Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 748

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Chapter 748: Blood Moon Wedding (2)

That bloody moonlight represents misfortune.

That cursed disaster from the endless abyss, let the kingdom of Assyria be destroyed in the killing and blood.

The great old existence whose name has been forgotten, or doesn't have a name from the beginning.

"There it is, the blood moon!" At the moment of seeing the huge handwriting and blood moon in the sky, all the girls of the Starwing Knights were on alert.

It is this demon that devours the lives of generations of kings. No one lives forever under the blood moon.

"I am here... to testify about the marriage..."

In the brilliance of the blood moon, the huge handwriting appeared again in front of all people, giving people an incredible sense of disobedience.

"What is that? Why does the moon appear in the daytime? "

"Is it the elder of Princess White Moon?"

"I feel that looking at the moon, my heart beats faster all of a sudden."

The blood moon is not something that ordinary people can look at directly. It represents the essence of ancient gods and the murmur from the abyss.




Yun Xi heard the whispers of ancient gods countless times, and now they began to reverberate in the sky over the city and were heard by all the people who came to the Moonlight Ceremony.

Only to hear the sound for less than 10 seconds, the vast majority of human beings can't help but shake with their whole body, open their mouths, and then fall into a state of madness with great enthusiasm.

"Long live Princess White Moon!"

"Long live princess!"

"Long live the queen!"

"Our queen comes back!"

The blood moon was summoned by the high priest's forbidden spell, caused the ancient kingdom of Assyria to be completely destroyed overnight and triggered the most terrible bloody tragedy.

But now, the blood moon summoned by the Millennium queen has also seized the people's senses, but it triggered a romantic comedy.

"Get married! Get married! Get married! Prince!"

"Her Majesty is very lovely, her majesty is very gentle, marry such a queen!"

Strangely, although the minds of the crowd were taken away by the blood moon, they were divided into two parts.

Part of them sang the name of "Her Majesty" and their ardent expectation is that the prince and her majesty will get married.

The other part supported "Princess White Moon", they are unswerving supporters of Princess White Moon.

It seems that there is a trend of schizophrenia even in the shadow of the blood moon.

"Oh, no one is normal." The Starwing Knights on the high platform is one of the few groups that have resisted the whisper of the blood moon.

Even the Royal Guard has been divided into two parts, namely, the Queen's supporters and the princess's supporters.

"Prince, it is a matter of course and truth to marry her majesty."

"No, marrying the princess is the best."

"What do you say? I've long been annoyed with you!"

"Hopeless lolicon, I want to fight you!"

Ah, crazy, crazy! When the ancient gods came, as always, they brought disputes and madness, and people's reason was almost negative.

"Wow, it's a real fuss! Why has that stuff come?" Ice Dragon Zaka stared at the huge blood moon that covered the whole city.

"This guy... isn't it the wild and evil thing that inhabits outside our nest?"

"Hahaha, this is the end of the kingdom! It's a tough thing even for our mother." Desert Dragon Zaka gloated at the human beings who had been divided into two camps: the Queen Party and the Princess Party.

Sure enough, no matter how long it has been, human beings are still so stupid.

Facing the whispers of the ancient god, one by one, they lost their marbles.

"The voice is... oh, we are screwed!" As one of the few nobles who knows a little truth about the destruction of Assyria, the duke looked at the bloody moon in the sky with desperate eyes.

Even if their willpower is far greater than that of ordinary people, they just stick to it for tens of seconds, and finally, their minds are taken.

"The queen is more suitable for the prince, the queen is more mature and stable, and more suitable for the position of the queen." The duke, who just persuaded his daughter, was the first to stand in the Queen Party and become a firm supporter of the queen.

"No, Princess White Moon has more plasticity. She is as young as the princess. The future of the world belongs to the princess!" More nobles chose White Moon.

"The queen is better. She should be the queen of this kingdom!"

"The princess is more lovely! She should be the queen of our kingdom!"

"It's clear that it's the queen who comes first. There's no princess if there is no queen. It's a question of chicken or egg first!"

"How can you disappoint the princess? Her heart is so pure and innocent!"

The whole royal city was plunged into a frenzied atmosphere of fighting.

Both the "Queen party" and the "Princess Party" are rapidly expanding, and the number of both sides is almost equal, and their eyes are murderous when looking at each other.

Ah, disaster is coming. Hua Yue looks at the fallen people with sad eyes under the blood moon.

With the exception of the Starwing Knights and a few hero ranked people in the crowd, others were forced to join one of the two parties: the Queen’s Party and the Princess’s Party.

"I... Like... " In front of Yun Xi, White Moon's voice was low, but it was extremely firm.

"There is no other option, our agreement will never expire." In the sky, the bloody handwriting almost runs through the sky of the whole city, which is the voice of the queen.

Yun Xi first looked at the girls of the Starwing Knights, then at White Moon, and then at the blood moon in the sky.

Now, he really wants to shout out; what are you going to do?!

It's just a wedding ceremony! Why does it look like the end of the world?

He had a strong sense that whether he chose "Queen" or "Princess" here, he would probably die without a burial place.

This is not a delusion. He even recalled the last prediction made by his royal augur on the tower before he left.

"Blood and disaster are coming, prince, be careful."

"The queen and the princess are looking at you together. You need to choose carefully!"

"Your choice will determine the future of this kingdom."

"So, who would you choose?"

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