Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 78

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Chapter 78: Black Flying Swallow

Finally, the first round of White Lotus Sword Palace's entrance test was going to come to a close.

Outside of everyone's expectation, the female swordsmaiden camp bursted out with an amazing fighting capacity. Almost all of them had defeated their opponents and broke into the second round test. They even defeated famous children such as Lin Feng, Li Wei, and Luo En. Their combat gains were way beyond everyone's imagination. However, their record would end here because the last person stepping onto the stage was one of the three Childes, Childe Si Nian. And his opponent, was the only 2nd ranked female swordsman in the female swordsmen camp, the mysterious black-haired maid named "Mei".

"Cheer up, Childe Si Nian!"

"Please get revenge for Childe Lin Feng!"

"Crush her! Show your masculinity to the girls!"

Childe Si Nian had stepped on the stage. He raised his head and lifted his chest, looking at Yun Xi with his sharp eyes. "I have to admit the fact that you're pretty strong, but sorry, the test will only have one winner, and that winner is me."

"..." Yun Xi was speechless. Before the fight began, Childe Si Nian had already claimed his victory. After a while, Yun Xi said, "Well… hope you will teach me more."

"You're welcome. I know as a girl, you're pretty good to be a 2nd ranked swordsmaiden at this age. You're also probably very good at sword skills, just like these female swordsmen before. However, that isn't enough to defeat me. I'm not like those children who're lacking practice," Childe Si Nian said, then twisted his neck.

His body let out a successive burst of clear sounds. That meant that he had developed his muscles to their current limit. Childe Si Nian was indeed unlike other children. His bloodline was from the Western God's Domain and his height was taller than any other person there. His strapping body was about two metres tall. His four limbs were slender but strong. His muscles were so compact to the extent that they were going explode at any time. Besides, his sword was a sophisticated two-handed blue heavy sword from the Western Thunder Army.

He looked like a natural general or hero in a fairy tale. He was even taller and stronger than the Five Tiger Generals. His strength was the well-deserved number one amongst the three Childes.

Yun Xi clearly remembered that when he killed Childe Si Nian in the trial, the soul he dropped was even slightly larger than the soul Childe San Quan dropped, although Childe San Quan's comprehensive strength was the strongest amongst the three people.

Compared to the female swordsmaiden, his physique had given him a great advantage. Well, he was probably even stronger than the green hippo. After remembering all the enemies he had seen, Yun Xi decided to regard Childe Si Nian as a slim green hippo with strength united. After all, the green hippo didn't have any weapons. In terms of quality, Childe Si Nian's two-handed heavy sword was even better than the two-handed sword Hua Huo used to slay the fiery male dragon.

"Three. I need only three attacks to defeat you. This isn't a place for a girl's House Game!" Childe Si Nian arrogantly pointed his three fingers straight up, claiming his victory to Yun Xi.

"One!" Child Si Nian shouted. His whole body heightened and his muscles tensed up. After that, he turned into a 2.5 metre tall giant and started to charge towards Yun Xi.

Along with his steps, his strength also became more furious. The stone bricks under his feet were all tramped down as if he was a running giant. He was coming! Although Yun Xi had killed Childe Si Nian once in the trial, however, he had the help of the Crane Wings Twin Swords at that time, so he still didn't know a lot about the three Childes’ hidden abilities.

However, Yun Xi had also thoroughly remoulded himself after that. While holding his sword in his hand, Yun Xi felt extremely bellicose. His blood was so hot and crazy, it was as if it was burning.

This... This was the Killing Princess's legacy!

In his mind, some voice was resounding, “Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Make everything bloody! Let the blood flow all over the earth, the sea, and the sky! Only killing is the supreme goal. Only blood can satisfy the desire in your heart. Release all restraints! Kill every enemy!”

What... a... dangerous... legacy...

If Yun Xi hadn't obtained Hua Huo's seed and the twin witches' seed, he probably would have been conquered by this bloody desire, becoming a killing machine. The Killing Princess's legacy was really too dangerous. It wasn't a power any ordinary people should obtain. It was very likely that the person who inherited this bloody desire would gradually become insane and uncontrollable as he became stronger and stronger.

At this time, Hua Huo's talent and the twin witches' spiritual talent played a pivotal role. The two seeds helped Yun Xi control the bloody desire, and turned it into his motivation, temporarily increasing his speed and physical functions.

The cold sword blade reflected Yun Xi's face. He was so calm and beautiful. His black long hair appeared moonlight-like with mysterious lights. That was the Killing Princess's gorgeous appearance, attained once she appeared on the battlefield.

At this moment, time seemed to have become slower than normal. No, time didn't become slow. It was Yun Xi's thinking speed, blood flow velocity, and neural reaction speed becoming faster than usual under this mode. Hua Huo's talent helped Yun Xi get used to the high speed, performing the Killing Princess's true ability.

I have seen that! You would use "that skill"!

Yun Xi raised his head with his black hair blowing in the wind. He gazed at the figure who was launching a leap attack at him. As Yun Xi expected, the methods used may vary, but the principle was the same. The skill you often used in the trial... was your strongest skill!

Yun Xi stood on his tiptoe. The next moment, he also jumped up in the air.

"Ha ha, you're bringing about your own destruction!" Childe Si Nian raised the corner of his mouth.

His attack was fierce as always. He never needed defence or a route of retreat. No matter who the enemy was, he always launched a direct attack. Not too many people in the world could block his leap attack. Suddenly, he felt his body becoming cold like a cube of ice. His eyes also lost sight.

Why did he suddenly see a swallow flying across the sky?

What was... that?

In countless people's eyes, a black swallow unbelievably streaked across the sky, brushing past Childe Si Nian’s side. Before Childe Si Nian fell down to the ground, the black swallow had disappeared in the air.

"Bang!" Childe Si Nian's face was heavily smashed onto the ground. With three wounds on his back, he laid down on the ground, his body unmoved.

"En, a perfect Flying Swallow Sword, Mei!" Hua Huo's face was wreathed with smiles as she clapped her hands. As she had thought, the "Killing Princess" was indeed a greatsword legacy that was suitable for her Little Xi!

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