Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 735

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Chapter 735: Dawn of Terror (2)

In the station of the Starwing Knights.

All members of the Starwing Knights, except Mumu, who is going to be princess White Moon's dowry, and Robin, who is preparing for the wedding ceremony with the prince in the tower, are here.

"Everyone, are you ready?"

"Next, I want to announce something."

Hua Yue showed a complex expression on her face.

She has been committed to the truth of the "Queen". However, she did not expect that, in the end, it could be traced back to the age of Assyria, which had become a taboo name.

Why do the kings marry the queen of the mysterious tribe that no one knows?

Why do the queens only appear one day at the wedding, and they will never appear in front of people again?

This secret was finally exposed by Hua Yue's investigation.

Yes, the kings are all tight-mouthed knights, never divulging the truth about the queen.

The problem is that human beings can dream. The kings who swear to the blood moon will occasionally talk in their dreams.

Then, who can hear these dream words, who will be on the king's pillow, watching the king, and recording these dream words?

Their identities are mostly similar.

Like Hua Yue, the leader of the Starwing Knights, they are mostly the daughters of the upper-class aristocrats of the kingdom.

The daughter of the duke, the daughter of the count... many of them are even royal branches, they will know when they are very young, they have a certain mission.

The queen will not have a baby with the king. The queen who only appears at the wedding cannot undertake this mission of continuing the kingdom.

It is their mission to give birth to descendants for the royal family and to guarantee the nobility of their blood.

They are the lover of the king, the mother of the prince, and should have been the princess of the kingdom.

However, the kings all followed the tradition. None of them married their lovers.

As if to do so would be to betray the great Queen of Assyria.

They can only hide in the dark, even can't tell others their identity, silently fulfill their responsibilities as lovers.

Only the best one of them will take the responsibility to be the royal augur and master the secret.

They should be the king's princess, but they can't be with the king.

For a long time, as lovers of the kings, they gradually realized some truth and recorded it in unknown notes.

Hua Yue, from the library of her family, found the notes of her elders who used to be the king's lovers, and peeped into the darkest side of the kingdom.

All that is recorded in this is something that the kingdom never wrote in the history books.

It's not the history of the kingdom, it's just the voice of a woman to the one she loves.

Even though these voices never reach the king's ears.

"He went to that place again. I don't know where it is, but he will disappear for a period of time every month. Did he go to the queen?"

"I'm really jealous of the queen. She didn't do anything, but she took his heart away so easily."

"I know that his heart is not with me, I will never get his heart, only his body."

"Even so, I want to stay with him. Is that our destiny?"

"Strange, too strange. His body is so strong, but it has declined day by day. It has been a long time since the last time he touched me!"

"He's been there more and more, and he's getting weaker and weaker, like he's being drained of his life."

"He's getting older, getting older faster than me, a mortal. This shouldn't happen, but no matter how I ask him, he just shakes his head and says nothing."

"Today is the first time I heard him talk in his sleep. Maybe it was because of his weak body. His sleeping time is more and more. The next prince has been appointed. I will accompany him to the end of his life."

"Ancient gods... blood moon... What are these things? Has he been dealing with these things?"?

"The queen... what is it?!"

"Why does she take away my most important man?"

"He left. Last night with me, he seemed to want to say something, but in the end, he didn't say anything."

"Still, so silent and uninteresting, as I knew him when he was young. He still didn't tell me his secret in the end."

"But I don't regret being his lover and having children for him."

"I still don't know the secret. I hope that if my children inherit this fate, they can write down what they found."

This is the diary left by the family's first ancestor who became the king's lover and gave birth to the prince.

As the kings will leave their own notes in the puppet room, their lovers have left similar things in their families.

"Queen, you are my hope, the light of my life, and I swear my allegiance to you, and I am honored to bear this fate."

"This agreement... as long as the royal bloodline is still inherited, it will never fail."

"The great queen is the master of the Forgotten Ruins. Your kingdom will never fall, just like the moon in the sky."

"Your beautiful figure... from the first time I saw you, I made up my mind to protect you even at the expense of everything I had."

The kings are all excellent knights, with the enviable power of the bloodline and the god weapons as an inheritance.

They, naturally, are loved by people.

Most of the time, the king is the strongest hero in the whole kingdom, and even in his sleep, he doesn't say anything.

Only in the last stage of life, when they become weak and go to death, will they occasionally leak out that terrible secret.

In thousands of years, the king was born and died, and the secret that should not have been known is no longer a secret, but all the people who know the secret have hidden the secret.

The queen is not human.

The queen is a demon that devours the king's life.

At the same time, she is the one the king loves.

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