Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 785

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Chapter 785: Starlight and Whisper.

"OK, that's the end of our little training." Red Dragon Zaka releases Yun Xi's hand, stretches her body, and stares at Yun Xi with a wonderful look.

That kind of feeling, just like a little dog who has been crazy for a day outside and looks at her master eagerly after returning home.

"I'm hungry!"

After the rapid development in their relationship, Red Dragon Zaka became hungry .

"Only bread." Yun Xi took a look at the oasis. In addition to clear spring, there were only a few poplar trees with their leaves tightly closed and large areas of cactus.

In the distance, it seems that there were a few scorpions and other creatures foolishly hovering on the sand dunes, but dare not close here.

There is no doubt that they feel the smell of a dragon, the ultimate creature at the top of the pyramid of the food chain.

"Bread will do." Red Dragon Zaka gulps in her throat and gulps down her saliva.

Before that, she had never thought that bread, a kind of common food of human beings, would have such a strong attraction for her.

No, it's not about the bread. It's his bread. His bread is unusual!

That kind of bread contains some ingredients that make her unable to stop. If she just takes a small bite, she will feel like she is floating.

Yes, that's the smell. It's the smell of crime! Red Dragon Zaka looked straight at Yun Xi's golden-colored bread from his own storage and snatched it with lightning speed.

"Ah Hoo!" With a big bite, she once again showed a happy expression.

Well, if I can eat such delicious bread every day, it seems that it is not impossible to act with this human being temporary.

Yun Xi looks at his golden cream bread in a daze.

He didn't put anything strange in this bread.

Why does Red Dragon Zaka show such an attractive and lovely expression when biting this golden butter bread?

Through the line of life connected between them, he could clearly feel her elation, unbridled mood.

In terms of human language, this is probably the case:

Yummy, yummy, yummy!

One more, one more! One is not enough, more!

Woo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo hoo!

With sweet white cream on her mouth, Red Dragon Zaka shook her little feet and reached out to Yun Xi. The meaning could not be more obvious - another one.

"Oh Don't eat too much... you will become fat. " Yun Xi stretched out his hand, and another golden butter bread appeared in the palm of his hand, and was bitten away by the long waiting Red Dragon Zaka.

"Giant dragon doesn't need to worry about getting fat..." Red Dragon Zaka hums a tune to show off her proud figure.

The skin is white and tender. The neck is long and snow-white, more beautiful and smooth than a swan's neck.

The typical oval pretty face, coupled with the small and classic features, has become a very attractive picture.

The beautiful girl's body, which is exquisite and full of youthful breath, is within the reach of Yun Xi's hands.

Obviously, he didn't eat much, but Yun Xi felt like a full meal.

The thread of life actively conveys a certain impulse of Red Dragon Zaka towards him.

Like, I want to lick his body?

Errr... delusion, delusion! It must be a delusion!

In fact, this is not a delusion.

Red Dragon Zaka looks at Yun Xi quietly and licks the white cream from her mouth.

Through the pupils of Yun Xi, she can see her human posture.

No matter how she looks at it, she is a beautiful and peerless beauty in his pupils.

Well, is that line of sight... looking at my chest?

Unable to help it, Red Dragon Zaka recalled how her soft chest had been kneaded by the other party over and over again, and she was deeply immersed in the feeling.

This pervert is so interested in her chest!

Human beings are hopeless!

Hum, I won't show you! Red Dragon Zaka hugs her chest and makes a face at Yun Xi.

Uh, found out?

The guilty Yun Xi turns his head. It is really not a thing a gentleman should do.

"Well, tell me about you. You should be one of the strongest men in the world?" Now that she has to stay with Yun Xi for a while, Red Dragon Zaka becomes curious about Yun Xi's identity.

Just an ordinary human being? Don't try to fool me!

If even an ordinary human can use the Dragon Roar Wave, there will be no room for other races in the endless god's domains.

"No, I'm far from the real strong." Yun Xi naturally comes up with his own invincible childhood sweetheart Hua Huo, as well as the twin witches who defeated Red Dragon Zaka.

Taking them as the reference target, Yun Xi doesn't feel that he is very strong at all. It's better to say that he had just caught up with them.

Red Dragon Zaka, on the other hand, is born strong. She can destroy the world in five minutes. It's no joke.

If there wssn't the connection of Lvji's life line, he has no chance to defeat her except to open the forbidden door of Starwings.

Recognizing the gap is one of the manifestations of Yun Xi's growth.

The Queen of Assyria, White Moon, Desert Dragon Zaka, and Ice Dragon Zaka, his four princesses are all real monsters in a sense!

Especially the Queen of Assyria, the master of the Forgotten Ruins, she made Yun Xi revived from the bonfire for countless times.

When I can fight with Red Dragon Zaka without the Starwings, maybe I will be one of the strong.

"I wanted to be stronger and stronger than anyone else, so I came to try." Yun Xi held out his right hand, and the star lights fell from his finger joints.

No matter what the world is, he can see the stars all over the sky.

As long as the stars shine on the place, he will be full of courage, because that is the great stars' care for him.

Therefore, no matter how many setbacks he encountered, no matter how many times he died, he would believe that he would find the way to hope.

"Yes, only the real strong people are worthy of the world."

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