Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 731

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Chapter 731: Ice Dragon Zaka

In the sky, there are meteors passing through.

Unlike ordinary meteors, which burn out in the atmosphere with only a little debris left, this reddish red meteor has a diameter of more than 10 meters, and its speed across the sky is more than three times faster than ordinary meteors.

Look carefully, the red meteor's surface is still burning a terrible golden red flame.

Even if it is far away from the golden-red light flow that runs through the sky, the meteor is still melting in the high temperature, especially the part of the shell. Every second, the golden gravel is burned by the sun's flame into the crystal of glass, and then evaporates completely.

By the time the core of this "large-scale strategic weapon" followed a certain rule and fell from the sky to the most terrible forbidden area of the whole continent, it was only about three meters in size.

Even so, when the meteor fell, it still caused a big earthquake. The meteor falling from the sky directly blew through the zenith of the nest, causing an earthquake.

In the countless dust flying, only the last core "the Star of the Sand" finally returned to the original dragon's nest.

The original dragon, who was still sleeping, had a flash of green light on its head, scanned the Star of the Sand, and then fell silent.

"Ha ha, what a mess, sister." A small white hand pressed on the surface of the Star of the Sand, which was almost melting the ground with its high temperature.

Next second, the temperature in the nest began to drop sharply.

The Star of the Sand was surrounded by ice and snow crystals up to 10 meters thick.

Inside the ice and snow crystal with light ice blue, a girl with dark blue long hair, and looked almost the same as Desert Dragon Zaka, slightly frowned.

Ice Dragon Zaka, the second of Zaka's four sisters was born ahead of time.

If it's an ordinary high temperature, even if it's 100,000 degrees, with Ice Dragon Zaka's ability, it can freeze in a few seconds.

However, the flame around the core surface of the Star of the Sand is not a common flame.

It was the fire from the sun, which almost burned the whole Star of the Sand to ashes, forcing this god weapon to abandon 99% of the shell only to separate the core from the terrible sun fire.

"What a strong flame." Licked her fingers that were burned red, Zaka pulled out her god weapon.

Her God weapon, of course, is also the unique gift that the original dragon gave her children.

"The Frost Dragon's Tooth" is its name. Different from Desert Dragon Zaka's "the Star of the Sand", it is a god weapon with a light blue luster and extremely powerful ice property.

Although it can't trigger the natural disasters of meteorites, it can also launch a large-scale forbidden spell of "Ice Land". It is a god weapon with the characteristic of an "opposing army". It is the best way to change the environment.

Compared with the simple destruction of the Star of the Sand, the Frost Dragon's Teeth is a weapon to manipulate the celestial phenomena, and it's also a powerful weapon in the human war.

It looks like a broken sword in the shape of a dragon's tooth. The sword is inlaid with three dark blue gems. Each gemstone is frozen with the power of "Ice Land", which means that Ice Dragon Zaka can use this forbidden spell three times in a row.

"Chi!" The Frost Dragon's Tooth pierces the core surface of the Star of the Sand, and Ice Dragon Zaka can feel that one-third of the power in the god weapon is released in an instant.

The power of the forbidden spell "Ice Land" dispersed all the sun flames twining on the surface of the Star of the Sand. If she didn’t do it immediately, her sisters may even be burned inside their dragon's egg.

What kind of enemies did she provoke? Is there some unknown flame-type fantastic creature on this continent?

Ice Dragon Zaka confusedly looked at Desert Dragon Zaka who was released from the core of the Star of the Sand.

Although my sister is a bit stupid, she will not provoke such a strong opponent for no reason, will she?

On this continent, there should only be the twin witches in the South Forest who have this strength.

Was she burned by the witch named "Red Lotus"?

However, when she looked at her sister's dumb face, why did she feel like something is not right with her sister?

Give her one hit!

Without hesitation, Ice Dragon Zaka stabbed her sister, Desert Dragon Zaka in the heart.

"It's so hot! I'm scalded! "

"It's so cold! It's freezing me!"

Desert Dragon Zaka, who was stabbed by her sister, turned over, and then showed her invincible battle skill - Desert Dragon Zaka's Tumbling.

After rolling for dozens of times on the ground, Desert Dragon Zaka hit the wall of the dragon's nest and recovered from the world of fire and ice.

"Ah, sister, you have hatched?" Desert Dragon Zaka smirked stupidly without any frustration.

It's better to say that the triumphant and high spirited appearance looks as if she has won an unprecedented victory.

"Sister, did Red Lotus burn your head?" Ice Dragon Zaka looked at her elder sister, Desert Dragon Zaka, with a sad expression on her little face.

My sister has become more stupid. What can I do? Is there a solution?

"Congratulations, Congratulations, the world is very beautiful, very outstanding. we are going to conquer the world and become the king of the world!"

Desert Dragon Zaka is full of joy that makes Ice Dragon Zaka unable to understand. Even her attitude towards her sister has become super gentle.

