Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 787

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Chapter 787: The Mind of a Young Girl

Under the stars, the Red Dragon Princess pulled the clear and cold spring water on her delicate white body.

Transparent water drops from the red face to the white neck, and then to fragrant collarbone, tender arm, delicate jade-like back, flat abdomen, soft waist, round hip, slender legs, thin feet, and finally return to the water.

In the starlight, the crystal clear skin exudes a wonderful white luster.

The spring water at night is very cold.

The Red Dragon Princess's body is very hot.

Behind her is Yun Xi, whose eyes closed and face embarrassed.

"Don't look, I'll kill you!" Red Dragon Zaka, who is washing her body, stares at the bastard who has done those things just now.

Careless, I was too careless!

I can't get married!

"I didn't open my eyes." Yun Xi felt that it was really unjust. It was her who took the initiative to do that to him!

The passionate deep kiss, a little tender but indefatigable way of intimacy... the energy of the dragon is really amazing!

"Hum, big liar!" Red Dragon Zaka washes her hair and skin with spring water. Her body has his smell everywhere.

What? Did she take the initiative to push him down? There is no such thing!

Everything is his fault!

No matter what, it must be his fault!

Zakas don't make mistakes. The daughters of the great original dragon are symbols of truth.

Everything Zakas did is right because they had the power to make rules.

"What is this kind of person?" Looking at the traces left on her body, Red Dragon Zaka's small face turned red and recalled what had happened just now.

Did her feet have stepped on him many times?

At the same time, they were kissed many times.

What's more embarrassing is that she took the initiative to lick...

It must be this guy's fault, it must be the moon's fault, it must be the star's fault, it must be the sun's fault! Anyway, it's definitely not her fault!

She never thought that she would have such a relationship with human beings in her whole life. It's too impure!

Does she like this human?

No way! Even if tomorrow is the end of the world, she won't like him.

To get her heart, at least he has to be a king!

This guy is not like a king at all. And how many girls have been violated by this bastard?! Why was he so skilled?!

"Forget it!"

"Forget what happened tonight!"

"Nothing happened tonight. It's all your dream!" Red Dragon Zaka gritted her teeth and yelled in Yun Xi's ear.

"Ok, ok... I know It's a delusion... it is just my dream..." Yun Xi raises his right hand helplessly and makes an appointment with Red Dragon Zaka.

"Pinky swear!"

"If you dare to tell anyone, I will eat you, from toe to hair!" Red Dragon Zaka's roar was loud, with an imperceptible sense of shame.

"Yes, yes, I will never say it." Yun Xi takes Red Dragon Zaka's little finger and shakes it

"It's a secret between us."

"Idiot, pervert, big liar!" Biting Yun Xi's finger, Red Dragon Zaka left a small tooth mark this time.

The red dress woven by magic reappeared on her body. The old one had just disappeared because of some flame.

Her high-heeled shoes trample heavily on the ground beside Yun Xi as if it's a part of Yun Xi's body.

Oh, she really dislikes me. It's really bad.

Why can't I just control my impulse? Yun Xi sighs at Red Dragon Zaka, who looks at him with her look becomes more and more scornful.

At first, it was Red Dragon Zaka who took the initiative, but after that, he couldn't say that he wasn't affected.

When embracing her, he always has the delusion that he was holding his fifth princess.

What a mistake. What a mistake!




The untimely heartbeat rings out, seems to be smiling at this pair who just entered the wonderful world.

Heartbeat can't lie.

Red Dragon Zaka's heart is pounding, that is the pure feeling of a girl.

Yun Xi's heart is pounding, that's the troubled youth's regret. Youth is always so easy to be impulsed, chagrined.

Some wonderful atmosphere spread between them.

"Say... say something!"

"You liar, do you dare to do such a thing to me and dare not to admit it?" Red Dragon Zaka's hands rested on her hips with a reproachful look.

Maybe, it's not to blame someone but to know, to understand a problem.

Only Yun Xi can give this problem an answer, a perfect answer that makes the other side blush.

"Didn't you say... you want me to forget it?" Yun Xi asked in confusion. He doesn't understand the young girl's caprice at all.

"Ah... you stupid... fool!" Red Dragon Zaka trampled on Yun Xi's feet with her high heels.

Fool, fool! Why can't you understand!

I just want to know, are you... why can't you understand?!

Even if you are a liar, you are also a liar who has won the Great Red Dragon Princess and completed the unprecedented great cause in human history.

I want to be praised by you!

I want you to say I am the most beautiful princess in the world.

I want you to tell me that you who have the Red Dragon Princess are the happiest person in the world!

Too stupid, too stupid!

"Yes, yes, I'm a fool... " In such a situation, Yun Xi can only act like a fool.

Well, it's especially useful for Hua Huo. When Hua Huo is angry, he just has to admit his mistake and pretend to be a fool, and he can be forgiven.

"Well, at last, you know yourself." Red Dragon Zaka grabs Yun Xi's face and makes a funny expression:

"The luckiest thing in your life is to meet the magnanimous Red Dragon Princess."


It seems that he has been forgiven. Yun Xi quietly breathed a sigh of relief.

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