Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 749

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Chapter 749: Blood Moon Wedding (3)


At this time, it's a dead end to choose anyone!

"Princess! Princess! Princess! "

"Queen! Queen! The queen!"

The moonlight of blood moon accompanied by the whispers of ancient gods, falls on the city. In just a moment, the whole city is completely occupied.

Even many girls of the Starwing Knights have been influenced.

"The princess looks lovely. Is there something wrong? She doesn't look like a cannibal monster."

"Yeah, I don't think White Moon would be like that, or Mumu wouldn't play with her."

The Princess Party, there it is.

"The queen has lived for such a long time, she should be very lonely."

"At the time of Assyria's destruction, the queen should have been martyred together. I don't expect that she is still alive."

The Queen's party is also coming out.

"Attention, assemble!" Hua Yue was aware of something wrong, she held her sacred cross sword and launched her combat skill for the first time.

Holy Shield!

The white and gold shield mark appears on the top of the girls' heads and resists the whispering of the ancient gods.

Even though the whisper of the ancient gods is not for killing, the horrible infection ability once again tells all people what the "indescribable thing" is.

It's the most strange thing in the dark, which can't be seen, listened to, or contacted.

In the sky, the bloody handwriting unfolds slowly again, and tells its voice to Yun Xi, who is at a loss.

"Once I thought my world was over... "

"Now I see a new world... "

"You... bringing light And hope... "

"Really It's warm... "

Yun Xi slowly understood whose voice it was and who was talking to him. It was her majesty, the real Queen of Assyria, who crossed a thousand years.

So what's going on with "White Moon" now.

"I... want to be the only princess in the world that belongs to you."

"The most lovely princess in the world, ranking first in dad's heart." With a slightly tender voice, White Moon confessed to Yun Xi with the same firm will as the Queen of Assyria.




The whisper of the ancient gods twines around White Moon, but it is divided into two parts that constantly interact with her body.

White Moon is the only body that can carry the soul of the Queen of Assyria.

The body of the real Queen of Assyria has long ceased to exist.

On the blood moon night a thousand years ago, she killed all the rebellious knights with a magic dagger in her hand. The queen herself became a sacrifice and was sacrificed to the blood moon.

From that day on, the queen is no longer a human being, but a part of the blood moon.

And out of her belly came the crimson moon, the part of the ancient god.

The one who sleeps forever is not dead. Even death will disappear in the wonderful eternity.

The Queen of Assyria, who lost her human posture, did not die, but was not really alive, but was in an ambiguous posture.

In the long sleep, she even began to split. The young queen representing her pure side appeared in the underground lake, and being guarded by the huge stupid spider.

The other part on behalf of cruelty and killing is still staying in the last ruins of Assyria, dreaming of the past with the gesture of a white wedding dress ghost.

In that dream, the kingdom of Assyria still exists and even holds a bride selection festival. People still laugh happily as if the blood moon has never arrived.

To this day, the young Queen of Assyria ushered in her real wedding, and the Millennium Queen's dream finally woke up.

She let go of the countless undead that she had been binding, let them return to the earth, and get their final rest.

In this way, the curse of the Forgotten Ruins will be completely lifted, and the queen has made a decision to completely unify the divided consciousness to marry the prince in a complete manner.

However, she did not expect that a soul had been born in the carrier named "White Moon".

The prince created the puppet for her, not only with the same appearance and faultless posture, but also with a soul.

Even the Millennium queen did not expect such a thing.

It's even more incredible that White Moon, who was just born, has mastered the ability to communicate with the ancient gods.

She also has the ability to summon the blood moon, which is exactly the same as that of the Queen of Assyria.

Under the will of both sides, the ancient gods began to split.

The Millennium Queen of Assyria has more powerful magic and a stronger will. She dominated the sky!

Although White Moon's still very young, she's getting stronger all the time. She dominates the body of the puppet.

Finally, it's the last key person they both fight for - Prince Yun Xi!

Both sides have their own power over the ancient gods. In this case, the key to win or lose depends on the core of the storm: Yun Xi.

The Queen of Assyria wants to fulfill the agreement with Yun Xi, complete the wedding ceremony, and forever have the position closest to Yun Xi.

The new White Moon firmly disagrees with this, because in her eyes, she is the person closest to her father, she is the princess forever.

The contradiction between the two sides is irreconcilable!

"Choose me, Dad. I will always be with dad and never be separated!"

"No matter what dad asks me to do, I will." White Moon is the first to launch the offensive, with the unique style of children. Once a thing is identified, even the destruction of the world can't stop her.

What's more, is it wrong to like dad?

No, that's the truth of the universe!

"Don't forget that an agreement is an agreement."

"Please marry me." The great queen is not willing to fall behind, let alone lose to her daughter.

Thousands of years ago, in order not to marry someone she didn't like, she even gave up world peace and finally destroyed Assyria by herself.

The queen is the kingdom! She does not accept that the kingdom that let herself compromise is her own kingdom.

Dare to love and hate, this is the great king of Assyria, the millennium queen.

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