The world is beautiful, love is sweet, the future belongs to her!

Desert Dragon Zaka trotted to her sister, embracing Ice Dragon Zaka's head in her plump chest.

"Conquering the world is our mother's plan, but it seems that you haven't done enough, sister." Ice Dragon Zaka was confused.

It's so strange. Is my elder sister dizzy by the high temperature?

The last time I saw her, she was still very dissatisfied with me.

"What are you saying? I'm only one step away from conquering the world!" Desert Dragon Zaka vowed that she was a small step away from achieving her mother's ultimate goal.

She is about to finish this small step.

To be specific, it's to get married to my dear love. The prince, the Starwing Knights, and the weird twin witches in the South Forest are not worth mentioning compared with this goal!

"As long as I'm with my dear, there's no problem that can't be solved!"

"One month, one month, I will conquer the world!"

Desert Dragon Zaka laughed.

It's great to think of conquering the world as a honeymoon.

"Dear?" Ice Dragon Zaka keenly caught the keyword.

In the whole continent, apart from their four sisters, where are the other dragons?

In addition to her and her silly sister Desert Dragon Zaka, where do other "dear" exist?

Come on, even their great mother, the original dragon, is actually single.

"Yes, I found it." Desert Dragon Zaka held up her sister's face, imagining that this was Yun Xi's face and kissed him warmly.

"I'm not a child!" Ice Dragon Zaka resisted the sudden intimacy of her sister, and showed an angry expression like a child.

"Elder sister, are you in the period of estrus?"

Yes, that's the only way to explain it. My sister, who had a low IQ, went out for a walk and was beaten to the ground. After coming back, she entered the estrus period.

Before she hatched from the egg, although her sister was a little careless, she did her best to complete the task. How could she suddenly become so stupid?

Dear? Except for the four sisters of Zaka, there are no creatures in the world comparable to them!

The four Zakas will be the master of the earth, sky, and sea of the whole world. They will dominate the world and wait for their mother to wake up.

The purpose of their birth is to turn the whole world into the kingdom of dragons.

Desert Dragon Zaka has achieved more than half of this goal.

The western desert area, the northern ice field area, half of the eastern human territory, and a small half of the dense forest in the South have all been under the rule of the dragons.

Finally, there are only two forces against the dragons.

Descendants of the ancient Assyrian Kingdom, the twin witches,

Descendants of the Forgotten Ruins, the last human kingdom.

Didn't her sister say that she wanted to solve the last human kingdom before she left? How did she get burned back?

"Sister, you will have a brother-in-law in the future." Desert Dragon Zaka pinched Ice Dragon Zaka's little face.

As the eldest sister of the four sisters, she is the largest of the four sisters in height and chest.

It's probably the only advantage of being a sister. Ice Dragon Zaka's head just reached her chest.

"Brother-in-law? Sister, how can you find someone?" Ice Dragon Zaka felt that she had heard something more shocking than the end of the world.

Does her stupid sister have a lover? No way!

No, when did it happen? There was no trace before she hatched!

Is it a "lover in the air" or a "lover only in dreams"?

Yes, according to normal reasoning, there is no living creature on this continent that can become my elder sister, Desert Dragon Zaka's lover.

So, there's only one truth. Ice Dragon Zaka looked at her sister with sympathy.

Ah, my sister has gone nuts.

"Hey, I know what you're thinking." It's rare that Desert Dragon Zaka was smart once.

Just looking at her sister's incredible expression, she knew that her sister didn't believe her words at all.

However, the truth can stand any doubt.

Her love with Shaheen can stand any test!

"Sister, why do you laugh so strangely?" For the first time since birth, Ice Dragon Zaka feels more and more wrong.

"Children don't talk about love. You're a hundred years early."

"I'll tell you, love is a very hot, very sweet, and very honeyed thing." Desert Dragon Zaka laughed foolishly, and her reason was completely lost.

Next, she explained how she met her doomed lover, how she was proposed, how she tested each other, and how she finally fought until the end of the war.

For her, these memories are irreplaceable treasures, and they are medals to be proud of.

At the same time, it is also a declaration.

She, the elder sister of the four Zakas, is no longer single! She has her other half!

Listening to her sister's show off, Ice Dragon Zaka first doubted, and then made sure that her sister was cheated.

"Sister, I think you've been cheated."

Although it's cruel to her stupid sister, Zaka thought it necessary to bring her back from her unrealistic love fantasy.

"This man, no, he should not be a human. He is absolutely cheating you."

"Impossible!" Desert Dragon Zaka looked at her sister angrily. Her dear is so kind and gentle. How can he be cheating her?

He is not only elegant, but also has a strong force. At the same time, he is devoted to her. He is absolutely a gentleman.

"Well, sister, do you remember carefully that he even said a word to marry you?" Ice Dragon Zaka discovered for the first time that it was so pleasant to throw ice cold water on other people's hearts.

Of course, I'm just caring about my sister. There is no envy at all!