true ability!" Childe Si Nian quickly recovered. He punched the ground angrily, with his eyes filled with tears.

How could he expect that the black-haired maid's attack would have been so unpredictable! And why did you know my Leap Attack so well?

Childe Si Nian had a feeling that the maid had seen through his every single attack!

What the hell was all that about?


On the hilltop, about three kilometres away from the exam area, under a tree, a white-haired person in red watched the exam area. The person slowly raised a black bow, aiming at something.

"Cock-A-doodle-Doo!" A white pigeon flew towards the archer in red from a distance and landed on the person's ragged cape. There was a roll of white paper on one of the pigeon's legs, a letter.

"Act according to our plan. Wait for the sign. If you think it's necessary, you can act autonomously. Still aim at the same target."

The archer in red nodded, then casually tore the letter to shreds.

"Sniff! Sniff!"

Some strange wheezing came from under the archer's feet. If one took a good look at the ground under the archer's feet, one would find that it was abnormally dark red, like some big monster's scales.

"Cock-A-doodle-Doo!" The pigeon spread its wings, flying to the sky again.

"Still... have to wait for a while..." The archer in red's voice sounded hoarse like his throat had been burnt. The archer in red raised his long bow again. By using his "Eagle Eye", he observed the test.

The target his "Eagle’s Eye" locked onto was on the Sword Palace's platform, the location where the twin witches were!

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