Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 734

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Chapter 734: Dawn of Terror (1)

In the sky, the golden sunlight finally tore the last dark sky curtain and scattered on the whole kingdom.

A brilliant golden red sun rises slowly from below the horizon, announcing the dawn.




It's morning, but some people are setting off fireworks, and there is more than one place. Most of the people in the city have spontaneous fireworks for today's arrival.

This is a salute for the birth of the king.

On the top of the palace, the tallest watchtower, Yun Xi sighed at the people already looming in the street below.

"Finally, it started."

"Prince, this is your destiny. Please take your up responsibility." The royal augur looks at him with a smile and then looks at the room with a special rose essence.

The astrological tower is the highest building in the whole kingdom, and also the residence of the royal augurs in the past dynasties.

At the same time, it also serves as another function that is not important at all, the place where the royal augur and his majesty tryst.

Well, it's the "tryst". As the person who has mastered the king's biggest secret, and the executor of the "ceremony", royal augurs have been the king's lovers for almost all generations.

No one will give this crucial position to someone they are not familiar with.

Most of the time, the royal augurs are related to his majesty.

Sometimes, it's his majesty's aunt.

Sometimes, it's his majesty's elder sister.

Sometimes, it's his majesty's younger sister.

Even one royal augur was the mother of his majesty.

They, as royalty, give up their identities and hide behind the scenes, guarding the kingdom in their own way.

Their feelings for the king are complex, but no one doubts their loyalty to the king.

Every royal augur is carrying a heavy darkness. Only in the highest room of the kingdom, with their brother, or... when they are ski to skin, we can catch a trace of the warmth in the dark fate.

No one can think of it. In other people's eyes, the mysterious royal augur are distinguished, inviolable, but every one of them and his majesty will make love in the highest place of the kingdom.

At this point, the young prince seems to have no idea, so there was no doubt when she invited him to the secret room, he didn't doubt anything.

What a lovely prince.

Even if you commit the crime of killing your father and marrying your mother, even if you will eventually degenerate into the deepest darkness, I will continue to watch you.

The palpitation of the chest is the best proof. It is the intuition of the royal augur.

In the past, generations of royal augurs have also been here, watching their favorite people step on the throne and become the only dominator of the whole kingdom.

What kind of mood are they in when they are standing here with the people they like, looking at the vast earth and sky side by side?

Robin didn't know before, but now she seems to understand a little bit.

No matter the earth, the sky, or the whole kingdom, they are not as good as the man beside her.

The kings are people who are doomed to die. They are people who have one-tenth of the life span of a common hero rank human, they are all watchmen. On the day when they inherit the position of the king, their life begins to count down.

Even the most powerful and determined knight could not escape the whisper of the ancient gods. They will die under the blood moon sooner or later.

In there, the queen is waiting for them, waiting for them to complete the final vow in another way.

"I understand. I will not shirk this responsibility." Yun Xi reaches out his fingertips, and the golden sun falls into his hands from the eastern horizon, just as the whole sun falls into his hands.

Seeing this scene, Robin's heart was suddenly moved.

She should be the most despised of the so-called tradition among all the royal augurs.

Even though she does have a blood relationship with the prince now, she just looks at the prince quietly and will not interfere or change his fate.

Fate is unpredictable. If you predict a bad future and try to change it, it may lead to ten times, one hundred times worse results. This is the advice written in the notes by ancient augurs.

Robin thinks that the best choice is to choose to "do nothing". She will not change the future, and will not be moved.

As long as she doesn't make the same mistakes as the past royal augurs, as long as she leaves the stage at the beginning, there will be no problem.

Now, Robin finds herself wrong.

Hidden in the dark all the time, her hobby is just flirting with ordinary people who don't know where their fates are going.

For a long time, she just held the calm attitude of "this child is so pitiful" and "he is about to embark on the road of not returning" to the prince. She just wanted to be a quiet observer away from the stage, but found that her heart can no longer be calm at this moment.

She was touched by the light bathing in Yun Xi.

The sunrise sun and Yun Xi are almost completely overlapped.

Yun Xi at the moment gives Robin a delusion.

He is the sun.

Even if he doesn't do anything, just standing there quietly, he also radiates dazzling light, which makes people unable to look directly at him.

Bathed in the golden-red sunshine, he seems to have a pair of invisible wings behind him, which wrap her body and mind and release the warm breath.

For Robin, who stayed in the dark for too long and saw too much tragedy of the kings from the long river of fate, the light was so pure and warm.

At that moment, Robin was hopelessly occupied, unable to extricate herself.

"This room... is there a curse? " Robin's fingernails almost stabbed into her hands. Nothing would happen if she didn't come to this room. Why did she bring him here?

Is it something left in this room by the previous royal augurs that influenced her judgment?

You are all dead from long ago, my predecessors!

"What?" Yun Xi turns around in doubt.

Although he has turned his back to the sun, the sunlight bathing in Yun Xi is increasing, which makes Robin's heart beat faster.

Ah, curse, it must be a curse.

All, it's the fault of this room!

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