Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 752

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Chapter 752: Blood Moon Wedding (6)

A Star Devil Beetle Beetle can destroy the world more than ten times.

In addition, unlike the Colors Out of Space who have to hide their own posture before absorbing enough vitality and soul power, this Black Flame Devil Beetle alone has the power to destroy the world.

All of the individuals of the "Star Devil Beetles" are terrifying creatures that have experienced countless times of evolution, fighting with all kind of creatures, and even fighting with gods.

At the moment, the giant black devil beetle trampled on by White Moon has a hard shell like a manatee, but the two whiskers are burning with a frightening black flame, like a pair of whips dancing constantly.

"No. 69, Black Flame Devil Beetle... " In the sigh of the Queen of Assyria, there was a little comfort.

My daughter is really gifted.

This is one of the ultimate trump card units that can destroy the world and fight in the void.

Like her stupid spider, this Star Devil Beetle has the power to destroy the world too, and is not controlled by the power of ancient gods.

It's not a nightmare creature. It's a monster in another system. It's a super fighting force from a distant star world.

In order to snatch my lover away from me, she unexpectedly summoned this dangerous devil beetle?

Where did she learn this absolutely taboo spell?

How does she have the ability to make a contract with this No. 69 Black Flame Devil Beetle?

"Come out, my friend, king from the abyss."

Since her daughter has come up with her ultimate trump card, the Queen of Assyria will naturally have to respond to her provocations.

In the underground lake, the huge stupid spider carrying the Queen's throne silently, suddenly opened eight compound eyes.

The next second, 3000 spiders' blades soar to the sky, breaking through the sky!

The seemingly stupid spider jumped up from the underground lake to the air directly and stepped on the spider blades.

On the empty throne, the shadow of the Queen of Assyria appears quietly.

That's a figure of a peerless beauty in anyone's imagination. If White Moon grows up and becomes more mature, that's probably what she looks like.

She wears the same white wedding dress of the queen's, but the queen's wedding dress still dyed the blood a thousand years ago, and her abdomen also has an incurable hole.

It's a curse that the Queen of Assyria can't lift, a mark of her sacrifice.

In the past, all this has become the reason why the Queen of Assyria despairs and even closes herself in the Forgotten Ruins.

Now, she came out of the Forgotten Ruins and bravely faced such an incomplete self.

Because she believes that even a person like her has the right to obtain happiness and enjoy the time illuminated by the sun.

Maybe she is not the perfect queen, but today, she wants to be the perfect bride.

The giant stupid spiders proudly lift up its legs with more than 3000 spider blades flying around it.

At the foot of White Moon, the Black Flame Devil Beetle also raised its tentacles. The black flame rose to the sky, almost obscuring the brilliance of the blood moon.

"Mom, I won't let you take dad away." White Moon holds her eyes, showing a painful and struggling expression.

The power of her magic eye is on the rampage, which is a sequela of sacrificing the Colors Out of Space.

This kind of sacrifice is not without a price. If she is not the child of the ancient gods and has the highest level of control, the curse of the stars will make her scared.

Fortunately, the body made by dad is almost immune to any curse. It is the body blessed by the world and the only carrier that can accommodate the Queen of Assyria.

Although they all use the same body, they must figure out who is the soul married to Yun Xi!

"The kingdom is over." Ice Dragon Zaka looked at the people who had fallen into complete chaos, shrugged her shoulders, and sighed.

"That's right. We don't need to fight at all. That spider, and that beetle, can flatten this kingdom." Desert Dragon Zaka laughed.

Ah, only the eternal of the world and the stupidity of mankind won't change in the river of time.

This prince is really stupid.

Yun Xi also felt that he had made a huge mistake.

Why didn't I find out the truth about White Moon who came to sleep with me every night?

Obviously, her abnormality is so obvious.

Looking at the two in the sky, Yun Xi thought it was time to stand up.

"Hua Yue, I'm sorry. It's really my fault." With a sigh, Yun Xi hugged the leader of the Starwing Knights and showed a fearless expression.

In his mind, he thought of the mysterious prophecy of the royal augur again.

Choice, no, it's not a matter of choice or not at all. If I don't stop the two, the world will be finished before the evil dragon comes!

The world would be destroyed not because of the dragon, but because of a wedding. That would be too tragic!

"Prince, be careful."

"Prince, let's run!"

"Prince, how about marrying both of them?"

The girls of the Starwing Knights give Yun Xi reliable and unreliable suggestions.

Sorry, it's not a question of whom to marry. Yun Xi helplessly looks at the mother and daughter in the sky, who are about to announce the countdown to the end of the world.

No matter White Moon or Queen of Assyria, they all have the same characteristics.

Once a thing is identified, they will never go back.

Once like a person, then even the end of the world will never let them give up.

It's their charm, but it's also one of their most terrible characters.

Bet my best, I can save the world!

Starwings, it's up to you!

Yun Xi subconsciously summoned his strongest god weapon to challenge the five-star mission of hell difficulty - persuading the Queen of Assyria and White Moon to stop.

I like cats!

Saying the mantra-like whisper, Yun Xi begins to imagine that non-existent lovely cat, ready to open the door of the Sky Flying Sword.

The moment Starwings appeared, Yun Xi's ear suddenly heard a roar.

"Shaheen! It's you!"

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