Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 699

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Chapter 699: Night Raid

"There is only one truth."

Hua Yue made up her mind. Put down all the records about the mysterious queen that can be found.

No matter what the price is, she will stop the wedding.

This is not only for herself, but also for all of the girls of the Starwing Knights, and also for this kingdom.

She is not against the prince's marriage, and even can accept that the bride is not herself, but only this "White Moon" can not be the bride.

After investigating the final records of the kings, she found a very frightening fact.

All kings were not able to die a natural death.

As if suffering from some terrible curse, no king died in his boots, and the oldest of all kings had only lived for 60 years.

The average lifespan of kings is only in their forties, and the longest in office is only a few decades.

It's not normal. It's absolutely not normal.

Every generation of the king is a powerful knight, and will inherit the god weapon "Holy Vengeance", which represented that all kings were at the hero rank and were recognized by the god weapon.

It is impossible for a hero-ranked knight to get sick at all. Their vitality can be more than 100 times that of ordinary people. Even if a hero ranked person's heart is penetrated, he will not die immediately.

No hero ranked people would be killed with a single blow unless you cut off his head.

It's not normal that most of such powerful kings are so short-lived.

Although human beings are not immortal, they can surpass the life limit of human beings when they reach the hero rank.

For example, the Queen of Assyria, it's not surprising that she has lived for thousands of years. In the existing records of hero ranked knights in the kingdom, there are several masters who have been active for more than a century.

It's almost like being cursed that none of the hero ranked kings can live to be more than 60 years old!

It's an unknown secret about the king's final death. It seems that at a certain stage, the strong king will start to age quickly. From the high spirited middle-aged appearance, they will quickly become an old man.

Once the symptoms of rapid aging appear, there is no medicine to work as a cure, and they will die in a few years.

During this period, the appointed prince will assume the responsibility of the king. When the king dies, the prince will hold a moonlight ceremony, marry the mysterious queen, and become the new king.

Everything is like a reincarnation, starting from the first king and continuing to this prince.

"How could there be such a thing..."

"The prince will die early if he marries the queen?"

"How cruel is the fate of the royal family?" Hua Yue felt that her heart was beating faster and faster, and her breath was also getting shorter.

How could this happen? She would never allow her loved ones to come to such a tragic end.

I must cut off this reincarnation, no matter what kind of price I have to pay!

"It's a tragedy to kill your father and marry your mother." Yun Xi laid on the empty big bed.

This is the king's bedroom, where all the kings sleep alone.

No king allows his lover to step in here. Only royal augurs who know the truth can enter this room to clean and decorate.

As for the interest of the kings, well, it is clear at a glance.

Looking up, you can see a picture of the young queen of Assyria in a white wedding dress.

Turning around, there is a lamp with a pattern of ancient Assyria.

On the wall, there are paintings of the young queen of Assyria with different ages and angles.

Well, I know you all like her majesty, but don't go too far!

It can be seen that these paintings and murals contain the most burning feelings in the hearts of the kings, and at the same time, they also bear the traces of their degeneration.

Without exception, at the bottom of these portraits, there are striking spider remains and human faces.

Under the blood moon, these faces are indistinctly fused with spiders, presenting a very strange painting style.

Compared with the perfect Queen of Assyria, the ugliness of these spiders forms a sharp contrast, which even more sets off the purity of the young queen.

So this room can't be shown to anyone.

There are too many curses and craziness in it. Only the royal bloodline who can bear the curse and bear the tragic mission can be entitled to become a "prince", so that after the previous king becomes a sacrifice, the mission of the royal family can be continued.

Of course, none of this has anything to do with Yun Xi.

Looking at this strange painting style, he just sighed at the great heart of the kings, and then put on the quilt to sleep.

Today, I'm really tired.

Two days before the wedding.




The murmur from the Red Crescent echoed in Yun Xi's ear. It was the voice that all kings would hear. It originated from the curse of the original vow of the bloodline.




There seemed to be other voices.

A girl in pajamas slipped into the room.

This king's room had a very special guest.

The cursed breath on the mural seems to be sluggish in the group, looking at the uninvited guest at a loss.

"Dad." While the queen was sleeping, the cute little puppet came to Yun Xi's ear and said the magic word.

"Er... Who? Yun Xi opened his eyes vaguely and reached out his hand to hold the girl skillfully.

This feeling, Mumu? Or Lu Lu?

The hands and feet are very thin, which is not the same as the full and fleshy feeling of Ling Ling, but also different from the gentle and moving curve of Hua Yue.

I feel very familiar with this outline...

"Guess who I am..." The girl tightly squeezed the skirt corner of her pajamas.

Ah, it's like a dream. Is this the reward of the night raid?

"The fragrance of hair... what a good smell... "

If I feel so familiar, it should be one of my brides.

Well, Yun Xi's intuition told him that the answer seemed to be right.

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