Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 786

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Chapter 786: Delicious Time

Red Dragon Zaka also reaches out her finger and grabs Yun Xi's hand. The two fingers are connected and their cheeks are getting closer.

Why? What is she doing?

Why? What am I doing?

Yun Xi's face was tense, showing an expression of going to accept but yet refuse.

Red Dragon Zaka, on the other hand, has a confused expression of "Where is this place?", "Who am I?" and "What am I doing?".

Only the green flower in her chest, the gift left by Lvji to Yun Xi, the only flower in the world, quietly unfolds its petals and releases certain elements.

It's fragrant, sweet, and intoxicating.

Why, why do I want to kiss this human being?! Red Dragon Zaka only felt that her mind was in a state of confusion. She couldn't remember anything or think about anything. She just had an instinctive impulse, which seemed to urge her to try to absorb some elements.

Subconsciously, she understands that it was very, very delicious. The little red dragon, who had enjoyed Yun Xi's bread, had no immunity to it.

But how to eat it?

It's OK to eat like this. Red dragon Zaka lowers her head and clasps her fingers with Yun Xi. Her beautiful face is as red as sunset.

Her body instinctively flustered trembling, and her heart rate constantly accelerating, accelerating, seems to be waiting for something to moisten.

Yun Xi looks at the lovely Red Dragon Zaka in front of him and can't help but swallow a mouthful of saliva.

It's terrible, it's really bad.

He clearly knows that this is not a thing he should do, but there is no place to escape!

He and Red Dragon Zaka are bound to the line of life, not only the young red dragon princess but also himself.

Yun Xi realized this only now.

Looking at the closer and closer lips of the lovely red dragon princess, Yun Xi can't hide.

"Pa!" Red Dragon Zaka's hairband was automatically untied, and her long hair fell down, and her skin was shining like jade in the moonlight.

The girl's soft face pasted on Yun Xi's cheek, and two people's lips naturally combined.

Boom! Just in an instant, there was a flame burning in both of their bodies.

It is the flame of life, it is a brilliant color, it is the band intertwined with each other.

Compared with the unruly Red Dragon Zaka, Yun Xi almost immediately took the initiative.

He wantonly kisses the fragrant lip that has never been touched by a man. The whole person seems to be burning. With his powerful tongue, it is easy to open and close the barrier. He puts it into the mouth, licks it slowly, and sips it from time to time so that the Little Red Dragon Princess makes a lovely voice.

At this time, the experience of the wedding night is perfectly displayed. For how to get close to Zakas, Yun Xi's proficiency has reached the level of a master.

And Red Dragon Zaka's experience in this area is, of course, zero!

Beautiful long hair randomly scattered on the chest, under the light of stars, send out a kind of soft luster like jade.

The smooth and warped twin peaks are perfectly pressed on Yun Xi's chest, bringing a greasy touch.

Yun Xi kisses greedily while freeing his right hand and let it slide slowly along the pink cheek and jade neck to Red Dragon Zaka's tall and plump chest.

Through the gentle and smooth arc, Yun Xi's hands from front to back gradually slide from the greasy and soft back of the neck to the slender waist, and slowly encircle the smooth abdomen, so that he once again experienced the taste of the fragrant body.

As Yun Xi's actions became more and more excessive, Red Dragon Zaka suddenly blushed and immediately fell into chaos, and her consciousness of resistance disappeared again.

The green flowers that successfully add Yun Xi's ingredients continue to drive the lost little red dragon and let her actively approach Yun Xi.

"Well... Ah... " Red Dragon Zaka's red cherry mouth becomes more sweet and greasy with a touch of refreshing fragrance.

The smell is... Yun Xi is also a bit hazy as if entering a dream.

In front of his eyes, the Red Dragon Princess's face gradually became the face of Desert Dragon Zaka, and then the face of Ice Dragon Zaka.

After all, they look so similar.

With his strong arms around the soft waist of Red Dragon Zaka, his palms caress the girl's smooth and delicate back, and his lips gently kiss her forehead, eyes, and cheek.

When the girl's expression changed from tense to soft and shy, he sipped and sucked her fragrant pink lip and entangled with her sweet tongue.

The long kiss made Red Dragon Zaka's body more soft and powerless, and almost lost all the resistance.

Of course, just like last night, even if she resisted, there would be no change.

Yun Xi's lips continued to move downward, planted a few bright rose kisses on Red Dragon Zaka's crystal white neck, and gently bit the soft and full bud.

Every time Yun Xi's tongue sweeps across it, Red Dragon Zaka makes a whine.

Waves of redness appear on the snow-white body. The straight and plump legs are sometimes stretched and sometimes folded. The smooth and delicate skin is even hotter as if it was ignited.

Yun Xi just took a light bite, and the pair of white rabbits bound by the bowknot had broken away from the shackles of the dress and exposed to the air.

Under the starlight, the jade-like cheeks, small and delicate nose, ruddy lips, as well as the full and straight chest, slender waist, all send out the pleasant smell that Yun Xi can't resist.

At this time, are you going to be an animal, or continue to resist like a gentleman?

Yun Xi was in a great deal of trouble, but soon he didn't have to worry.

Because Red Dragon Zaka has bitten his ear and began to absorb a special factor called "Yun Xi's ingredient" more actively.

A cloud passed by quietly and blocked the moon.

"Eat you!" Biting Yun Xi's ear, Red Dragon Zaka made a voice that he didn't know if it was a demonstration or a temptation.

Well, next, she really went from toe to finger, from ear to... eat Yun Xi up and down.

Tonight is a peaceful night.

Or, it's time for the little white rabbit to attack the wolf.

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