Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 751

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Chapter 751: Blood Moon Wedding (5)

"Dad's heart begins to stagger..." Looking at the blood love letters in the sky, White Moon's eyes became more flustered than ever before.

It's going to lose. It's going to lose!

From her birth, her understanding of "literature" is not at the same level as her mother, the Queen of Assyria, just as the Queen of Assyria did not have the perfect affinity for the ancient gods like White Moon.

Absolutely not... that kind of thing!

Dad is White Moon's, and White Moon will give him to nobody!

Even if the price is to touch the power of taboos!

The power of the ancient gods, help me!

"Roo-lee-ah! Roo-lee-ah! Colors out of space! Praise, praise, the abyss of eternity!"

"I call you, I open the coordinates of the stars to you, I am your master, I am your princess, accept the call of the star princess!"

With the low voice of White Moon, from the blood moon, some transparent substances begin to penetrate the gaps of time and space, and drip from the vast sky.

They are colors that the human eye can't recognize. Just looking at these colors, people will have a strange feeling. It's the coming of doom, which is beyond any vision that their retina and consciousness can conceive.

The unrecognizable colors follow a certain rule automatically, concentrating towards the area where Princess White Moon is.

They form an invisible torrent, crisscross in the sky, constantly changing the colorless brilliance, as if modifying their own posture.

They are not gases, nor solids, nor liquids, but rather malice twisted by a myriad of colors.

That's the horror you suddenly feel when you look at the endless night sky.

Clearly they are there, but nothing can be seen. Just the infinite distance extended by the infinite space gives people an instinctive thrill.

Human beings are always so curious and arrogant about the phenomena and materials that they can't understand. They think that everything can be understood and controlled by themselves.

However, these colors do not belong to any of the substances known to mankind. When they come to the world, they look like a sparkling, amorphous color flowing around.

In response to the call of White Moon, they almost cover half of the sky above the city. They have no specific color or even can not be recognized by human beings, which makes the color of the sky produce an unnatural sense of distortion.

The Queen of Assyria was stunned and watched as the strange color of "cores" began to gather.

These "cores" are the larval posture of these creatures. Once they are hatched, they will start to devour everything in the world.

Plants and animals will be dyed with that kind of ominous color, and eventually become a part of this kind of biology.

The plants infected by them will send out light at night, twist, entangle together, hatch more larvae, and finally return to the color that can travel through the stars, go to the other side of the void, and enter the next cycle.

A larva can suck up all the life force in the range of more than five kilometers, and this process can hardly be stopped. Once the land is sucked up, it will be abandoned and no plants and animals can survive there.

All the intelligent creatures that observe this will be attacked by the colors they emit.

It is an attack that can ignore all defenses and directly cast on the will, and whether you succeed in defense or not, they will extract part of the power of your soul. Unless you kill it, the soul power will never be returned.

Creatures that are absorbed will realize that they are being devoured, have a burning feeling, and even gradually become withered and pale.

Their faces and skins also age rapidly with the appearance of ugly wrinkles and cracks. Once the consciousness disappears completely in the color and becomes the larva's nourishment, the soul will die immediately.

Ordinary people can't resist their attacks or even see their figures. Compared with the blood moon, they are more dangerous and terrifying.

Colors Out of Space - they have such a nice name, but they are absolutely nightmare creatures. It is said that they are nightmare fragments born with the death of stars.

It exists on the ground, and all intelligent creatures living in this area will have nightmares and become a constant source of nourishment until the larvae hatch successfully and return to the starry sky.

When the colorless light comes to the earth, it is the omen of the world's destruction.

However, this is not the end. The Colors Out of Space that have absorbed enough nourishment will hatch more terrible things, which is the door to the source of the abyss.

Why can White Moon summon such monsters that will destroy the world?

What does she want to do to the world!

The situation is out of control!!

"Sacrifice! My children!" Although the Colors Out of Space White Moon summoned were enough to destroy the world dozens of times, she didn't stop.

Or rather to say, it's just the beginning.

Colors Out of Space is the upper race of the nightmare world. Yes, they are enough to destroy the world.

However, they are not enough to defeat her mother.

As the blessed one of the blood moon, the Queen of Assyria was the child who had the most power of the ancient gods, and had accumulated for thousands of years, and had completed the call of an ancient god incarnation.

The incarnation of the ancient god is the giant stupid spider sleeping in the underground lake.

In order to defeat her mother, it's not enough to use the Colors Out of Space alone, so White Moon sacrificed all the Colors Out of Space she summoned without hesitation.

At this point, her proficiency is comparable to that of the craziest cult priest.

Sacrifice, just as the chief priest of Assyria almost sacrificed most of the human living in the city of Assyria, and summoned the ancient gods, White Moon mercilessly sacrificed all the Colors Out of Space she summoned!

The Colors Out of Space just hatched larva for invading the world, and before they could swallow the ground, they had all become one ball of halo after another.

There is an old voice that responds to the voice of the Star Princess, accepts her sacrifice, and is very satisfied with what she has done.

Cruel enough, crazy enough, powerful enough, dare to trample all rules, tear up all obstacles.

Abyss awarded White Moon.

A huge black beetle wriggled out of the blood.

"No. 69 of the Star Devil Beetle Beetles, Black Flame Devil Beetle Beetle." Stepping on the back of a giant black beetle, White Moon has the trump card to fight against her mother's giant stupid spider.

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